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Are leporines unique amongst mammals in having fully furred (and consequently 20% cuter) feet? I'm having difficulty coming up with other non-hooved mammalians that don't have pawpads.

I'm sort of randomly curious - how many times, if you're a furry, have you changed species, after you'd initially worked out what you were? Do you know why that happened? I'm more after complete switches, than tweaks or additions, like bringing in influences from another species, but I'd enjoy hearing about those changes too.

Poll #2020577 Species switching!

How many times have you switched species?

Never! Still the same.
Three times (must.. resist..)
More often

"On 3 September - four days after the next full moon - many of the world's leading experts in lycanthropy will gather at the University of Hertfordshire for the UK's only werewolf conference." "People have been fascinated by human-to-wolf transformations down the years, especially in film," says conference convener Dr Sam George. "Many remember Lon Chaney in Wolf Man or the cult classic An American Werewolf in London, which brought werewolves to contemporary audiences. But how many people actually know the different ways that you can become a werewolf according to folklore or that there were actually werewolf trials in France and Germany where people were hanged and found guilty of lycanthropy? At the conference we want to draw attention to these little-known facts and discuss the werewolf in all its many manifestations and cultural meanings."

"Fun" with telecomms: "Remember that vulnerability in the SS7 inter-carrier network that lets hackers and spies track your cellphone virtually anywhere in the world? It's worse than you might have thought. Researchers speaking to Australia's 60 Minutes have demonstrated that it's possible for anyone to intercept phone calls and text messages through that same network. So long as the attackers have access to an SS7 portal, they can forward your conversations to an online recording device and reroute the call to its intended destination. This helps anyone bent on surveillance, of course, but it also means that a well-equipped criminal could grab your verification messages (such as the kind used in two-factor authentication) and use them before you've even seen them." "The UK company Cobham sells a system that allows someone to send a "blind" call to a phone--one that doesn't ring, and isn't detectable. The blind call forces the phone to transmit on a certain frequency, allowing the sender to track that phone to within one meter. The company boasts government customers in Algeria, Brunei, Ghana, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United States. Defentek, a company mysteriously registered in Panama, sells a system that can "locate and track any phone number in the world...undetected and unknown by the network, carrier, or the target." It's not an idle boast; telecommunications researcher Tobias Engel demonstrated the same thing at a hacker conference in 2008. Criminals do the same today."

A cartoon on materialism, to the words of someone who owned only books, and a few clothes.

Some results from an early iOS 9 ad blocker, Crystal: "New York Times, Business Insider, Macworld, Wired, The Verge, PC Gamer, iMore, Kotatku, Huffington Post, Vice. On average, pages loaded 74% faster with Crystal and used 53% less bandwidth. Just by having Crystal installed, I saved a total of 70 seconds and 35MB of data on these 10 pages."

There'll be a Doctor Who miniatures game! And going by the quality of their Judge Dredd range of miniatures (and that's only the Justice Department!), there would definitely seem to be great potential. As with traditional gaming miniatures, they're supplied unpainted, so yours might not wind up looking quite the same. =:) And as they note, "The licence covers not just the latest series of Doctor Who but encompasses all of the Doctors, their companions and their foes. So, expect to see Sea Devils as much as Weeping Angels, Leela as much as Martha Jones, and a long, brightly coloured scarf as much as a fez (fezzes are cool, by the way...)"

Today I learned that the game of "Mumblety-peg" referenced in Shaenon Garrity's Perils of the Lady Gamer is indeed real. ^_^;

I've been reading through a thread on the iCar, and one side-discussion piqued my interest: that in a scenario with autonomous vehicles, the entire insurance situation could be quite different. As is, the risk is only quantifiable as a large pool, broken down into a few slices; with autonomous vehicles, your rate would be solely dependent on the vehicle model (other than mechanical failures), as you'd be out of the equation - any errors in judgement would be the result of the manufacturer's firmware.

Fun fact: within the White House press, the name badges read along the lines of "NBC News", "ABC News".. except for one outfit's, which read simply "Fox". ^_^
Never actually changed species as such — I had (and still have) different characters, though.

I most closely identify with my arctic wolf character, and considered him to be "me" for the longest time (my "personal furry", as it were; is that term still in use?), but it's worth noting that he started out as a character I played and a form (species etc.) I chose deliberately, while having been equally able to choose differently.

And I did, in a way; I had different forms on FurryMUCK, and an alt, and other characters still on other MUCKs, and non-MUCK characters on top of that, although my main character still stood out as being the one I most identified with, the one that very quickly was naturally "me", and whose name I started using everywhere (though it's worth noting the name itself goes further back).

The association's become looser again. "Using" a character as your personal furry is a bit like wearing a mask. It can fit loosely and come off often and easily, or it can fit snug and hardly ever come off at all, but either it's still a mask, something you're wearing, not something you are. For me, it's not wholly inconceivable I might eventually step back far enough from this particular character to start using another as my primary "fursona" — to take off that mask and put on another, as it were.

But if I did, I myself wouldn't change, species-wise or otherwise, anymore than I'd be if I wore a different set of clothes (granted, we don't usually attach THIS much significance to those), or a different fursuit. It's fun to play another role, to be someone else for a while, but deep down, you'll always remain you.
Are leporines unique amongst mammals in having fully furred (and consequently 20% cuter) feet?

Arctic wolves have fur on the undersides of their paws IIRC, but don't quote me on that — ask L. David Mech or so, he should know for sure. :)

Fun fact: within the White House press, the name badges read along the lines of "NBC News", "ABC News".. except for one outfit's, which read simply "Fox". ^_^

Hah, I like that.
Ahh, there's a thought - if anyone would, it'd be the very cold climate sorts. Though not with polar bears, but I suppose they've got plenty of volume to keep the precious heat inside, let alone that remarkable fur. (Do I recall something about lynx thereabouts having furred feet? I'll see if I can check that out too)

If only the White House press podium could have a sign visible only to the Fox camera: "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY". =:)
Or at the next dinner, they could invite some representatives of The Onion, and have them share their own table with the Fox guys. :P
Arctic foxes also have furred soles. Their species name is lagopus (rabbit-foot) but the genus name keeps changing Alopex, Canis, now Vulpes.  As far as I'm concerned, they are members of the extended dog family, canids but not canines.
They'll always be alopex lagopus to me. :) And neat, I didn't know that!
In First Wave fandom, I never really had a "furry persona" as they were known then, but I guess I identified most with my lapine FM char Lop, an anthro plush bunny. OTOH, my present cervine self is a bona fide fursona that emerged fully formed when I returned to fandom in 2008. So technically I've only ever had one real fursona, but answered that I changed species once just to better reflect my personal furry evolution. *whew!*
"First Wave"? This is an unfamiliar distinction to me - perhaps somewhere pre-2000 or so, as the web surged into everyday consciousness? (Not that it was new then, of course!)

Heh. I suppose I sort of went in the other direction, winding up with snowshoe hare, although as I noted at the time (I should check when that actually was.. sometime around 2007?), it'd been something definitely within me for a good while before. And if aliens descended upon the Earth, zapping everyone into other species, if the bunny quota was already filled, I'd be quite happy as a red panda.

Much, I suppose, as you'd long had the deer inside, starting with a certain animated character. ^_^

I should check up on FM and FT, if either or both are still going. I'd be so rusty, though - last time I was on any MU*s was somewhere around 1998, I think. I wonder if they purge the accounts now and then.. I don't think we ever did on FT or BD2, given there wasn't really anything to be gained in doing so, versus the ease of simply keeping them around if required again. But, I could be mistaken.
First Wave (1980s-c1999): The FIJADH era: ConFurence only, comic books, fanzines, traditional art, APAs, IRC/MUCKs, a.f.f, filks, median age closer to 30. Second Wave: The FIAWOL era (2000-present): Cons worldwide, lifestylers, fursonas, fursuits, digital art, LJ/Twitter/Facebook, raves, median age closer to 20.

tl;dr - Basically the terms delineate the many distinct changes in furry fandom that took place right around the turn of the century.

First Wave/Second Wave not my terminology, though. See here:


Edited at 2015-08-25 10:36 pm (UTC)
Ahh! Okay, that sort of jells, yes. Way back when there was basically one furcon! *giggle* It's easy to miss that, of course - it provided a focus, so if someone was making it along to a con, you'd get to meet pretty much everyone there. 'Course, now, it means folk don't have to make epic journeys to get to enjoy a con, let alone the size of an event that actually gathered every fur in one place.. we'd make Anime Expo look modestly proportioned. ^_^

I think I'd remove fursuits as a distinction, though - they've always been popular, right from the outset of "modern furrydom". 'Course, I might be biased. =:)
The furry fandom has certainly changed, but to neatly divide it into two "waves" is to both oversimplify and exaggerate. There's always been change, not just around the turn of the century; and it's always been gradual.

Terms like "first wave" just invite folks who've been around longer to feel superior for being able to out-hipster their peers.
Re: fursuits, sure, they've been around from the start. But think back - what was the percentage of people who had them in the '90s? Maybe 1 in 50? Today it's more like 1 in 10. In the old days, the costumes were kind of a side show. Now they are very much front and center.

Recall that purity movement - the Burned Furs? I remember there were some that actually wanted to ban fursuits at CF. They insisted "CF is not a damned fashion show!" and "Furry is NOT about costumes! It's about the ART!" (Of course completely neglecting the fact that costume making IS very much an art!)

But yeah, it's a matter of emphasis. Fursuits used to be a novelty; a curiosity. Now they are mainstream in fandom, and ubiquitous.
I wonder if I was 'second wave' furry? I didn't even have a fursona for a few years. It gave me time to figure out who I was, I guess, and so I've stuck with my golden retriever since then.

I'm starting to identify with boars, lately, so I was thinking of having a sexier version of myself that's a retriever/boar cross, but I've still got to work out the details.
Oh, that's probably fairly normal. I actually sort of half-latched onto an insectoid first, from another ADF book, Truzenzuzex. ^_^ But it wasn't really for me. Might be fun to try out as a secondary character on SL, though insectoid species remain a bit scarce even there - I know there's quite a cute moth, and I've seen someone on SLU with a sort of mantis-like av.

I'm not familiar with the "wave" distinction - what's the first/second wave? (And now my brain goes waltzing off, wondering about a variant of Particle Man involving Wave Man this time around..)

Absolutely nothing wrong with goldies. ^_^ Had one as a companion for several years, in fact - softest, most mellow sort you could meet, though he would be a bit protective if he caught a hedgehog, which somehow he'd insist wasn't uncomfortable at all. O.o; (Those always took some freeing, thankfully not often!)

Hm! Boar's certainly not a type I've come across often in furrydom. Could be worth commissioning a piece or two from artists you like!
Dunno, that person above mentioned it and got me thinking. A lot of the first furries ("furres"?) on the internet didn't think to create some kind of furry persona. Nowadays, you've got kids just throwing up whatever they feel like at the moment. The culture is being really standardized and fluid.

I was really into lizards, dinosaurs, and dragons when I was younger, so I'm kind of surprised I didn't end up a scaly! I think around that time I just felt more in tune with fluffy things.
The Watership Down fandom pre-dated furry for me, so I've been a bunny the whole time. These days, I spend more time represented by my ponysona than my fursona, but I don't really think of it as furry -- though it is -- so I've stuck to the "Never" option. =:)

I played Mumblety-peg a couple of times at school. By then (early 1990s) carrying even a small knife around was distinctly frowned upon, though not with quite such intensity as it is today, so we played with dividers. Not quite as dangerous, as long as your shoes were in a good state. Still very much against school rules, though!
I had to chuckle at that white house press tag :D

....grew up with cats, love cats, was a cat, maybe till somewhere in my 20s...
Eventually got enchanted with some animation art that led me toward the cartoon eagle, .. and not many smiles beat that wide n wonderful big beaky smile... ^v^
I marked "never", but on a technicality: You specifically asked for "after you'd initially worked out what you were" and that took me a while. Since I came to furry via #Watertower and Animaniacs/Tiny Toons fandom, I was a jackrabbit for a brief confused three day period, then thought about it and swapped to "cartoon north american red squirrel".

And thus I have remained, although I've rather faded from red to pink.
Have you seen the Dr. Who Risk? It looks pretty cool. The thing is, I really hate Risk. I've never been able to do well at it, for me it's too much a luck component with the dice for my taste.

Yeah, that SS7 vulnerability is quite something. Add to that the exploits against Android phones with just a text message, and the world is truly a mess.

My walled garden is quite pretty, but I still keep an eye out.