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I imagine many of you, if not all, will have at least tried the classic leeks preparation in a mildly sweet white, somewhat peppery white sauce. My advice, at this juncture, is to add a dash of cheap Armagnac and Bailey's late in the cooking, for a sumptuous result you'll love. ^_^

If you're in the UK, and have been waiting for Zootopia (or indeed, Zootropolis), check your local listings - whilst it's not officially opening until Mar 25, the local place appears to be running advance screenings over the weekend, on at least three screens. =:D Anyone who's seen it: is its use of 3D worthwhile? I'm inclined to see it in 3D, given it's CG, rather than the 3D added in post-production, as is the case with many live-action productions.

As jriendhal says, "Why can't they bring back the woolly mammoths? They're probably as trainable as elephants and they're all cute and fuzzy. But nooooo. Gotta bring back t. rexes and velociraptors every fricking time."

ObLucre: if anyone's interested in the D5500 kit, the current best offer is £380, courtesy of the roomie.

Now, this could be a potentially cool development in the music copyright wars between rights holders and DJs: Dubset analyses mixes, and will "identify existing recordings within the file, pay the necessary rights holders, and distribute the mix through Apple Music and other streaming services", paying the DJ some percentage as well. Seems like a potentially sane solution. ^_^ It'll be interesting to see if SoundCloud adopts this approach, rather than the "all guns blazing" crackdown rigelkitty noted a while back.

Yay, MasterChef is back! Next Wednesday - Mar 23 2016 - at 8pm, BBC 1. Looks like they're following a three episodes a week schedule, Wed/Thu/Fri, of 1h/1h/30m.
Oo, based on a J G Ballard tale? Sounds rather interesting. As and when you do get to see it, be sure to report back on how it was. I noticed its IMDb rating was a bit middling, but then, Tank Girl scores a positively mediocre 5.2, which utterly baffles me, and Moonwalkers only manages 6.2, when it felt to both of us like a film that thoroughly deserves greater recognition as a crime caper inspired by 60s productions, but with some definite 90s/turn influences like Trainspotting.

I'm delighted they're actually offering advance screenings after all. ^_^ Big Hero 6 did get one here, a month ahead of its UK release, but only a single screening - with Zootopia, they've got eight 2D and five 3D screenings for each of Saturday and Sunday! (Still a bit puzzled why the name change, but looking at IMDb suggests it's all a bit random - some countries are getting one name, some the other. I wonder if Disney would answer a quick query on the matter.. =:)

Reminds me, I should check if BH6 is getting a sequel - I thought I read somewhere they were working on one. Aha! Could well be!

FWIW, if you're feeling extravagant, I was actually nosing around, out of idle curiosity, looking for what kind of costs are involved in a private screening - and it seems it depends much more on the time (of day, and week) than the actual film, with something like a midweek matinee possibly around the £200-300 mark. A bit more than a Blu-Ray, but.. ^_^
I've also looked into screenings, with an eye to birthdays, but never gone further than that. One day!

The JG Ballard aspect is what attracts me to High-Rise; I feel I ought to see it, as a fan, even though it will probably make me miserable. Plus, The Night Manager has taught me that I do not at all mind gazing at the person of Tom Hiddleston ;)