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Just a microentry for the moment. ^_^; I'm desperately behind with LJ at the moment, as I've been busy with rabbiteering since Monday, when I collected the lens rental I committed to back in February: a Nikkor 200-400mm f/4. Not exactly the best time for that to come about, but it did coincide, today, with the first day of the 2015 Royal International Air Tattoo.

I'm looking forward to seeing how a couple shots in particular turned out. ^_^ The day started off rather glum, but finished on a thoroughly summery note. Highlights: Osprey, A400M, Red Arrows, Battle of Britain tribute, the French team's Mirages, and the magnificent Vulcan, sadly only on display today (frustratingly, that was the craft I was aiming to see - originally, it had been due to fly on Friday only, but that changed later, once weekend tickets had sold out). I'm no military sort by any means, but the craft are - well, it's a heavily overused word, but, sometimes, "awesome" actually is fitting. ^_^ BTW, if you're an avgeek, RIAT are making live streams available for a modest fee, should you not be able to be there in person.

I did have to be a little mindful of the battery, I realised - but I seemed to be going through it at about the right proportion, given the flying hours. I hadn't quite realised how well it turned out until the end - 1% charge remaining, 1,879 photographs taken. =:D (I don't have a spare battery - in a very good afternoon's rabbiteering, I might wind up with around 300-400 shots. But here too, so much of the time, you've just got to try for the moment, and once in a while, something special emerges =:)

BTW, I can highly recommend RIAT with a supertelephoto as a great form of exercise. ^_^;

I'm not sure when I'll be able to catch up with LJ, but I know I need to. Possibly Sunday, as the weather everywhere looks like being dull, else Tuesday or Wednesday - I'll be dropping the lens off on Tuesday afternoon.

Otherwise, not a huge amount of news. But I'm doing what I can to change that. =:)
Not to worry... wishing you the very best with these busy days! *hugglefeathers*
Thankfully, there's a bit of an early break in it. ^_^; I'd headed down to the old bunspot, only to find the field fairly overgrown with various wildflowers and suchlike, and nary a tufty tail in sight. *sigh* Still, a trio did parade around a little, giving me at least some opportunity for some potentially quite cute portraits, and a boid was plucking cottony tufts out of a seeding flower, which might have resulted in a good moment or two, so, not a complete bust. The clouds arrived not long after I abandoned the scene, so I suppose I didn't miss too much anyway. =:/

Tomorrow looks like it could be quite sunny, though, so I'll give the local buns a try, and either head back early if they're taking the day off, or hang around if they're feeling feisty. ^_^

And I must get the RIAT photos sorted soon, and upload a couple highlights, like two of the Red Arrows a tiny moment after passing each other, and a pair of Mirages getting very friendly. =:)
You don't have a spare battery. *sigh* You need to take care of that, especially for big events! Still, 1800 images on one charge is all sorts of awesome!

I actually had the battery on my 6D fail in Dresden. I had the GPS turned on and it added additional power suck. (gotta remember to turn that off) Fortunately my 6D was equipped with my 17-40 and mainly being used indoors and I had my Lumix for 24-105 and it wasn't much of an inconvenience. I was much more fanatical about 'all batteries fully charged every night' after that. The problem was that the ship claimed to have 110VAC in every room, what they didn't say was that it was one outlet in the bathroom and it didn't work right. I bought one adapter and could muddle through.

I don't know if I've mentioned this to you, but there used to be a Vulcan at the (former) Strategic Air Command museum outside Lincoln, Nebraska. It was some 14 years ago that I saw it there, so no guarantees it's still there.
Thing is, even the busiest of rabbiteering days only ever sees maybe 400 shots at most! That said, I do tend to keep AF busy, sometimes tracking particular buns, if it loos like they've got something in mind - AF and metering goes through power surprisingly quickly, versus the act of actually taking the shot. It couldn't hurt to have a spare, though, just in case.

Ah, yes, GPS can be quite a drain - I recall as much on the iPhone 3G especially.

Ack! Not a shaver outlet? Though they're maybe more of a UK thing - no outlets in bathrooms, except for shaver outlets, good for quite low power draw, based on double isolated transformers, seemingly always offering 220 and 110.

I'm half tempted to try getting along to somewhere near the base to watch most of the craft departing, possibly including the Vulcan, but I'd need to research how feasible that'd actually be. And, importantly, how to actually get there, given the shuttle bus won't be running outside the event itself. Ah well. Maybe it'll fly one last time, at another event.