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This is, I will admit, part of why I so love coming to this particular place. Even in the heat of a busy beer festival, I'm almost completely left to myself - people don't believe a section of the pub that isn't filled is open to the public. ^_^

I shall not disabuse them of their perception. =:)

That, and the unique offerings. There's little better than an experiment from Brooklyn that yielded an unearthly hue, and an incomparable, wonderful flavor profile, never to be known personally beyond a few dozen people. =:) (Not that I intended it that way - I just happened to strike unlucky with my selections a few times, leading the manager to offer something from his selection instead. Brooklyn know their stuff, unquestionably - but take their amber, and age it over white wine lees..)
This sounds like a beer festival I need to attend ^^
*grin* It's my special little spot. ^_^ Even when everywhere else in the pub is rammed, the dining room will tend to be nice and quiet.

And the star of the festival, for me, had to be Goose Island's superb Bourbon County Stout, although that double IPA had such a lovely hop nature to it - almost floral. And it doesn't hurt that the staff recognise me, so the service tends to be really good. ^_^

You might want to go along to their Barleywine & Old Ale Festival, in late November - those aren't styles one tends to find all that easily, let alone a couple dozen of them, from around the country. ^_^ 'Course, I may well not be able to make it this year, if the move takes place as hoped, but there'll be consolations. =:)