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I'm curious to see the results here. ^_^

Poll #2016086 Moving experiences

How often have you moved home?


How many countries has all that covered?


US only: how many states has that covered?

Once when I was very little, of which I remember nothing, and then lots of moves around south London, every one of which has made me want to kill myself because it would be by far the easier option. I don't LIKE moving; it brings me face to face with the huge quantity of unnecessary stuff I own.

Edited at 2015-07-05 07:09 pm (UTC)
But if the move is to somewhere you're really looking forward to.. ?

Mmmm, definitely. *sigh* I really need to go through everything in my room, and toss as much as I can. I actually need so much less - just all the stuff in the three big storage boxes, f'rex. What need do I have of any of it, when I've barely opened any of those boxes in the last year?

Maybe I'll post lists in future entries, asking folks to send along postage and an optional extra for anything they're interested in, although I'm not sure how much demand there'd be for, say, a mostly complete Wallstreet needing a new PMU, or a 40-year old book on endocrinology I picked up at the exchange library in the Raven, back in Bath. (You're encouraged to either leave books, or make a charitable donation. Really good pub, definitely - if you ever have the good fortune to find yourself in that neck of the woods, I can happily recommend the Raven, the Salamander (just up the road), and the Bell, which does a very good line in live music, a few times a week.

I'm also (tentatively) pondering what I'll bring with me for the next move. That'll necessarily be limited, so, perhaps a very good thing just in that regard, let alone being a locale I feel so at home in. Though I might look into the cost of freighting a crate, given I'd like to bring Red along, and that'd be one baggage item by itself. =:/
Even if it's a good move, I find the preamble so stressful I'd give anything not to do it. Then it takes yonks for the new place to feel like home. Ugh.

Are you in a position to store stuff with family? That avenue closed to me when my mum sold my parents' old house, and I had to make Hard Decisions on a lot of my childhood possessions. My extensive collection of Biggles books is still at my boyfriend's, awaiting a time when I have room for it again :(
I'm only listing after college. During college and before there's a bunch more.
Oh! I'd meant everything. ^_^ (Though I suppose I've still racked up a fair few since graduation..)
*snicker* I first read the question as moving 'back' home. The above replies showed me my error.

Anyway, I also only listed moves as an adult, after college: there were three moves as a child, covering three states. College was in-state, but I lived on campus.

We've been in our current house since 1986, but the property has been 'in the family' since 1967. Conservative bunny that I am, I've no desire to move from here.
Ah, I can see there's scope for misinterpretation, indeed. It might explain how dagoski hasn't move home, but has covered 3-5 states in doing so. ^_^;

Mm, I can see that - if you're comfortable where you are, there's no need to move further, modulo the needs of employment.
(Deleted comment)
Coo! That's quite a few, and not exactly just within one bit of the country. Do you have any particular favorites out of all of them? (I do like the sound of "Bee Caves" =:)

Of course, you know which is my favorite. ^_^ Though if it had to be something else, I hear plenty of good things about Austin.

BTW, have you had much/any chance to indulge your photographic creative side lately? I'm always up for seeing more of the City. ^_^ (That said, I know I don't take many photos out and about - I always feel like such a tourist =:)
My moving history:
Hamilton Ontario Canada
Novato, CA USA
San Rafael, CA
Sausalito, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Los Gatos, CA
back to Hamilton during 2001 when the economy died
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Sterling, VA USA
Winnipeg again
Ashburn, VA
Leesburg, VA
Grass Valley, CA
Mountain View, CA
Hamilton again
Toronto, CA