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So, ITV's adaptation of Gerald Durrell's "My Family and Other Animals" is underway. With such source material, the outcome could hardly fail to be engaging, and indeed, those 45 minutes passed in an instant, with superb performances from all, not to mention the incomparably gorgeous scenery of Corfu. Well worth tracking down on your favorite sites, or indeed, watching "live" at 8pm on Sundays.

Well, now. Is this not pretty much the ultimate t-shirt? ^_^ (It appears to be their daily special, though, possibly only available for another few hours) Many, many thanks to huskyteer. ^_^

I imagine trained dogs are fairly thin on the ground, and they took what was available!

I've only spent one night in Spain, on a bike trip a decade ago; I'd like to go back, and do Portugal too. Family holidays usually involved a gite in France.

This review suggests that Durrell knew exactly what he was doing, rather than hitting on a naive, chance success.