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Some good totem animal descriptions here. I'd say I approve of the entry for red panda. ^_^

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Sometime, I should find a good one along these lines, and invite people to take it, handing the results directly to me. Then everyone can try matching the results to the person.. ^_^ (Or feel free to do this yourself!)

I thought pandaguy might like this account of visiting giant pandas up close - see the entries for Sept 6/7 2002 particularly. The photos of a youngster being held, doing a very good impression of a giant plushie, are really cute.

And also courtesy of said giant kin, if you're not at Anthrocon, you can still enjoy plenty of his photos of the goings-on. Looks like a good time for spotting new furs, including a new red panda (yay!), an adorable porcupine, a white rabbit, and quite a few more.

w00t! New Yuuki!

If you fancy trying to win an iPod in the ongoing iTMS competition, it's worth bearing in mind that at the top of the rules are the magic words "no purchase necessary". Instead, it seems "sending an email to Apple at itunes100@apple.com via the iTunes 'Tell a Friend' feature" will also have the same effect. Presumably, it still requires having an account set up, but as long as you don't overdo it (the rules also frown on automated methods of entering), you'd seem to be in with the same chance as an actual purchaser of a track.

At a time when the MPAA and its pals are whining about "lost" revenues - in the midst of a boom in said takings - it's refreshing to see one chain take a novel approach in enticing customers to their screens. UGC Cinemas (in the UK and other Western European countries) offer a subscription system. For £13/mo, you can see any films, at any time, at any location, as often as you want; or £10/mo if you're not interested in the London West End locations. There don't appear to be any catches, aside from requiring a minimum commitment of one year - no time restrictions, or number of films in a given month, just a simple flat-rate model. Very cool!

ethethlay - last seen commandeering an abandoned missile silo in North Dakota in a daring attempt to instill the concept of excitement into the state - immediately came to mind on reading this week's Slow Wave. (A weekly four-panel cartoon, illustrating readers' dreams)

NTK reports: "US military's contest to get the most unusual name into a news story continues, with early lead from Rear Admiral Stufflebeam - now threatened by Lt Commander Flex Plexico, and of course Guantanamo Bay's very own Lt Mike Kafka."

If you want a wireless bridge, this Zonet widget isn't a bad deal - $44.99, minus a $44.99 mail-in rebate, plus $10 or so for delivery. It's from Tiger Direct, though, who, as I recall, are as bad as they come for subsequently ensuring you never go without firelighting materials.

Not a bad idea.. AnimeNation have started up RentAnime.com. Like Netflix and GreenCine, it's a purely mail-order rental operation, but specialising purely in anime, with the claim of carrying every anime title - particularly helpful in the genre, where there are plenty of multi-volume series, and the mainstream folks may only have some of a given series. Not dirt cheap, at $20/mo, but maybe worth a look.

A couple new AndyE lycra galleries up, I see - one of a lycrawear shop in Amsterdam, and one of a party in the area. To fetch the images automagically using curl, try:
curl "http://www.andyelycra.co.uk/id.php?id=[0-14]&gallery=stringslip01" -o "stringslip-#1.jpg"
curl "http://www.andyelycra.co.uk/id.php?id=[0-30]&gallery=alkmaar" -o "alkmaar-#1.jpg"

.. those will fetch all the images in the aforementioned two galleries, naming them appropriately.

Oooh. Paranoia Agent episode 13 was just released - that completes the series. I may try the final three in a row tonight.. (and if the visual style seems somehow familiar, that's due to one of the lead animators previously being in a senior position on Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away)

And in other non-news, I am contented, having gorged on peking duck, marked down at the local supermarket to 30% of original price. Stuffed panda. (Caution: contents under pressure)
I'm almost compelled to google around and see if anyone's asked the obvious question: whence came the name? It doesn't ring any bells as being of any particular ethnicity.

It's ideally suited to a radio serial, I feel: "The Astonishing Adventures of Flex Plexico in the 23rd Century!" or such. He'd have to have a sidekick, of course, and a cute kid with a cute pet that routinely outsmarts any of the other crewmembers.
I did manage to find a photo of him here. He's the pink dude on the left. I'm no expert on regional physiology of the human body (well, the top half ^.~), but out of sheer guesswork I'd say possibly French, Russian, or Central European; but definitely born in America, most likely two generations clear. The face suggest a Russian or Central European characteristics: ears, thin eyebrows, defined lips, protruding proboscis. And the hands are French/Russian in appearance: chalky, wiry, blood-around-the-knuckles.

It's sad, there are so many sites that mention him -in a not-so-appraising manner- that he's almost become a miniature cult figure. I wonder if he knows. I'd imagine he does; with a name like that, one would have to be pretty damn stupid to not think you have a speshul name.