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ZOMG. I've just learned the results of the 2016 Wanderlust Photo of the Year competition - and I was awarded second place! (Each category received a winner, a runner-up, and a highly commended entry)

I may not have won the first place, but still, this is tremendously exciting. ^_^ Indeed, it represents my first win as a wildlife photographer - and with it, public exhibition of the piece at the Destinations Show 2016, through this weekend, helping show there can be such wonder and beauty in the lives of a species often overlooked as a wildlife subject.

Apparently, The Danish Girl sees its digital release on Feb 16, and on physical media on Mar 1. ^_^ I admit, I'm torn - it's an excellent film, no doubt, but is it one I could really watch often?

So! The little Edinburgh break is arranged: Monday to Wednesday, Feb 15-17. ^_^ I'm so looking forward to this - I'd never really realised what a gem of culture in so many regards the city is. Staying in such a wonderful hotel certainly won't hurt, but I imagine we'll have plenty keeping us out of the room, between the many top notch restaurants, the castle, the museums, and the Whisky Tasting Experience, let alone a cheap day ticket on the buses, or a hop further on the train.

Saturday night was a bit of a collection of shorts, on the TV front: first, The Chickening (which I do hope you've seen =:), followed by another I only vaguely recalled downloading some time ago, The Leap - and which I'll make a point of recommending. It's not an especially fun short, but.. I shed some tears of happiness. Then, at long last, Prelude to Axanar, a fan-made TNG-era short, looking at the years before the Klingons began cooperating with the Federation. For the feature presentation, the roomie chose Lady Snowblood, a 1973 Japanese flick, being a Meiji era tale that could so easily have been a Western, a tale of a daughter's quest for revenge on the four assailants on her parents.

For anyone enjoying photography in the UK, I see Lenses for Hire are running their traditional 50% off February: all rentals are automatically half price until the end of Feb 2016, and can be booked months in advance, only chargeable immediately prior to the rental. If there's an exotic lens you've been wanting to try, now's the perfect opportunity to give it a shot for a lot less than usual. (And they've very good people to deal with, too)

You've probably read of the idea of paving roads with photovoltaic panels: and now, it's happening, in France, where the Minister of Ecology and Energy has announced that they intend to pave 1000km of road with such panels, in the next five years. "According to France’s Agency of Environment and Energy Management, 4m of solarised road is enough to supply one household’s electricity needs, apart from heating, and one kilometre will light a settlement with 5,000 inhabitants. So the maximum effect of the programme, if successful, could be to furnish 5 million people with electricity, or about 8% of the French population."

The only search engine you really need: the Frinkiac. Give it anything Simpsons-related, and it'll offer relevant screenshots.

Until Feb 14 2016, Final Fantasy II is free, if that's the kind of thing that rocks your world. ^_^ Launch the Final Fantasy Portal app (which acts as a container app for all of them), and you'll be able to purchase it for nothing. (If you get a somewhat unhelpful error about some elements of identity not matching, quit the app and relaunch it, and the next attempt should work fine)

Interesting times in aviation, with the Iranian sanctions finally lifted: Iran Air has already placed an order for 118 new Airbus craft, including a dozen A380s.

I really need to look into some gloves - Tuesday's rabbiteering was.. quite uncomfortable, with a strong, cold wind. Repeatedly, I had to hook the camera on the gate, and try defrosting the poor paws in the coat pockets, while the head remained somewhat protected by the hood. But.. it proved worthwhile. ^_^ Here's a touch of the seldom witnessed Bunny Conga.

Congratulations! Second place is a great showing.

Also, great bunny conga line. Good timing and eye to be there.
Oh, indeed! Plenty of competition, too - around 8,000 entries across the categories, with ten finalists each. (I certainly can't mind my Marin view didn't reach the finals - those which did were gorgeous. It's definitely worth looking through all 40) I suspect I'm going to be giggling to nyself when I go along tomorrow to see the exhibition in person, knowing many of the crowd will have seen my work, and hopefully enjoyed it. ^_^

I'm just delighted to have the opportunity - that spot had been one of my mains, until.. Sep 2013, I think it was. (It's where "I can fly!" happened, f'rex) Since then, it'd been basically bunfree, until the other week - and now, I can sometimes have to track two or three groups, seeing if anybun's making moves suggesting something might happen, considering how brief bunchases tend to be, usually only a few seconds long. Definitely makes standing still in a cold wind worthwhile. ^_^
That's awesome! Congratulations! :D
Thanks. ^_^ It's quite a thrill. And just so very nice to see the panel of judges accept that even humble rabbitkind can indeed be worthy subjects for wildlife photography!
Congratulations! Very deserving piece. Captures the magic of lapine aviation. :)
Thanks! *hug* And with guaranteed soft, fuzzy landings!

It's amazing just how sharp leporine reactions are - one photo (which, naturally, I can't find right now) has one bun sailing overhead, with another darting upwards to nip them as they pass.

I should perhaps revisit that spot again sometime - it fell unused a couple months after Momentary, unfortunately. That does seem to happen - warrens will seemingly vanish for a couple years, and then spring back into life, as with the spot I've recently had the great good fortune to document, with up to a dozen present at any time!
I attempted to congratulate you when I read this at work, but my workplace's nannyware blocked on the basis of the subject being about "Lingerie/Swimwear".

Near as I can figure it thought you'd taken a picture of another kind of Bunny. :)


I'm trying to work out the leap of logic involved! As you surmise, maybe it's on a very twitchy trigger about anything involving bunnies? They must have a terrible time on the support line around Easter..

Thanks. ^_^ I'll have to try sort of loitering around the gallery a bit, I think, and see what people are making of all the entries. I did catch a brief glimpse of part of it in their "first day highlights" vid, and thankfully, it looks like the prints they've made aren't gigantic - sort of Letter/A4-ish? - so I don't have to worry about the photo looking soft viewed close up. (Actually looks like quite a cool show, too, with various celebs dropping by for presentations on travel-related shows they've hosted. FWIW, if you haven't seen "The Mekong River with Sue Perkins", I'd highly recommend it - quite an epic journey, spread across four hour-long episodes)
I'm trying to work out the leap of logic involved! As you surmise, maybe it's on a very twitchy trigger about anything involving bunnies?

Might be the "wanderlust.co.uk" domain name. It's got "lust" right in it; a shoddily-made product might block on those grounds alone.
Oooh! He should make the domain scunthorpe.wanderlust.co.uk as a bonus to people who block on domain names only! Give 'em a double-whammy!
Hah, yeah. ^^

I remember a note in the news in the 90s that said that one of the big names back then – AOL, CompuServe, I'm not sure anymore – had blocked all message boards with the word "sex" in them. Among others, this turned out to include boards dedicated to Essex, Sussex and Middlesex, which, upon becoming public knowledge, garnered exactly the kind of ridicule you'd expect.

That's a black rabbit! We've seen black rabbits in our fields. Is this a natural mutation or has someone been letting fancy pet rabbits loose in the wild?
I think they occur naturally, but I'll let Porsupah provide a definitive answer! I've seen them too, and wondered if I was seeing things.

Enjoy Edinburgh, too, and be sure to let us know how you liked it afterwards. :)

The Chickening

Heh, that was pretty funny.

I really need to look into some gloves - Tuesday's rabbiteering was.. quite uncomfortable, with a strong, cold wind.

Absolutely — that, or grow fur. :) I wonder if there's any photographer's gloves; warm in most places, but thin and touch-sensitive at the fingertips so you can operate a camera with ease.
There are such gloves, I attended a birding/photography workshop in the fall called the Bosque Apache Festival of the Cranes and went to a workshop from an amazing professional photographer who goes to Patagonia every year to photograph penguins and other arctic wildlife. He has a pair advertised on his web site that he uses that are on the order of $200 a pair. The dude has permanent frostbite damage on two fingers, so he takes such kit very seriously.

Probably a bit of overkill in the UK. They also make gloves that you can fold back the fingertip, and combo mitten/gloves that you can pull your fingers out of the mitten part for better camera operation.
Congratulations!! It is a wonderful photo, and well deserving of a win, yet there's always something amazing and unbelievable about someone one knows personally actually winning a competition like this, that...that...well, in conclusion, YAY!
Major Congrattylations! .... *HUGS* ... Prize money galore! Jet-set parties! Limousines! Remember we knew ya when.. before the yachts and private jets! ^v^
AWESOME! That is so cool to place second in a major competition! I remember being blown away by my wins and sales. Recognition of this sort is always great.

Is there a prize for second, or just a Job Well Done?
It's been so wonderfully heartening! So often, I see safari photography doing well in competitions, and I'm left feeling "how can I compete with that? Look how dramatic and fierce the subject and landscape is!" - to have the judges actually have Momentary appeal so much as to win second place - it really can be done! My favorite subjects can do it!

And indeed, I believe Runner Up receives a shiny new D5500 and 18-55mm. ^_^ (Ah, if they could only drop one of those fives.. definitely, when finances are healthy again, I'd love to pick a D500 up - just that 100ms interframe interval would be well worthwhile, plus a good buffer and the ability to max out the fastest XQD cards, making for a max burst of some 200 shots at full speed.. and the AF system's apparently on a par with the new D5, faster than even the D810)

I've just returned from the show - and while I was nervous that the gallery might be overlooked by visitors, nope! People were lining up. And yes, some did linger over Momentary.. =:D Wow. Such a venue, too - Olympia's a splendid large hall, of 1890s arched ironwork and glass. And there's my work, amongst such superb company, being admired.. !

I'm a very retiring, shy sort, but that doesn't mean I didn't quietly revel in such a magnificent ego stroking. =:)
Woo Hoo! Congrats on second place! With the expression and the splayed toes, that photo has story.
*grin* It's definitely a personal favorite. That expression, when they know there's pretty much nothing they can do about it until they land, is just priceless. ^_^ And yep, definite bonus points for adorable bunny toes. ^_^

What a feeling! They announced the results at 4pm on Friday, but I didn't receive any notification beforehand, or indeed, after! I had to check the competition site, in the hope that might get updated, the publication's main site, and their Twitter account, and eventually - well, about 5.30pm or so, so, a veritable age when in such a mood of anticipation - saw the link appear in the Recent Stories sidebar. Which gave a 404.. ^_^; Another 30 mins on, another parent page appeared, with the correct links, and I went through all the entries in the gallery, reaching mine toward the end of the Wildlife selection.. and saw that amazing "RUNNER UP" tag. =:D And then actually seeing it up there, in the gallery at the expo, in such superb company, so many people wanting to see it all.. !
LOL! I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but they sure made you work to find out how you placed!
Congrats. Great shot.