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So, ITV's adaptation of Gerald Durrell's "My Family and Other Animals" is underway. With such source material, the outcome could hardly fail to be engaging, and indeed, those 45 minutes passed in an instant, with superb performances from all, not to mention the incomparably gorgeous scenery of Corfu. Well worth tracking down on your favorite sites, or indeed, watching "live" at 8pm on Sundays.

Well, now. Is this not pretty much the ultimate t-shirt? ^_^ (It appears to be their daily special, though, possibly only available for another few hours) Many, many thanks to huskyteer. ^_^

I've just looked through the photo album. It's about 50% stray cats :) It was very pretty, though - the little villages up in the hills didn't seem to have changed much since Gerry's 1930s.

I remembered without looking that Roger the dog was played by a border collie in the TV version (1987, according to IMDB), which struck me as wrong at the time as he's drawn, and described, as a large, black, curly-haired mongrel.
Ha! I can imagine, yes. I'd love to revisit some of the Spanish spots I knew back as a leveret, though I suspect they've seen a lot more change - indeed, one fond memory of the time we had a little villa near Alicante, was a local cafe that had a swimming pool fed by the mountain spring. Completely unheated and untreated, so you did have to be ready for it to be very refreshing, but.. oh, it was wonderful. ^_^ And across the road, spigots you could fill containers up with the same spring water, free.

Several years later, the pool was all chlorinated, and might have even been heated too, and the spigots were caged off. =:P

I now appear to have a copy of MFaOT, courtesy of that well known torrent bay. With a cast like that, it can't be anything but truly wondrous. ^_^

I did enjoy the quote on Gerald Durrell's IMDb page: "[in 1979, on writing books] I try to get it over with as quickly as possible. Larry [his brother, Lawrence Durrell] writes for posterity, but I write for money--it provides me with the wherewithal to do the things I really like doing, which is rushing off to Mexico to catch volcano rabbits." And lo, the volcano rabbit is an endangered species, limited to some volcanoes just south of Mexico City, with - surprise! - human encroachment key to their slender numbers, splitting their habitat and removing valuable nutrition. Interestingly, they're quite unusual in the leporine world in using vocalisations to warn of danger, rather than foot thumping.

I wonder how that bit of miscasting came about? With all the attention to detail paid, it does seem a little odd to just drop in one at random, unless it was deliberate artistic license - more photogenic, or somesuch.

Edited at 2016-04-09 09:20 pm (UTC)
I imagine trained dogs are fairly thin on the ground, and they took what was available!

I've only spent one night in Spain, on a bike trip a decade ago; I'd like to go back, and do Portugal too. Family holidays usually involved a gite in France.

This review suggests that Durrell knew exactly what he was doing, rather than hitting on a naive, chance success.