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Philae is awake! Now, it's a matter of gradually re-establishing better contact, whilst maintaining a guarded distance, so as not to expose Rosetta to the comet's dusty expulsions.

And in preparation for the July 14 encounter of New Horizons with Pluto, the Sky Safari devs have released Pluto Safari for free, for iOS and Android.

Wow. So the Wachowski/Straczynski co-production Sense8 finally materialised recently! I've only seen the first episode so far, and I'm loving it. The breadth and scope of the storyline and characters is something you'll rarely find. (And if I spent more time actually watching TV, I know next up would be Wayward Pines, as so eloquently reviewed by jakebe. As is, I'm still only about halfway through the first seasons of Orange is the New Black and Extant, and have four unwatched episodes of MLP in the queue, not counting today's)

Snicker of the week, courtesy of austin_dern, with a touch of rollercoaster irony.

Here's a remarkable little rambling article on the science of water - why is it "wet", what is ice, why does it behave as it does? Very geeky, yet highly readable - the work of someone who thoroughly, deeply understands their field.

Another weather forecasting site of some use: forecast.io. I can't speak of the quality of the forecasts, having only just discovered it, but the data visualisations are good, though not quite up to the standard of MeteoGroup's WeatherProHD for iPad. (I pay quite a bit of attention to the weather forecasts, trying to gauge when the cloud cover will be patchy or light enough for good rabbiteering - of course, their idea of good weather is not usually in line with what can yield good photographs =:)

Quote of the year, from aurifer: 'In 2004, Manitoba finally passed a bill for gay marriage. Chris and Richard and two other couples were the first to receive their marriage licenses. A little over ten years later, one of these older lesbians was telling a younger girl (niece? Friend's daughter?) that she was going off to attend a gay wedding. The girl said, "No one calls them 'gay weddings' anymore. They're just 'weddings'."'

How about a glimpse into a world imagined by rav_bunneh?

In response to "couple in Canberra threatens to divorce" in protest at marriage equality, SBS announces Same Sex Couple Threaten Not To Give A Shit If Other Couple Divorces. =:D
Glad you liked my WindSeeker picture. I do del a bit of nerdy compulsion to point out it's not a roller coaster, but is rather an elevated swing ride. The swings go really quite high up, about 300 feet, which is disturbing even before you hear about how buggy the first season of the ride was. (It had a little getting-stuck-at-the-top problem, and it's hard to evacuate people from a stopped swing 300 feet in the air.)
Aaah! Okay, that makes sense, whilst not subtracting from the irony. ^_^ (I recall your disdain for emoticons et al - I hope you don't hold that against me)

I think I'd probably have to give it a try regardless. It's been too long since I enjoyed serious rides.. still, perhaps that'll be changing this Autumn.

Thinking of which, might you and bun have any plans to head west in October or November?
Yeah, there's a Facebook page about that couple in Canberra, said page has 150,000 people pledging to party if the couple divorces. I think that's awesome.

I also loved the 'they just call them weddings' now.
Ha! Brilliant. ^_^ I was wondering if that might set some kind of largest party record, when I thought of Rio's Carnival.. still, it would surely be something magnificent to behold, regardless. =:)

The trend's clearly in favor of equality, with the obvious caveats in certain hotter parts of the world. Still a very long way to go, of course, but with resistance largely being religiously based, and the global trend similarly tending toward secularism and non-evangelical faiths, I'm hopeful we are, in general, moving forward toward increased liberalism and tolerance, xenophobia notwithstanding.