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Is anyone else going along to the Royal International Air Tattoo this year? Whilst I'm hardly a military sort, there's no denying the magnificence of the aircraft involved, appearing from all around the world - and Friday? Sees the Vulcan. =:D Why, yes, I think I will shift my Nikkor 200-400mm f/4 rental to include that day.. (booked back in February, taking advantage of LensesForHire's half-price offer that month)

And, is anyone going to Confuzzled? If they're selling the con t-shirts separately (rather than only as part of a registration package), might someone be willing to pick one up for me?

rav_bunneh surprised me the other day with a couple pen sketches, which.. I really like. Whilst I certainly know the second very well (a bit too well =:), it's the first that especially sings to me. ^_^ He's a talented bun, even if he keeps trying to deny it.

Here's a sequence of frames from a panel on "how to draw anatomically correct furs". But.. well, it's not in the least bit serious. =:D (Needless to say, absolutely NSFW, although you could justify it as being educational. =:)

Finally! A werewuf who isn't all growly all the time! Here's a very well produced - and rather adorable - student thesis animation short, Dirty Paws, by Karina Farek.

Here's a curious animated oddity - Gato Brujo. (Each episode is only three minutes long)

The Muppets are returning to TV! Apparently, the new pilot "received a standing ovation when it screened for ABC executives a couple weeks ago".

SLARF just reviewed a less common species avatar: Kahoots' African Painted Dog, midway between realistic and toony, and quite clearly the species it portrays.

Apple recently made an interesting acquisition: Coherent Navigation, whose iGPS work uses multiple satellite systems to provide ~10cm positioning accuracy with high jamming resistance. The question, of course, is: why? Simply to improve upon the current AGPS in use, or does it hint at something unknown, like the "Apple Car"? It could easily be simply the former - it looks like Coherent was a very small company of only a few people, so it's unlikely to've been a tremendously expensive purchase.

From the "Well, That Just Happened" department: have you ever seen a duck stampede before? You have now.

If you're at all interested in films, it's worth checking out Apple's Meet the Filmmaker series of podcasts. They're around 30-45 minutes long, and the director or cast have free rein to talk about the film in question - you'll find the directors or cast of films like Big Hero 6, Age of Ultron, Interstellar, Better Call Saul, and Shaun the Sheep (the director, not the cast). They're very chilled out, and as the audience area in Apple Stores are quite modestly sized - a matter of a few dozen seats, usually - it's a lot cosier than you'll find in a talk show. (Indeed, they're worth going along to in person, if you're near one of the flagship Apple Stores - always free, just make a reservation and turn up a good half hour ahead of time to be in with a good chance of being able to sit. They're fine with photography, just no flash) Speaking of which, I see Thursday holds a potentially interesting fashion discussion, "Join Kinvara Balfour and award winning fashion designer Christopher Kane as they discuss his work", followed by Mr Godley (10cc, Godley & Creme), "Join Kevin Godley as he discusses his ebook SPACECAKE, which chronicles the part work, part play, all real interactive misadventures of the ex-10cc media masochist and his journey through the worlds of rock music, video and technology." Think I might amble along for both of those.

So, turns out a double of Heston's Earl Grey & Lemon Gin, a double of Thornton's, a tiny dash of home-made cinnamon vodka infusion, topped up with mango & apricot smoothie and diluted with milk, makes a very palatable cocktail. =:9 (I'd recommend the gin to non-gin lovers, too - it's rather unlike most, teetering on being a sort of dry-ish liqueur)
Mmh. A Muppet pilot getting a standing ovation from a board of executives is the LAST thing I want from the Muppets. I want the executives confused, a little upset, feeling challenged and maybe slightly ashamed of themselves.

Could be good anyway I suppose.
*grin* But then again, if a show can manage to have genuinely broad appeal across all sorts of people (Doctor Who comes to mind as a fine example), it could tickle them and actual people. Whether this'll manage that, of course, remains to be seen, but they're at least starting from a pretty good vantage point.

The thought comes to mind - isn't that the normal state of being for a TV exec anyway?
Then again, what I'd forgotten this morning is that Henson was a COMMERCIAL MAKER first. I've SEEN the original Muppets pitch promo, and it's full of little asides to the boardroom about how much money they'll make with [X] gimmick.
*raises paw for RIAT* Saturday AND Sunday this time!

They usually sell the con T-shirts separately at CFz; I expect I could snag one for you.
Oh, cool beans! Pity, though - I'm probably only there for the Friday, but not to worry. ^_^ BTW, the roomie tells me there's news on the Vulcan: apparently, this will be the final year it flies, but, they'll also be flying on the Saturday as well, when the original plan had it flying only on Friday.. !

If you could, that'd be most cool! I could easily fire off a bank transfer for whatever damage it causes. (And, on the off chance, if there are any leporine suits to be found, I'd love a photo or two, if convenient. Are there any furs that come to mind who tend to be busy photographically at CFz? I suppose I ought to get along to another furcon sometime, but I think I'd get a lot more out of it if I were able to debut a new 'suit - I'm very interested in trying to bring my SL self into RL)
Tom Lord/Malamutt gets the camera out, I think - he'd be worth a follow on the social medium of your choice. What T-shirt size do you reckon you are?
Oh, cool beans! Is he on LJ? I'm not on FB at all, and haven't been on Twitter in a while (it wound up eating through time - hours in a day. I wound up feeling almost subservient to it =:P). Or SoFurry, maybe?

A large should work nicely. ^_^
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tigertom/
and FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tigertom/

I only use Twitter at work, where it's quite nice to have running in the background.
Thanks for the link to Dirty Paws -- what a charming and delightful film!
I had to make note of it. ^_^ That essence of caring, supporting someone very close to you, whatever their travails.. ah, I couldn't help but be touched by it.

Quite amazing to see the quality of animation, too, that's possible now from basically just one person (plus voices and music) - still a lot of work, obviously, but impressive nonetheless.
I doodle therefor I am.
.. if you stop drawing, you'll cease to exist? O.O
Yes. That is why I posted a third doodle of you. So I exist.
That avalanche of ducks was a spectacle indeed!
I've seen one Vulcan on static display at the Strategic Air Command museum in Nebraska. What a huge freakin' plane! I'd so love to see one fly. I thought the B-52 was an impressively big plane, but as I recall the Vulcan is larger.

My wife is having constant problems (well, frequent problems) with the GPS for her lunar laser ranging getting jammed. But I don't think this Coherent system is anywhere close to accurate for her needs.