The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit (porsupah) wrote,
The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

Peace amongst the storm

This is, I will admit, part of why I so love coming to this particular place. Even in the heat of a busy beer festival, I'm almost completely left to myself - people don't believe a section of the pub that isn't filled is open to the public. ^_^

I shall not disabuse them of their perception. =:)

That, and the unique offerings. There's little better than an experiment from Brooklyn that yielded an unearthly hue, and an incomparable, wonderful flavor profile, never to be known personally beyond a few dozen people. =:) (Not that I intended it that way - I just happened to strike unlucky with my selections a few times, leading the manager to offer something from his selection instead. Brooklyn know their stuff, unquestionably - but take their amber, and age it over white wine lees..)
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