The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit (porsupah) wrote,
The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

Delirium Red

I've learned that I'm a finalist - one of some ten or twelve! - in the Wildlife category of the photography competition I mentioned the other week. =:D Thus, Momentary will be on display at the Destinations show in early February, in London's Olympia Exhibition Hall. =:D It goes without saying I'm hugely excited - there'll be thousands of people seeing my work, and I'll be helping spread the word that there's actually quite a bit to the social lives of wild rabbits. And who knows? I (or rather, the buns in question) might even sway the judges into extending an award.. well, we'll see. ^_^

In the spirit of the season, one of Autostraddle's writers took it upon herself to research, make, and review a variety of butterbeer recipes. ^_^

MLP impressions:

- Party Pooped took a bit too long in the first act, rather hammering home the whole "yaks are impossible to please" angle, before getting into the far more entertaining second act with Pinkie Pie going on a toon-grade epic quest. The ending was a delight. ^_^
- Amending Fences perhaps spent rather too long on Twi's attempts to reconcile, and not enough justification for Moon Dancer's rather absolute antipathy toward her, and her former friends - having a prized friend blow off a party's a low move by Twi, absolutely, but it didn't really seem enough to cause MD to enter a life of solitude. Still, the ending did leave me teary-eyed, and I do hope we see more of Moon Dancer in the future - indeed, the other Canterlot friends as well, which was a bit of a background gap in Twilight's story, given we only joined her as she moved into Ponyville, with little said of her time back in Canterlot.
- Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? - a veritable classic. So many wonderful little gags, from Lyra and Bon-Bon being overjoyed at being halves of the same pony, to Big Mac's magical princess aspirations, and not forgetting Giant Adorable Derpy. =:D And perhaps one of the best lessons, too.
- Canterlot Boutique again perhaps overstated the main theme, with Sassy Saddles all but becoming Rarity's boss, rather than her boutique's manager. I admit, I'm a bit surprised to find Rarity letting herself be steamrollered like that, but I suppose it's excusable on the basis of deferring to someone who knows the business practicalities and local scene very well. (Although, that mention toward the end of "another failed boutique" opens some room for doubt?)

I haven't yet seen the new Star Wars, but intend to, hopefully on a big screen. ^_^ Is there any consensus on whether its 3D adds much/anything/lots?

If you have a yen to get into RoR, Daniel Kehoe's Learn Ruby on Rails is currently free, until Dec 25: Amazon UK, Amazon US.

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