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I imagine many of you, if not all, will have at least tried the classic leeks preparation in a mildly sweet white, somewhat peppery white sauce. My advice, at this juncture, is to add a dash of cheap Armagnac and Bailey's late in the cooking, for a sumptuous result you'll love. ^_^

If you're in the UK, and have been waiting for Zootopia (or indeed, Zootropolis), check your local listings - whilst it's not officially opening until Mar 25, the local place appears to be running advance screenings over the weekend, on at least three screens. =:D Anyone who's seen it: is its use of 3D worthwhile? I'm inclined to see it in 3D, given it's CG, rather than the 3D added in post-production, as is the case with many live-action productions.

As jriendhal says, "Why can't they bring back the woolly mammoths? They're probably as trainable as elephants and they're all cute and fuzzy. But nooooo. Gotta bring back t. rexes and velociraptors every fricking time."

ObLucre: if anyone's interested in the D5500 kit, the current best offer is £380, courtesy of the roomie.

Now, this could be a potentially cool development in the music copyright wars between rights holders and DJs: Dubset analyses mixes, and will "identify existing recordings within the file, pay the necessary rights holders, and distribute the mix through Apple Music and other streaming services", paying the DJ some percentage as well. Seems like a potentially sane solution. ^_^ It'll be interesting to see if SoundCloud adopts this approach, rather than the "all guns blazing" crackdown rigelkitty noted a while back.

Yay, MasterChef is back! Next Wednesday - Mar 23 2016 - at 8pm, BBC 1. Looks like they're following a three episodes a week schedule, Wed/Thu/Fri, of 1h/1h/30m.
Oh! Well, it's nothing plot-breaking - not to the extent of Dark City, where my being late a couple minutes basically saved the film, thanks to the studio having responded to the plaintive calls of the focus audiences, who felt it was "confusing", and thus imposed a nice little expository monologue spelling everything out, right at the start - but there was quite a bit concentrated into the early minutes.

I'm more or less okay with 3D. I very much agree with genuine 3D filming, so as to preserve the spatial information, just as I wish Casablanca or the Maltese Falcon - or hell, even Pertwee Who - had kept the individual audio sources, so we could now enjoy full spatial reproduction. But, so it goes. The cost of doing so at the time was high, and who could have foreseen what we have now? The 3D tech remains a bit of a hack, but.. it's okay. ^_^ (I do wish the chains could get over the 3D supplement, though. It's expensive enough to see a film as is, let alone in 3D. I'd see Zootopia again plenty of times, if it were cheap, but - well, not at £12. It'll be better once it opens properly, though - it's something like £9.60 in 2D, and a relatively okay £7.20 before 5pm during the week. I may very well see it again at that price)

So, who did you wind up identifying best with? ^_^