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OhPonyBoy has a new video out! Blob It is a brilliantly bouncy electronic track with a dirty edge that pushes all the right buttons, to an adorbs video. ^_^

I've recently been reading all of Christopher Baldwin's current sci-fi/comedy/action strip, Anna Galactic, and perhaps unsurprisingly, I'm enjoying it hugely. I've almost always enjoyed his artwork styles (they can range quite broadly, from Bruno to Little Dee), and he's especially good with characterisation. Give it a try! New strips come every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so it won't take forever to catch up with the story so far, as it only began in January 2015, and looks set to complete somewhere in late 2016.

A random short story on uplifting: Concerning your Recent Creation of Sentient Horse-things on the Next Planet Over. (No, not related to ponies, although it might not be too much of a stretch =:)

Here's a sort of skatepark with a difference.. part artificial, part natural. =:)

Maybe it's finally time to update the VM setup. =:/ I don't particularly need any of them just yet, but, I'd far sooner have everything ready to roll when that time does come, than be caught with some weird-ass migration issue when the pressure's on. (I'm probably going to hop back to VMware Fusion - back when I started with them, I found the integration a touch more seamless, and it looks like Fusion 8 has an edge on Parallels 11 in performance) But.. do I update my Windows 7 Pro VM to Windows 10? I'm guessing that once the update's taken place, the license would be transferred, rendering the 7 VM unusable - or is that not the case? I think I'd prefer to go with 10, simply for being up to date, both on security and features. Anyway, VMware's running a modest extra sale for (*sigh*) Black Friday, so at the current price - valid for updating from even my relatively creaky version of Parallels - it's not a difficult proposition (around $42/£27).

Well, there go the RAW and full res JPEG off to Wanderlust (and YouSendIt still requires Flash to function? Egad. Still, it was easy enough to reinstall it, then remove it immediately afterward). Who knows? Being a runner-up would be wonderful, but I will admit, receiving a paid photography commission in Western Australia would be just amazing. =:D Even if it goes no further than this, it's gratifying to have that nod of making it through to the second round of judging.

Great accomplishments of crisps technology of our time now include M&S' new "winter berries and prosecco" flavor, complete with tiny edible gold stars. =:D They're actually very tasty, with a mild berry nature, and very tangy.

Well, that's an interesting acquisition.. Apple's bought FaceShift, a real-time facial mocap company. The article notes their tech was "used in the most recent Star Wars film to make non-human characters have features, characteristics, and expressions more similar to real humans".

And.. this is a limerick. =:) If you want to try working it out for yourself, don't click through, as that'll bring you to the "answer". ^_^

Sweeet update as ever! I might be trying out VMWare sometime soon too... :>
It's pretty good. ^_^ Or was, when I was using it last - but Parallels had an unmissable sidegrade offer at the time (something like £10). I'll have to see if I can dig up clues as to whether my 7 VM will become unlicensed if I update a copy of it to 10 - I'm expecting it will, so I'll want to make sure before anything more or less permanent like that. (OS X is simpler in that regard)
Good luck, bunneh! We tried Parallels first and have had at least one issue, so that's why we're toying with VMware now :}
Oh? What happened?

BTW, do you know how the licensing situation works with Windows - if I migrate a copy of my 7 Pro VM to 10, does that invalidate the 7 Pro license, or will that remain usable?
Generally as long as you keep that Win 7 on the same hardware, it should be fine. It's generally understood that you can decommission it from other hardware as another option, but this may take a more lengthy process through contact with Microsoft.

As for what happened with Parallels... well... alas, it's the Windows portion ... it will not update at all. ;P We're going to try some different methods tomorrow if we get access to the box (it might be in use for other things).
Aye, there's the rub, as they say. ^_^ Do different VMs seem to be "the same"? But, maybe so! I did indeed snag VMware Fusion 8 at its upgrade sale price, and miraculously, bringing Windows 7 Pro was a complete non-event. It imported the Parallels VM, and just set about using it, with everything seemingly undisturbed. Mountain Lion was equally straightforward, and I've got a new Ubuntu LTS VM, no more complicated than pointing it to the ISO.

I like it when computing doesn't get in the way, leaving me free to use it all do stuff, whether that's contour-based video encoding, or just stripping iTunes video DRM. ^_^

Hah, I know that one. :)

A dozen, a gross and a score
Plus three times the square root of four
Divided by seven
Plus five times eleven
Is nine squared, and not a bit more.

I've shown that to people before, but sadly noone ever figured it out on their own. :P

I admit, I'd actually expected austin_dern to be first. ^_^

The fiddly part, I'd say, would probably be the very end, working out what to do with that concluding zero.
Come on, I hope you at least expected me to be second. :P

Yes, though the fact it's explicitely stated in the equation despite being a no-op gives you a hint that it also needs to be rendered in the limerick, at least. Still difficult, of course!

I've found that people also have problems with the "score". The people I've shown this to weren't native English speakers, but I think even those that wouldn't necessarily know that word. Myself, I'm only familiar it due to Lincoln's remark about how the USA were founded "four score and seven years ago".

Well... that, and the movie were, and I quote, "[a] homeless vigilante and his case worker, Steve, try to stop vampire Abraham Lincoln and his gang of 1980s punks from sucking the blood of four-score and seven virgins".
On the SF webcomics front I'm torn between Sluggy Freelance and Schlock Mercenary.

I will have to check out this one.