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I have nothing in particular to write about, but I'm going to do so anyway. =:)

I woke up at the crack of noon, with the sun beaming away outside. Checked my usual comics roster, and headed downstairs to make something lunchlike, which turned out to be a sort of ersatz biryani, incorporating chicken & pesto sausages cut up, smoked haddock, and prawns, along with asparagus and leek, spiced with some Berbere mix, chipotle paste, garlic paste, and oyster sauce.

With the weather so good, I was obliged to go rabbiteering. It seemed like a slow day, until I sat down by one of my usual spots, checked email, and when I looked around, a black bun was looking cautiously at me, some 20' away. Moving slowly to raise the camera, they didn't flinch, and instead, made their way toward and under the gate. Once "outside", they lay down. Even with me taking photos of them, quite obviously seen by them, they let me continue. I feel rather proud of being considered unthreatening by a bunny. ^_^ At that range, they more than filled the field of view I had - this may be the first time I'll be attempting a panoramic stitch of a rabbit. =:D

Eventually, it was time for them to find something to eat, making for some potentially quite appealing close-up shots of leporine dining, including a quite wide-open mouth. ^_^

And now, back at one of my favorite watering holes, enjoying a pint of a superb Milk Stout from Red Squirrel, out in the back yard. Bright, warm sun, other folk all around at their tables, and with what should be a magnificent Autumn ahead of me (and hopefully not a bad Summer either!).. maybe things really are, finally, all coming together.
Chicken and pesto sausage sounds ace! (I have just enjoyed a tin of herring in pineapple sauce, from ALDI, with sweet potato mash and green beans.)
They're pretty delicious. ^_^ They're from Waitrose, whose pork, mustard, and buttered onions sausages are rather more calorific (though still only 300 cals a pair), but quite sublime. =:9

Herring in a sweet sauce? Hm! I may have to try that out. I'm a big fan of herring in sour cream, though - a magnificent invention. ^_^ (Which may have contributed to how readily I took to sushi. And indeed, Mum too! She all but leapt into it =:)

Edited at 2015-06-07 07:40 pm (UTC)
I've been eating a lot of fish lately - I'm keener on it than meat, unless we're talking sausages. (On my way home from Woking yesterday I passed a pub which was having a CIDER & SAUSAGE festival. Tailor-made for me!)