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Have a good look at this checkerboard.

I'm probably just rambling, as I've no relevant background, but I was wondering why babies never grow tired of their own noise. Then I wondered - what if that's part of the brain's development? Perhaps that constant aural stimulation somehow "agitates" the brain (not literally, of course), effectively disturbing it from a steady state. Similarly, microscopically pure water may be chilled considerably below 0C, as there's nothing for the ice to form around - it's only upon introduction of some form of particulates, even dust, that the nascent ice crystals have bodies about which to nucleate. Or maybe I just shouldn't write without coffee first.

Coming to Broadway next year: Spamalot, a musical based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Cast includes David Hyde Pierce, Hank Azaria, and Tim Curry.

A strip that I'd be surprised if anyone outside the UK (and even within, to a lesser degree) is familiar with: The Perishers. Here, it's given a thorough perusal, including several typical strips, illustrating the gorgeous artwork and wit, prior to the original artist's retirement in 1983. Have a look. It's one of those unsung gems, and quintessentially British.

An idea long overdue: PowerBook and iBook sleeves made from fake fur/fleece. shadowolf may be interested in their Dalmatian-spotted version.. and at $29 and $39, how can you say no? Only a few patterns available at the moment, but we can hope the idea will prove successful. ^_^

Japanese ice cream flavors. Easy, ne? (You can guess the rest; two words: "scientific research")

This is quite amusing.. folks have taken the highest ranking films, books, and suchlike from Amazon, and collected some of the lowest-rated reviews for each. Highlights include these sentiments on Seven Samurai:

- Save your money and time by not watching this badly made kung-fu movie. The guys in this movie do not know martial arts at all.

- This movie seems to be a scene-by-scene copy of one of my favorite movies-"Magnificent Seven". Magnificent seven is a classic movie that has been copied many times, but I didn't know westerns were popular enough in japan to be copied.

- no special effects at all. This movie could learn some tricks from the recent movie 'The haunting'.

Here's quite an.. unusual Japanese PS2 game TV ad (1.1MB MPEG-4). I must play this. ^_^ (Supposedly Namco do intend to export it outside Japan, but it's anybody's guess when. I defer to the wisdom of the experts, such as tursi)

Open source reaches virus writers! Apparently, a new version of that perennial Windows favorite, Bagle, includes its own source code as an attachment. (Written in assembly, curiously enough)

Not so much for the joke, as.. don't they look cute with their caps on? ^_^


Equipped with a machine for measuring night vision, the researchers headed for the Rif valley, the centre of Morocco's flourishing cannabis trade. "High-grade sifted cannabis was mixed with tobacco in a 2:1 ratio and smoked as kif by subjects employing a traditional sebsi pipe," the team write in the latest Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

Three "kif-experienced" Moroccan volunteers were then invited to make "numerous inhalations".

The volunteers demonstrated "consistent improvements" in tests, leading the researchers to suggest that further studies should be conducted.

How's this for Most Ironic iPod Case Evar?

Via arakinuk, a rather nice pic of a wolf (were variety, but not the kind that's always snarling). A good pose, and such detail on the fur, too.

And, if you feel you're a sufficiently convincing author, try The Scotsman's challenge to create a new urban legend. No prizes, but it's an intriguing notion.

Contemplate upon Twinkie sushi. So very wrong.
The Perishers.

I love The Perishers! One of the (sadly increasingly few) reasons for me to buy the Mirror. =:)
It was one of those few series I'd usually get as a birthday present - the latest compilation. With, of course, the benefit of being able to enjoy a week-long joke in a few minutes. ^_^ It worked so well, I think, because the humor was quite multi-layered at times - funny prima facie, but deeper too. And certainly, that gorgeously detailed artwork never hurt, either.

The eyeballs in the sky! *giggle*

I was disappointed, then, to see the Mirror's site, The Authentic Perishers, make no mention of any of the books being available, aside from through flea markets, used bookstores, and so on - couldn't they put at least a couple back into circulation? Or even online, either free or for some moderate fee? (Which would suit me better, given how little space there is, and the degree to which I move around)

Hm. Wonder if there's an online Giles repository somewhere?

Now to see if the Mirror puts its comics online!
(Deleted comment)
Oh, we can do that. ^_^ (Not safe for work!) Or here's one by Strider Orion, quite definitely NSfW. And one of a small series, I'm pleased to note. ^_^

I was a little surprised to realise that checkerboard image still "works" even when the colors have been inverted - I'd expected that would destroy the effect.
(Deleted comment)
Don't worry ... I did that too. :)
Ah yes i LOVE that wolf pic! I had the pleasure of commissioning her to do a fun lil pic/s of me being turned into a raccoon :) YAY!

Beware the were'coons! WE transform on a full moon and steal your garbage cans! FEAR ME! (and leave your leftovers near the top of the can least i make a feroscious mess in your driveway) BWAAA HAHAH!!!
Oooh, do you have that pic up on the web somewhere? You might've noticed I have a terrible weakness for transformation stories and imagery.. *purrr*

I wish humans would learn - if they'd only leave some nice pickings out for raccoons, all this rummaging around wouldn't be necessary. That's not to say it wouldn't happen, as it's a lot of fun. Some nice clean water too wouldn't go amiss, or a nice IPA for special occasions, providing the nest back home isn't too high off the ground.
Well its not half the quality of the wolf pic ther eyou showed. It was for the comic she does. But its nonetheless ME becoming a raccoon :) and a rather good likeness of me to boot! well. im pudgier RL but still.. hehe. lemme find it here.... STANDBY....



whew that was tough to find :P anyhow.. like i said its for the comic so its not uber beautifull like the wolf pic but no less fun as ive always loved transformation and raccoons ;)
Thanks for that! Hee! I notice the interest in your new tail.. ^_^ That's definitely one (of many!) thing I'd most love about becoming a red panda RL.. we do have quite magnificent tails, if I may say so. *giggle*

Oo, do you collect TF images, by any chance? Maybe you've seen some I haven't, or know of other places to scout around for some.. there's TransFur, of course, bringing us Kanada, Comus, and others, not to mention the sites of the astonishingly talented Kemono Inukai and Rimle.

And not TF-related, but the Coonikaki page is worth checking out too. ^_^
I certainly do collect TF art :)

You named alot of the good places there already. I cant remember off the top of my head where else. I follow a few individual artists on furnation and deviant art as well. But yeah i love that stuff!!! :)

Ive actually got quite a few commissioned pieces of me becoming a raccoon from a dear friend of mine. i can share them once i get off work if yer still awake :) hehe. just say the word or hook up on AIM or somethign and im happy to share anythign noteworthy i think youd enjoy! keep in touch and we can help each other out in the search for this kinda art definatly!!!! :)

my AIM name is arokhsb incase you use that :)
(Deleted comment)
Now we just need Entei-rah to reply with his nibbling bunny icon, and the entire page will collapse into a singularity of cuteness.

And yes, that definitely is a notably adorable icon. Erin Middendorf, IIRC?
YEEE!!! thank you! coonie*warbles*

Its based on my fursuit. You can see it at my web page in my LJ userinfo.

Yers is cute too! i always did like the 'yenas!
Via </a></a>arakinuk, a rather nice pic of a wolf (were variety, but not the kind that's always snarling). A good pose, and such detail on the fur, too.</b>

That's a breathtaking piece, and I can't even imagine what sort of effort went into drawing that fur. There's a few filter/brush tricks in Photoshop for creating fur, but they don't easily produce fur that appears to have actual shape and mass. This must have taken a lot of effort to produce. And speaking of shape. \O.O/

This is quite amusing.. folks have taken the highest ranking films, books, and suchlike from Amazon, and collected some of the lowest-rated reviews for each.

I actually agree with some of these reviews. >:)
Indeed, it'd be nice to find out from the artist if it's simply a case of lots of time spent just drawing many, many little tufts of fur, as I suspect. I wonder if sie's done any red pandas? ^_^

I actually agree with some of these reviews. >:)

We all have our little secrets.. like me approving of The Cell. ^_^ (Not, I should note, Jennifer Lopez' *ahem* acting, but some of the tension evoked, such as during the water chamber scenes) And can I admit to both owning and enjoying the DVD of Spice World?
Hey thanks for the comments on the wolf girl (I found your journal through my comic's refers-thingy.)

The fur was done manually. I've never liked the way the filters, and common tools like 'smudge' look. Nor can they really capture the flow of wolf fur. No filter can make up for a working knowledge of anatomy. The way I did it was using a combination of 3px and 1px sized brushes and just scribbled the hell out of it.I put on the darker colors first and just worked my way lighter and lighter til it came out right. Overall this pic took me over a month to do.

If my comic were this detailed it would update 4 times a year heheh :).

Anyway thanks again for the comments!
Oh, thanks for that! Using a tablet, I assume? That's something I'd love to play with, once there's a few spare pennies lying around.

Gods, it's easy to tell there was a lot of time and energy put into that pic.

Out of curiosity (it's not a field I'm especially acquainted with), have you explored 3D modeling apps' fur effects? The technology on that front does seem to be picking up quite considerably, as we've seen from that series of Blockbuster TV spots, or the lemurs in Dinosaur (not much of a story, but visually, an absolute treat. And Plio, yay! ^_^).
Yes I use a wacom tablet. I was doing similar pics with a mouse, and let me tell you, that was killer on the tendons in the hands. It takes a lot of time, but after you do it for a while you get pretty fast at it... I mean it's a bunch of scribbles afterall :) As long as you follow the direction the fur naturally flows, it looks pretty good without much 'fixing'.

As for 3d stuff, I've tried to use several 3d programs in the past, and I'm just a 3d retard. I can't figure out -anything- when I try to use them. Although a friend of mine is *really* good at it (Well he's a professional), check out his site at www.rowsby.com .
(Deleted comment)
Ah, this "Pong" thing'll never catch on.

I loved working on The 11th Hour, but I'll happily admit that much of Western game design leaves me cold - FPSs aren't at all something I enjoy, though with enough of a puzzle element, like the Tomb Raider series, or XIII, then I can become engaged. I'll probably take a look at Myst 4 when that arrives. What bits and pieces I see suggest I'd probably be quite a gamergeek if I lived in Japan, though, with wonderfully oddball titles as the one I linked to, and no shortage of cuteness. Cuteness is good. ^_^

I wonder if it's too late to write a letter to Mr Miyazaki and request a tiny cameo appearance of a red panda somewhere in Howl's Moving Castle?
Oh feck off with that damned checkerboard! I still don't believe it, no matter what the eyedropper readings suggest! :D

"why babies never grow tired of their own noise."
It's so that they love themselves during all the pointless years of their lives, then when it comes time to be of an important age, they are prepared to hate themselves. ^.^

"Similarly, microscopically pure water may be chilled considerably below 0C"
I was wondering when you were going to mention that.

"Or maybe I just shouldn't write without coffee first."
If that were me, I'd have said 'caffeine' instead of coffee. Like, a caffeine pill. Or caffeine injection.


"The Perishers"
For some reason it reminds me of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em and Steptoe & Son.

"Japanese ice cream flavors."
How...interesting. There are actually quite a few of those I would try. Silk would be my first priority.

"...taken the highest ranking..."
...Don't you just wanna find these people?

"Twinkie sushi"
Here I was hoping it would be real uhi filling. Eat up kiddies!