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The big question is: who's going to be watching Eurovision tomorrow night/afternoon/morning? Will you be putting on a feast to match? ^_^

I'd been thinking of lingering after the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, but.. Eurovision's usually reliably good fun, and I can go out any time - Eurovision is but once a year. Foodwise, I picked up a pulled pork & red onion pizza, which I may well add some tiger prawns to, some Malibu, and a bottle of Angostura 1919 rum. Add the juices/smoothies in the fridge, the vodka, tequila, bitters, and gins (plural =:), and we otter be set for cocktails. ^_^

I haven't been following the semi-finals, though I heard Finland's metallic entrants were knocked out. =:P At least the UK's electroswing offering is one I'd be happy to see win. Anyone else I should keep an eye out for?
Yep we will be watching Eurovision, should be fun, I always find it one of the best nights of the year. Sweden are favourites but I hear Italy have an outside chance
There is something quite magical about the ESC. ^_^ Largely, I've really been enjoying the last several years' - and then to have Conchita Wurst win, oh, that was magnificent. I should check up what else they've been up to musically.

Sweden? Mm! They've been responsible for some of the more fun, energetic entries (and yes, I still think ABBA were wonderful =:) in recent years. Have you placed any bets?

Have you ever been to one of the finals in person? I'm sort of interested, but.. it'd mean being in this huge crush of people, unless I could somehow manage a private box. A few friends and good food & drink seems like as much fun. ^_^ Got any special food or drink in for the night - maybe a microcask of something special? (Reminds me, I must place an order for a case or two of Rare Hare before it's gone. Easily one of my favorite hearty ales. Now, if I could only persuade them to license my photography for one of their labels.. =:)
I was largely against Conchita Wurst winning it as I thought the song was poor, to me Austria won more because of the novelty. The same could be said about Sweden I guess, although the song was a lot stronger. In a rare moment of clarity and Eurovision agreement, I thought Sweden, Italy and Russia were the best songs and so it proved. Rare for me to agree with the winner.

I would love to go to the finals in person - I tried getting to Copenhagen last year but couldn't. If next year's is in Malmo, I think I'll try again. I just had pizza and blitzed through some beer we had left over in the fridge - it was a good night.
I have never watched a Eurovision. How does one start? PS: I am in the US, I apologize.
It'd be worth trying the ESC's site - they do appear to have a proper stream available:


Indeed, I've used it a couple times in previous years, to be without the voiceover chatter, but then, it used some oddball plugin, Octoshape, but it looks like they've finally accepted reality. =:)
I'll catch up on the web site later as it isn't airing here. Today I'm going driving around shooting: two batteries, three lenses, 16 gig card. This afternoon or tonight seeing the new Mad Max movie (I'll be posting on that later). Sunday is needle day and catch up on a couple of TV programs. And also do an initial cull on Saturday's shoot and some Photoshopping.

I really need to get some more pix up on my web site, it's probably been over a year since I posted anything new.
If you haven't seen the ESC yet, you're in for quite a show! Some very strong entries, and the voting was not uneventful. =:D I believe there was the EBU's own stream, but this year, we went with just the BBC HD broadcast out of simplicity.

Two batteries? You'll be shooting that much? O.o Do you use an ultrawide at all? I've found it can make for some really eye-catching landscapes and cityscapes, but it's damnably difficult to really get that use of distorted perspective to work well in the latter. For the former, it's an easier prospect, but I still find it very challenging to wind up with a photograph that comes close to conveying the wonder of the scene I witnessed.

Ah, where do you tend to post? I'm mostly on Flickr, with some highlights on 500px, and then, of course, Lapinity.

I was just reading a review yesterday about the Agfa ePhoto CL30 digicam, which used the lesser-known Iomega Clik drive for storage - a very handy feature, as "Most digital cameras use solid state storage - RAM chips, in a few different kinds of teeny little plastic package. The "flash RAM" used in digicam memory cards doesn't need backup power, and it's durable, but it's not cheap. The going rate is more than $AU5 per megabyte, for larger cards, and even more for lower capacity ones."

And now we've got dozens of gigabytes</a> in cards the size of a postage stamp, with transfer rates on a par with hard drives. =:D (And go to laptops with PCIe SSDs, and you're looking at 1-2GB/s sustained speeds! Pretty wonderful)
My widest is a 16-40 zoom, I also have a 25-105. Both are Canon. Saturday I was shooting my old Vivitar Series 1 28-300, it's kind of slow focusing but very versatile. I'm not sure if the focus is off, so it was the only lens that I shot Saturday.

My gallery is at WayneWestPhotography dot com, it also has a link to a 10 minute video (and a blooper reel) of the lunar laser ranging program that my wife runs. I just uploaded some El Paso pix tonight and did an upgrade, I need to work over my shots from last weekend.