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The annual geekfest

Interesting.. according to Alexa's web traffic stats, LJ is considerably more popular than Slashdot.

One-year traffic graph comparing LiveJournal and Slashdot

And on a similar theme, LJ's offering account extensions, in light of the problems lately: two weeks, or if you buy 6 or 12 months, an extra two months.

Fresh from NotCon '04, here's a pile of MPEG-4 video coverage of most of the sessions, including Brewster Kahle's Universal Access to Human Knowledge. Each hour is around 120MB at high quality, or 24MB at lower quality.

This is a seriously impressive piece of sort-of-chalk artwork. (Courtesy of sockscatt)

.. and by way of xolo, the old ones are the best.. ^_^

Courtesy of the CDC's kids' page, sets of disease trading cards, including ebola, hantavirus, HIV, rabies, and ulcers, to name but a few.

The good news: new pics at Kemono Inukai's site. The bad news: it looks like he's putting a "bug" of sorts on images now, in this case, a rather intrusive horizontal white blur. Poop.

A handy way to test if your browser is vulnerable to the recent "frame injection" vulnerability found in several browsers (makes a nice change, almost :), including some versions of Firefox and Safari. OmniWeb 5.0b8, at least with my settings, didn't show the problem in question.

Lovers of wolfy/'yotey dogs may enjoy this puppy gallery of Utonagans.

Another reason to miss Singapore: MOS Burger. Yes, I know what you're thinking - go to Asia, eat at a burger joint a few times (amongst other places!).. but, despite not being much of a burger fan, I really enjoyed theirs. "Other seasonal selections have included the Nan Mexican (naan bread in the role of a soft tortilla, layered with ground beef, lettuce, and tomatoes) and the Tsukune Patty, a minced beef dumpling burger with stir fried vegetables and sesame sauce." (Would those be examples of MOS Technologies?)
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