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Interesting.. according to Alexa's web traffic stats, LJ is considerably more popular than Slashdot.

One-year traffic graph comparing LiveJournal and Slashdot

And on a similar theme, LJ's offering account extensions, in light of the problems lately: two weeks, or if you buy 6 or 12 months, an extra two months.

Fresh from NotCon '04, here's a pile of MPEG-4 video coverage of most of the sessions, including Brewster Kahle's Universal Access to Human Knowledge. Each hour is around 120MB at high quality, or 24MB at lower quality.

This is a seriously impressive piece of sort-of-chalk artwork. (Courtesy of sockscatt)

.. and by way of xolo, the old ones are the best.. ^_^

Courtesy of the CDC's kids' page, sets of disease trading cards, including ebola, hantavirus, HIV, rabies, and ulcers, to name but a few.

The good news: new pics at Kemono Inukai's site. The bad news: it looks like he's putting a "bug" of sorts on images now, in this case, a rather intrusive horizontal white blur. Poop.

A handy way to test if your browser is vulnerable to the recent "frame injection" vulnerability found in several browsers (makes a nice change, almost :), including some versions of Firefox and Safari. OmniWeb 5.0b8, at least with my settings, didn't show the problem in question.

Lovers of wolfy/'yotey dogs may enjoy this puppy gallery of Utonagans.

Another reason to miss Singapore: MOS Burger. Yes, I know what you're thinking - go to Asia, eat at a burger joint a few times (amongst other places!).. but, despite not being much of a burger fan, I really enjoyed theirs. "Other seasonal selections have included the Nan Mexican (naan bread in the role of a soft tortilla, layered with ground beef, lettuce, and tomatoes) and the Tsukune Patty, a minced beef dumpling burger with stir fried vegetables and sesame sauce." (Would those be examples of MOS Technologies?)
I've never heard of them.
I want one.
I need one.
Why don't I have one?
You have no choice. We'll see you again in a few hours, then?

I'm a little surprised to see a new breed pop up like that.. obviously, I really hope they gain their deserved recognition from the "authorities", even if it'll probably be years before I actually get to see one in person.

Maybe suggest one as a corporate mascot? ^_^ (Of course, not knowing actually where you work, I've no idea how (in)appropriate that may be.. :)
There might be one at this year's Discover Dogs, I suppose.
Oh, that looks much more like my sort of bash than Crufts.. how can you not like an event featuring "Crossbreed of the Year"? ^_^

(No husky in the top bar of kennel mouseovers? Tut!)
I've been a couple of times, and it's great! Doesn't clash with Mac Expo 2004 either :)
in light of the problems lately: two weeks, or if you buy 6 or 12 months, an extra two months.

Ah yes, the word 'desperate' comes to mind. Actually, I'm starting to suspect there's a bit of sinister censorship going on with the official LJ communities, which could possible explain why they're only ever filled with 'you guys rock' comments. When they first announced the extra time in paidmembers, the system wasn't even correctly identifying all those who were eligible, despite a line in the post saying 'Edit: We've fixed it so it now works'. Someone posted a proper reasoned opinion about how if they can't even manage to give things away for free without making a mess of it, what hope is there to fix all LJ's problems? It wasn't ranty or nasty, yet made a completely valid point. Minutes later, one of their staff had edited the main post to say 'there are still a few problems', and that comment had mysteriously disappeared. Hmm....
Erf! No, I don't like that sort of administrative editing.. if it were slanderous or inciteful, perhaps, but not simply grumbling. (And yes, they do still seem to have a few problems - just now, the notification for Huskyteer's second reply came through; but no sign of one for the first)

Still, I have to admit, I'm impressed that something of LJ's scale - and as the graph indicated, it must see a few K of traffic and a few users a day - can be operated primarily for nothing. Even the paid accounts aren't exactly expensive.. I keep wondering if we're really just part of some skunkworks project.. ^_^
Oh, I've had random LJ Comment emails disappearing all over the place for about a week now. Your reply to my Telethon post never got through for example. As always though, they're still under the belief everything is running smoothly on the status page.

MOS Burger is among my regular fast-food options -- they finally opened a place at Bukit Batok, comfortably near me -- and, yeah ... it's a burger place, but it's a Japanese burger place. So you get teriyaki chicken burgers on rice patties and other odd things. They get very anxious if you don't want any sauce, but pretty much everything they offer is tastier than it has the right to be.

And they serve the side dish in little baskets. They are plastic baskets, but somehow they give the meal a sense of class you miss at Burger King. And, really, they're one of the few places in Singapore you can get a genuinely sloppy thing to eat, burgers that slop out of their wrapper (which is a solid enough wrapper to hold the meal if you let it..)

Thank you for the link to the CDC Trading Cards-- my friend and I are now planning to print out several copies of each and distribute them to passers-by on the streets of downtown Freehold. You have inspired a great idea. =:D
In furtherance of the same spirit, perhaps you'd also like to hand out copies of the Periodic Table? (Here split into thirds - links to the middle and right are at the bottom)

(Argle. LJ's notification system remains as reliable as Ronald Reagan's memory - neither your nor Avon's replies made it to me)
Courtesy of the CDC's kids' page, sets of disease trading cards,

Awww..they forgot Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
Ooh, that's a good one! I wonder if the CDC accepts nominations?

(What a catchy domain name! "astdhpphe.org" - is that one of Bill the Cat's?)