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The big news, of course, is Friday's SCOTUS ruling: marriage equality covers the entire US now. "The Supreme Court on Friday delivered a historic victory for gay rights, ruling 5 to 4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where they live and that states may no longer reserve the right only for heterosexual couples." I know I'm hardly the first person to note this, but WTH. I want these photos and tweets in my LiveJournal, as a record. ^_^ (h/t drhoz)

(Note: the text is a parody account tweet! But WTH =:)

And how did the news reach the world? Well, even now, SCOTUS rulings are only made available on paper, in person - so, the interns have an opportunity to break the news first to their respective broadcasters, in the Running of the Interns.

That news, in combination with how the rest of Friday went for me (noted in a friends-only entry, out of professional necessity), made for a very happy Friday indeed. ^_^

Lesser known marine careers, from Robot Hugs.

Ooh, that works! Take a bottle of Pimm's cider, but add a shot or two of Heston's Earl Grey & Lemon Gin to the glass first, then add the cider. The gin plays beautifully with the Pimm's fruitiness, gently but clearly enhancing its nature.

Some more tidbits about Project Sansar, Linden Lab's next world, were revealed recently, including word that it's currently running around 75fps, with the intent of 90fps, for better use on VR headsets; the terrain will be voxel based; accounts will have a two-tier structure, finally - you'll have one account with the Lab, and then your in-world accounts will all be linked off that.

I rather like this Wondermark take on inheritance. I'd be okay with an exception for housing - everyone needs a place to live, even if the late 20th century saw houses become increasingly merely a financial instrument, with the consequence of absurd inflation. (And heaven forfend we stop just ploughing down nature reserves and old forests to build new houses, when there's such a vast number already there, sitting unoccupied, as a direct consequence of treating housing as such)

If you ever wondered if you're in the wrong profession.. "Cum For Bigfoot was Virginia Wade’s first foray into monster porn, otherwise known as “cryptozoological erotica.” According to her website, Wade (a pseudonym) first “dipped her toes” in the increasingly lucrative industry of self-published smut with titles like Stacy and the Boys and Seducing Jennifer (later retitled, for those lacking imagination, Jennifer’s Anal Seduction). But Cum For Bigfoot outsold all of Wade’s other erotica, earning her up to $30,000 a month through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. So she kept churning out Sasquatch stories, publishing a total of 16 books in the Cum for Bigfoot series."

Have a random time-lapse Bigfoot painting of an adorable nature. ^_^
RH is a pretty cool strip overall. ^_^ It certainly can be quite weighty at times, so it's worth bearing that in mind when bringing it up in one's RSS reader or suchlike, but I'm pleased to have discovered it recently. (Via SLU, I think)

Oh, I'm sure of it - $30k/mo is very good going for even a mainstream, well-known author. Still, it's amusing. ^_^ I'd like to find out more about realistic earnings - not so much out of a desire to write erotica myself, as I doubt I'd be any good at it, but to get a bit of a feel for what kind of money is available. I imagine it's a lot like other media adventures - if you can become known, one way or another, you can potentially do very well indeed, but that it's a constant struggle for most, whether considering apps, music, or writing.
I'd imagine that's what it is, yes. I've got friends who're trying to make a living as writers, and though they're good, they're not necessarily successful, or if they are, then not wildly so. It's a constant battle, and if you want to make a lot of money, it's the wrong profession; you should only become a writer if that's your calling, and if you're content with either working in a bread-and-butter job on the side, or simply not earning a lot.