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It's quite to be expected that when a famous musician dies, their albums see a bump in popularity. A "bump" in the case of David Bowie apparently means 25% of the Top 40 is his, with nineteen albums in all (re-)entering the Top 100. It was indeed sadly impressive to see just how extraordinarily widespread reporting thereof turned out to be, appearing on many sites otherwise unconnected to music, even topping Y Combinator's Hacker News, the geek news hub.

Comic recommendation of the day: Never Satisfied. The story begins with a group of magical apprentices attempting to prove their worth in a somewhat unorthodox competition of capturing birds. The art style is somewhat reminiscent of the animation era of the 1950s and 1960s, drawn with panache, without being self-conscious, as with Little Kitten Teeth. Meanwhile, Snarlbear is.. sort of a fantasy, set in a strange world with variously ravenous animals and plants, and with a beautifully unconstrained use of vibrant hues. (The title comes from our hero's nickname, given to her upon entering the world abruptly, and promptly vanquishing a bear with entirely too many pointy teeth)

On geek tools: Ops 'n Lops. Have a peek within, to see how easy it is to manage a large operation remotely, with the right tools. Myself, I hadn't been aware of mosh, helping make secure connections sane over potentially high latency connections, such as cellular, as well as transparently restoring a session even from a new IP, such as going from cellular on the move to DSL back home.

Following something of a recommendation from lovelyangel, we finally saw the recent version of Jem and the Holograms. Which, yes, we both thoroughly enjoyed. ^_^ True, the writing at points could have used some fine tuning, but fundamentally, the sense of exuberance at success, and the desolation following, rang true. (And it has to be said, who wouldn't want to enjoy such a series of incredible makeovers? Not sure I'd really be one for violet hair, though. Maybe a rich auburn, or maybe just absolutely in your face fluorescent pink. ^_^)

And: one guy's intrepid experimentation to recover teletext data from old VHS tapes. Previously, the quality stored wasn't sufficient to decode with any useful level of accuracy, but with current processing, that's become possible. So we're receiving stacks of teletext pages from the 1980s. =:D

Poll #2033943 Oingo Boingo

Have you heard of Oingo Boingo?


Have you..

seen them live?
bought their music?
got the t-shirt(s)?
anything else we should know about?

About those gravitational wave detection rumors.. they're very much just that, and no more. As the writer cautions: "The current excitement could easily be a false alarm. Even if LIGO has a promising signal, it may be a false test signal planted as a drill. It's been done before, in 2010 near the end of LIGO's last pre-upgrade run. Three members of the LIGO team are empowered to move the mirrored blocks by just the right traces in just the right way. Only they know the truth, and the test protocol is that they not reveal a planted signal until the collaboration has finished analyzing it and is ready to publish a paper and hold a press conference. “Blind tests” like this are the gold standard in all branches of science." It's a spectacular experiment, regardless, "looking for changes in the distance between mirrored blocks of metal 4 km apart as slight as 10-22 meter, about a millionth the diameter of a proton. In other words, changes in measurement of 1 part in 1025."

The US election process is ridiculously convoluted, but still, as it stands, I've found it most encouraging to see Sanders and Clinton go neck and neck in Iowa. "The Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll released Thursday morning shows Clinton with the support of 42 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers, compared to 40 percent for Sanders. Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley received just four percent support. Clinton led Sanders by nine points in the same poll last month, 48 percent to 39 percent."

January has, thankfully, seen a few more bright days than December 2015 - or, sometimes, just a bit brighter, as in this instance, where there'd been a little light rain earlier in the day, leaving the grass sparkling with tiny beads.

Don't suppose anyone's seen Adventures in Comedy? "A mockumentary that takes place in the cut throat world of stand-up comedy. It follows the struggles one comic faces as he gives his dream one last shot." It stars the likes of Rob Cantrell, Margaret Cho, and Janeane Garofalo, so.. there's definitely some distinct potential. (I occasionally browse the iTunes Store, and stumble upon little oddities - in this case, sufficiently unknown IMDb has no rating)
Happy bunnies! Ours are huddled in their forms today against a biting, wind-whipped snow. I can see the entry/exit tracks at their usual places along the fence, but The Huntress trampled all the trails as she hunted them, without success, in her domain.

I remember Oingo Boingo, but it's Danny E. who really stands out.
I was hoping to catch mine against a briefly snowy backdrop the other day, but no luck - it'd all melted away long before I arrived. I can't help but feel sorry for buns in that kind of chilly situation, having no option but to hunker down like that, becoming bunnyballs.. I keep wishing there were some way I could take them in for a night or two, before letting them on their way again. (Is it any surprise I so appreciate Fluttershy? =:)

Mm, Danny Elfman was pretty much the powerhouse behind it, though I'm sure everyone involved made it what it was. Ah, if only I'd known about them before they split! But then, I never really did get to see many concerts then - I think my first was ZZ Top's "Afterburner" tour, followed, I think, by JMJ's "Docklands". (Of the more recent ones, I'd have to say Amon Tobin's "ISAM" stands out - the production design on that was just amazing. And whilst I couldn't be there in person, I did contribute to Studio Killers' Kickstarter for their debut live appearance at Ilosaarirock, which included an HD recording of the gig as one of the rewards. Such a great album! I do hope they continue)
Never seen Oingo Boingo in concert or bought an album, but I did enjoy their music in The Forbidden Zone
Aaaah! I still need to see that! I think I've had it kicking around in the archive for a while now, but.. it's in good company. =:) I've had a few of Jodorowsky's works waiting for my attention, too, but in recent years, I've found myself watching much less TV, and far fewer films, with communities like LJ and SLU being far more attractive. Nonetheless, I appreciate there's got to be a better balance - it's ludicrous I've had the last fifth or so of Kurt Vonnegut's "The Sirens of Titan" waiting to be finished off for a couple years now. =:P
Have you heard of Oingo Boingo?

I recall that a segment featuring the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo once appeared on timduru's FursuitTV, but that's the extent of it.

Three members of the LIGO team are empowered to move the mirrored blocks by just the right traces in just the right way. Only they know the truth, and the test protocol is that they not reveal a planted signal until the collaboration has finished analyzing it and is ready to publish a paper and hold a press conference. “Blind tests” like this are the gold standard in all branches of science."

That's got to suck if you're one of those participating in the collaboration.
Oh! I'd had the perception they were fairly ingrained in popular culture. ^_^ Maybe not to Devo level, but sort of in that genre of geekiness with a deliciously gothic edge.

It'd have to be intensely frustrating, definitely! It's one of those rare experiments that's seeking to answer a fundamental question about the nature of reality, so finding candidate signals would have to be very exciting, yet you've got to guard against the possibility that it might all just be a drill. Still, we'll see. The article did tease that team members schedules seem to be suggesting an announcement in February, but.. ^_^;
Don't forget the Mystical Knights of the Oingo Boingo. =:3
Oh, absolutely. ^_^

Do you have any/all of their concert videos, I wonder? Is there one you'd particularly recommend? (Bonus points if they issued it with a 5.1 mix! So little music, outside of cinema, takes advantage of more than stereo - Orbital's "The Altogether" is one of the very few counter-examples that isn't a concert video/music film, eg The Wall)
Sadly, no. I just type things in to youtube and hope for the best. Some times you get lucky and it looks and sounds acceptable.
Ah, not a bad thought. ^_^ Wish I still had my OB CDs, but they're probably victims of all the moving around. Think I'll do a little nosing around, and see what concert videos they released, and if possible, find out which (if any!) have 5.1 audio mixes. Trouble is, of couse, they were around during the firmly Standard Definition era, when only real AV-diehards had such setups - but, maybe they kept the full master tapes for some of them. (I sometimes wish early Doctor Who had at least stereo audio, but then, it feels like the show wasn't really a priority for the BBC until more around the Baker days, when they finally cottoned on to the fact they really had something on their hands)