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So, I'll find out if my cassoulet concept works. ^_^; I've put a couple packages of ground pork into the slow cooker, along with a can of pumpkin purée, and two cans of butter beans, along with some initial seasoning (pepper, sage, rosemary, fish sauce, paprika). I'm curious as to whether or not the pumpkin will prove to make a harmonious base - it feels like it could work, but it's not a combination I can say I've encountered before. =:) And lo, it's rather good! I don't think it's quite the finished dish, though, but I'm not quite sure where to try taking it. The concept works, however! ^_^

It did make me smile, though, when I set about playing with a packet of Polish soup mix (no English anywhere) - it apparently recommended mushrooms, so I used up a dozen chestnut mushrooms that were getting a bit elderly, and its apparently recommendation for a stock base prompted me to use a cube as its base. It let it all simmer away, adding some nice ground pepper, initially resembling a routine cream of mushroom soup, but as time progressed, I encountered little globs of the mix, which I beat into submission. And the mushrooms sent the soup's hue into a dark tone. But.. damn, if it wasn't really tasty. ^_^ I'd made enough for the roomie (and more) as well, and he asked if he could finish it off. =:D

The week's news as it should have been, deftly re-edited by Cassetteboy. =:D

Oo! schnee just pointed out that today is MLP:FiM's fifth anniversary - it debuted on Oct 10 2010. As I recall, I heard lots of enthusiastic talk about it, but didn't actually see any for myself until after the first season had ended. I gave the first episode or two a try, and was mildly irked by the various stereotypes, but.. thought I'd continue with another couple. And went through the whole season in the coming week or so. =:)

Murder, a point-and-click cyberpunk adventure, looks like much fun, coming on Oct 21. I'm not usually much taken by "16 bit" style graphics, but if you check out the trailer, perhaps you'll agree - this looks like its style goes beyond its retro appearance. It'll be available for OS X, Linux, Windows, iPad, and Android tablets.

Thursday saw me go underground, where few have seen - beneath Clapham, to be exact. "The one likely to cause the most excitement, is the exceptionally rare opportunity to go into the Clapham South deep level shelter, a series of tube tunnels dug next to the tube station that were used as accommodation during air raids. After the war, the tunnels were used to house arrivals from Empire Windrush before being transformed into Bed & Breakfast accommodation for the Festival of Britain. One of eight such shelters across London, most are off limits as they are used for secure document storage, so this is a very rare opportunity." Unfortunately, I didn't really wind up with many great photos, as - as you'd expect - it mostly consisted of long tunnels, with long, long avenues of bunk beds. Still, I suppose even that's worth sharing? It wasn't exactly luxurious accommodation, but it was safe, some 80m below ground. During World War II, priority was extended to those who'd been bombed out, and given permanent passes. Another distinct bonus - and something occupants made quite a point of highlighting - was that food rationing was suspended in the canteens. True, prices were much higher than outside - up to double - but the availability of treats like jam tarts was something much prized.

I'll post this entry without photos, for now, and instead, post some in the coming days - I'd rather not hold up posting the entry, and I know I can get very fussy about photo processing.

A rather amusing seven minute animated short y'might enjoy: The Saga of Biorn, telling the tale of an old Viking warrior seeking a glorious ending in combat.

There's a new Who spinoff coming in 2016: Class, on BBC 3, "a new 8 x 45 minute Doctor Who spin off from the acclaimed YA author, Patrick Ness. Class is a YA series set in contemporary London. Incredible dangers are breaking through the walls of time and space, and with darkness coming, London is unprotected. With all the action, heart and adrenalin of the best YA fiction (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Hunger Games), this is Coal Hill School and Doctor Who like you’ve never seen them before." Interesting to see it'll all be written by a single author, rather than a team, each member helming an episode or two.

Try running traceroute bad.horse (OS X, Linux) or tracert -m 64 bad.horse (Windows; apparently it defaults to a max TTL of 32, which wouldn't work here, hence the additional argument). ^_^

It remains to be seen when I might actually be able to contemplate such a purchase, but I will admit, the Hermès Apple Watch with the Double Tour band has quite caught my eye - just so elegant! And in the capucine hue.. ah, it makes me happy. I adore such excellence in design.

I sort of wish I'd made a time lapse of my nails' recovery under terbinafine, though it probably would've looked rather macabre. =:) The hands are approaching "normality" (not a word you'll find often here), but the feet still have a couple months more ahead.

Compo of the week: trip for two to Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur for two people, plus stopover in Dubai, with 1,000€ credit to spend in the Michael Kors store in Dubai, flying in business class, hotels included. Open to residents of the UK, France, Spain, and Hungary.

And I thought I ought to share this insight into parenting with kfops. =:)

Woohoo! SLARF is back! Evidently, the site was only taking a breather. ^_^ I'm pleased - their avatar reviews are easily the best around, not to mention showcasing some of the wonderful diversity and skill in SL av design. (That said, it'll take a lot to lure me away from the Kani. ^_^ I know there are newer mesh bunnies around, notably Bifrost's, but I'm just so comfortable with the overall look of the venerable Kani. Of course, when Sansar goes public, I doubt avs will be able to simply be ported over without at least some designer intervention, so I may well have to migrate then - though SL will remain regardless, in parallel)

Ahh, what a friend we have in cheeses pizza. Just had one of my personal favorites, which I first encountered in a little neighborhood pizzeria just north of Sydney - their take on a capricciosa, being pepperoni, anchovies, and capers. It is salty, absolutely, but works so well. ^_^ (Another I'll lean toward in any kind of group ordering is ham, chicken, mushrooms, and onions - not so mixed that the meats all blur together, and not just meat. That said, I'll eat just about any pizza, preferably with a thin base, and not shying away from the herbs)
The hands are approaching "normality" (not a word you'll find often here)

Nail infections take a long time to treat!  My son is on terbinafine for Tinea versicolor</i>, which hopefully will be resolved in a week.
So, I thought I'd check DDG rather than Wikipedia, given the latter's disposition for quite clear photos of any and all ailments (have I mentioned I couldn't even begin to be a surgeon? I'm okay with knowing all the glisteniny stuff inside, but that's quite as far as I want to take it, if at all possible. Not always a convenient predisposition, as lewistotle once recounted - think "motorbike"), forgetting that DDG - very helpfully - includes Wikipedia previews where helpful. ^_^;

Ah, so just in the skin? Yep, that'll be much easier to combat. It's been with me for ages, but damn, if that isn't taking care of it in short order. =:D The fingers are all but done, but the toes, of course, are lagging - they'll be another six weeks or so, I imagine. Still.. it's really welcome to see them (nearly) normal again, after this many years of funkiness. ^_^

It's all quite magical, ne? Disrupt a specific pathway, and whilst there may then be an elevated risk to the host in some way, you'll have cut off the target's metabolism entirely. It's easy to see the appeal of mad science. =:)
Clapham sounds neat, I'd like to visit that.

Try running traceroute bad.horse (OS X, Linux) or tracert -m 64 bad.horse (Windows; apparently it defaults to a max TTL of 32, which wouldn't work here, hence the additional argument). ^_^

Fun, though I'm alarmed someone wasted almost an entire /27 on that. :)
I did enjoy it, definitely. There felt like so much hope - all so monotonous, yet, safe, though the shelters didn't really come into their own until after that abominable insanity (I had family members on both sides). I like to feel they represented the resilience of humanity.

I'll probably have to post some other photos. I'm not sure those will be accepted in as neutral a manner, but I'll try.
I'm not sure those will be accepted in as neutral a manner

How do you mean?
The pork puree sounds interesting. You ever use Worchestershire Sauce in dishes? I'm quite fond of it in almost anything including chili and meatloaf.
I actually haven't had Worcestershire Sauce around in a while! I should do, though - it's fabulously flexible stuff. True, you can make up for it in many ways, especially balsamic vinegar (oh, such a delight!), but it's so handy to have that nifty tang at hand.

So, what have you been up to in the kitchen lately? ^_^ (Photos especially welcome!)
I use fish sauce regularly for soups and stews and balsamic wherever possible. I have probably a half dozen different flavored balsamics, I use a combination of two when I make carrot salad, which I haven't made in quite a while.

Last Wednesday I made spaghetti carbonara with peas. It was WONDERUFL. My wife likes nutmeg with her pasta, I think we slightly overdid it but it's still fine.
Ah, found my carrot salad recipe! I use Hojiblanca olive oil, cranberry pear white balsamic, peach white balsamic, and golden raisons. Add shredded carrots, and that's the entire recipe.
That Dr Who spin off sounds interesting.