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shatterstripes has a comic up, on the theme of last Friday's equality ruling - it's as beautifully playful as you'd expect. ^_^ (It wouldn't work well inlined, as it's very tall)

As you may have read, Sir Nicholas Winton died recently, at 106, responsible for saving 669 children from the Nazis on eight trains he arranged out of Prague as World War 2 loomed. "Sir Nicholas brought the children to Britain, battling bureaucracy at both ends, saving them from almost certain death, and then kept quiet about his exploits for a half-century." There's a statue in his memory at Maidenhead station, a quiet memorial to a selfless individual.

Friday saw me going underground, into parts of Charing Cross not meant for mortal eyes. Or at least, only TfL employees. Part of the tour showed off the Jubilee line, which terminated there originally. Now the line heads off slightly differently, that portion of the station (and the line) is kept aside for storing trains awaiting busy periods, training, and experimenting with new station features - and the occasional film shoot. If you see a Tube station on the big screen, or TV, there's a fair chance it was there, as with the platform scene in Skyfall. Another part of the tour took us into a service tunnel that passes underneath Trafalgar Square - and ye gods, that tunnel was so blessedly cool. ^_^ And concluding, a ventilation shaft. =:D And if you look up, you'll see where James Bond clambered out to the surface, also in Skyfall. ^_^

Apple Music - hm! Interesting. I signed up for the three month free trial as soon as iOS 8.4 had finished installing, so there's some time to really see how it holds up under extended usage. So far, I've only given it a kick around the virtual tires - the Dance stream is rather more diverse than I'd expected, as is Electronic, so I'll likely be revisiting them on occasion. Beats 1 I'm really enjoying so far - it's easy to tell the DJs involved really love what they're doing. If your musical tastes are reasonably eclectic, you might quite like it. And no ads at all! So I don't find myself constantly hopping channels to avoid those (of which there is usually a very small number, too). Will I actually subscribe when the trial ends? Difficult to say - Beats 1 is free anyway, so it rests on whether I wind up finding their suggestions useful or not, and end up exploring the catalogue available.

I was hardly his audience, but, I was saddened nonetheless to learn of Doug Winger's death. (h/t schnee)

If you're in need of a seriously fun platformer (and have polished off Leo's Fortune =:), you really should take a look at Picomy/Sega's new iOS release, Heroki. Gorgeous!

Ye gods and little fishes, but Firestone's Wookey Jack DIPA is a thing of beauty! It's a dark IPA, with a quite distinctive hop nature, quite floral, fairly bitter, but still nicely complemented by the malt. And they have Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout on tap, courtesy of FedEx, straight from the brewery - the first time it's been available thusly in the UK, apparently. It's fairly amazing bottled, so I'm going to have to take advantage of this opportunity. ^_^ [ETA: O.o;; It's.. well, I can only really encourage anyone with it available in their locality to try it as soon as they can. It's a supremely well balanced stout, with hefty malt, a noticeable hoppiness, and a resultant flavor that's sort of like the best chocolate ice cream you could dream of. It's not something to approach lightly, however, at a little over 14%, but you'll be so glad you took the chance!]

And I pretty much need to wrap up with a simple shot from yesterday. I was wandering up the footpath on my usual rabbiteering circuit, and noticed what definitely looked like a bun, right on the path. Checking through the viewfinder confirmed definite bunnitude. ^_^ Gratifyingly, they were quite fine with me gradually approaching them, providing I remained sensibly quiet (they appreciate that, as do I =:), and wound up with a framing I'm actually quite happy with, them surrounded by the path's enthusiastic growth, with even a bit of an illuminated backdrop. The star, however, remains my cooperative model. ^_^

Well, from the 1600x1065 picture I could get from Flickr, it looks like your camera is at least 1.65 MP!

(Honestly, can I get a full-size image from you? I'd be interested in seeing how modern real cameras compare to the phone images.)
*giggle* Definitely at least that. ^_^ I'll get something sorted out.

It'd also be worth considering some other low light moments from that outing, of course. It's admittedly impressive how well some of the shots from the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular turned out - they expressly prohibited ILCs, but as we were at the front, even the phone could capture some fairly okay shots. ^_^
Cool photo! And at ISO 1800, no less. I like the sharp focus on the bunny and only that area.
It was certainly challenging to acquire good focus, with so many distractions for the AF system. It does perform reasonably well, but I do rather wish I had at least one very fine AF point. (Ideally, one I could tell "no, really, I actually don't mind if you don't focus on that stalk of grass just to the side" =:)

It's almost scary, how sensitive current sensors are. ^_^ Absolutely, if pushing the ceilings, the shot will have plenty of noise - but it can still be a perfectly good shot, even at 6400 and beyond. And it'll only get better!

I do need to see if I can afford to get back down to my original rabbiteering spot again, sometime soon - they do, of course, tend to be a touch shy when presented with such sunny days, but there, they did tend to get out and about regardless, knowing their position was fairly safe, the odd fox notwithstanding. Possibly in the next week or two - back in February, I committed to a week's rental of a Nikkor 200-400mm f/4, as the company involved was running a half price special on any bookings. I'm keen to get a bit of a feel for how that lens performs, as well as using it for the Royal International Air Tattoo, which this year will apparently see the final flights of the last Vulcan. I'm no military sort, but even I'll admit to a sense of awe on seeing that aircraft.
Alas, a few deaths in this posting... but tiz good to acknowledge...

And such a nice picture of bunbun in between the plants.... :}

Good hopes for the new ad-free Apple thing... I hope they let it last!
Mm, it's never easy to acknowledge such departures, but someone like Nicholas Winton deserves respect. For all the hideousness humanity inflicts on itself, there remain defenders of what makes life truly worth living.

I must see if I can get back down to the original bunspot sometime while this "summer" thing persists. =:)

I'm really liking Beats 1 so far. It does lose me when it heads into "urban" territory, but I can't mind - it might not be my kind of track, but they're still helping shine a light on undiscovered talents. It's really pretty cool. ^_^
I was hardly his audience, but, I was saddened nonetheless to learn of Doug Winger's death.

I didn't know about that, and like you I wasn't his audience... but his was a name everyone knew, and one of the few furry artists I remember from my early days in the fandom, back when VCL was the place to look for art. Always sad when someone so influential dies.
I think what helped, for me, was he always had a good sense of humor about it all. ^_^ He knew how silly it all was, and had fun with it.

Ah, the days of VCL! And before it, tezuka.rest.ri.cmu.edu.. ah, the simplicity of just being able to fetch the few new submissions with a simple mget. ^_^