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It's been a few years now since I ran a camera poll, so.. ^_^

Poll #2015442 Cameras You Have Known and Loved

What kind of camera(s) do you use primarily?

MILC (eg Micro Four-Thirds. Nikon 1)
SLR (film)
Other (please say what!)

What camera(s) do you use at all?


Are you considering a DSLR or MILC in the future?

Very likely
Already an owner

In a demonstration of one of the reasons I'll never have anything to do with Facebook, here's the story of someone whose name was deemed not real enough to use there. But, real enough to work there..

Any net.radio recommendations? I have a few stations in my iTunes sidebar, and they're mostly pretty good (though some do seem to have relatively thin playlists) - but the amount of advertising absolutely grates. I'd like to be able to listen for a while, not have to hop stations every other track. For that matter, how do subscription-based offerings like Spotify fare in that regard? I'll be taking advantage of the Beats 1 trial when the station goes live tomorrow, assuming they don't geolock it down.

Here's a game I stumbled upon on TouchArcade the other day: Furdemption, a puzzler in which you have to guide a royal rabbit out of Hell. ^_^ Now, true, I will confess to a degree of bias, but they are very cutely animated, although I'm playing quite cautiously, as I don't ever want to find out what becomes of them if I fall into the lava. ^_^; You can see the game in action over here.

So, a few mini-reactions to recent-ish MLP eps:

Appleoosa's Most Wanted: thoroughly enjoyed. But then, who couldn't enjoy a theme of finding their true selves?
Make New Friends but Keep Discord: enjoyed, although I wasn't sure I quite bought into Discord's jealousy. I do want to see more of Tree Hugger. ^_^
The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: much better than I'd expected. I was pleased to see Gilda return, and become rather more rounded in nature. Maybe not the most subtle of writing, but still, I was happy to see Gilda happy. ^_^
Slice of Life: invasion of the comics! =:D Absolutely brilliant. I've long felt we could do with seeing more of the "minor" characters, and this delivered in spades. I only wish they'd had David Tennant voice Doctor Whooves. =:)

Who else is using Safari as a primary browser? I'm wondering if it's normal for switching between tabs, and switching from another application to Safari, or away from it, to take a noticeable amount of time - up to a second or two. Feels like something's amiss, though I'm not sure what it could be - it's a fairly stock installation, with only AdBlock and Disconnect extensions enabled. Hmm. Well, if I turn extensions off completely, then back on.. it's speedy again. O.o
I put phone and unlikely since I can't afford film and developing for my LC-A+, and I put unlikely since I can't afford a nice digital. hehe just a phone photo hipster. =:P
Ah, things can change. ^_^ FSM knows it can be difficult, but.. worthwhile. Still, I've yet to conclusively nail down my return to the Bay, but I'm doing all I can to make it happen, given the odd circumstances this time around, with the prospect of a visa, and no job to go to. =:/

Might a used D90 be within feasibility? They're pretty cheap these days, and whilst the resolution's lower than its successors, it remains a very strong contender, with the little niceties that set it above its newer low-end cousins, notably two control wheels (great for nimbly hopping around shutter speed and aperture combinations when the weather keeps changing, or the buns are in and out of shadow), AF motor, and flash commander.

Phones can take surprisingly good shots now. ^_^ Indeed, Apple even had a recent campaign, "Shot on iPhone 6", with plenty of genuinely good photographs. Of course, they'd be better yet if they'd reverse the daft trend toward high pixel counts for specs' sake, and just offer a really good 2MP than a mushy 8MP, but so it goes. Still fairly amazing, given the tiny sensor sizes involved, versus even APS-C, let alone "full frame".
I've not looked at digital cameras in ages so I'm mot too sure. Maybe around the holidays I might take a look. idk. I have the iPhone 5, not the 6. It does ok for a point and shoot. I think of it as a Kodak Disc camera. lol
In a dream world with affordable film I'd want a nice Rolleiflex and piles and piles of 120 film.
In a dream world of digital I'd totally get a Leica Monocrom as it shoots so much like film.
Maybe I'll go day down and day dream.
Ah, okies. ^_^ Not sure how the iPhone cameras have progressed, actually - might be quite an interesting comparison, now I think about it. Mine's a 5s, so probably very similar. ^_^ I was quite surprised how wrll it handled at the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, where they specifically forbade any interchangeable lens cameras. =:P Though, being right at the front helped. =:) (I need to upload a photo or two from the occasion.. and indeed, from the Steam on the Underground event, too!)

I admit, I'd probably find film a bit of a faff, TBH - on a busy rabbiteering day, I can go through 200-300 exposures (not so much here, sadly; more the original spot, a couple hours away, so I only get down there once in a while). In a studio setting, though.. ah, indeed, portrait photography is something I'd love to become familiar with. I really enjoy the way good portrait 'togs can see how someone's face looks and works, and imagine the lighting that can work to best bring their real nature out. People are fascinating, but I'm a very shy sort. =:/
I'd broadly agree with those MLP episode assessments. "Slice of Life" in particular was enormous fun. I doubt it would work twice, but it certainly worked once! Special Agent Sweetie Drops was probably my favourite bit. =:)
Oh, Bon Bon's revelation was an absolute hoot. =:D

Of course, we know the comics aren't canon, but now they've said that in the actual series.. oh, please let there be continuity in a future episode! ^_^

It truly was an inspired idea. ^_^ There are so many fun, minor characters - I'd love to see a bit more of them, Lyra and "Bon Bon" especially. And how about a bit more of the Ponyville Spa ponies? (Ah, that Glitter Shell PMV was such a joy.. if they could ever make that canon, I'd be so delighted)
Just as long as they don't invalidate all my fanfics and headcanons, I'll be happy. =;)

Also, the coming episode (12) looks interesting for certain background ponies. I'll say no more!
I used Safari a lot a few years ago, until I found out it was lying about deleting private information when "clearing all" ... it still keeps most of it, which I discovered going thru hidden files! ;P
... so I pretty much do not use it at all now.

I'd love to see photo link examples of all of those camera types (indicating your favorite of each kind) :> ..only if ya have time tho!

I used to listen to a LOT of internet radio.... and then there was the big uproar and royalty stuff was bandied about, and some complied and some didn't and some were exempted and some just quit... and others started charging fees for out-of-the-area listeners... and alas, that's what happened to one of my favorite stations.

iTunes does have a pretty good selection, but I haven't gotten to explore it much.. and then there's Pandora, LastFM, Live365, Spotify, Rhapsody, .... lots!.... ^v^ *fuzzles yer fur* .. You have any favorites?
p.s. my favorite reliable and great picture cam for the last few years is the Canon Elph .... before that I used the Nikon F system (film).