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Tutts Clump

Could definitely be some photographic fun! London Zoo's running "sunset safaris" on Fridays between June 5 and July 17 2015, 6-10pm. That'd make for some unusually good light, of course, and the chance to see the more nocturally inclined more active. Not sure I've ever been there, actually - the last full-blown zoo I frequented was San Diego's (and the Wild Animal Park, near Escondido).

I'm sort of beginning to ponder the next suit's design - bringing my SL self into RL. ^_^ The head's really the key - the body will be fairly straightforward, as I imagine I'll just use normal fake fur, perhaps padded gently around the hips and thighs to offer subtle support to the leporine physique. The trouble is that I only have personal construction experience with carving foam, which won't be appropriate here - that'd make for a rather larger head, ideal for a more toony look, but here, I'll be aiming a bit more naturalistic.

I'd been completely unaware of the existence of something like this, which seems more at home in the plans of an old school Bond villain - behold the World War 2 Japanese submarine aircraft carrier. Yes, a submarine, which is also an aircraft carrier. O.o;

Now, I'd imagine everyone's aware of tanukis' place in Japanese folklore, specifically the males. *cough* But, you maybe haven't seen this selection of woodblock prints by 19th century ukiyo-e master Kuniyoshi. They are not even remotely worksafe (as the URL hints =:) but hilarious. ^_^

Last week, one evening's rabbiteering saw a lot of activity, including one quite spirited bout of combat - thankfully, it didn't last long (though there did seem to be a grudge held), and neither party appeared to be hurt afterward.

Here's a handy resource for anyone choosing an SD Card for their DSLR - they test a pile of different cards per body, and list the actual write speed achieved using each. eg the page for the Nikon D7100. Even aside from the cards' differences, the bodies themselves impose an upper limit, depending on the interface supported, and the speed of the processor involved - by comparison, the D90 tops out at about 20MB/s, though that's sort of made up for by the much smaller filesizes involved versus the D7100.

A nice compo: win a Venice-London trip on the Orient Express, including flights to Venice, and a rather plush overnight stay.

If you missed the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band recently, it seems they're aiming even higher next time, on Dec 3 2015: "Following the massive sold out event at London's KOKO, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band are continuing their celebration of 50 years in the business with a brand new gig at indigo at The O2, London. Tickets are on sale right now!Get set for a mini-festival featuring original members Neil Innes, Rodney Slater, Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell, Sam Spoons and Bob Kerr, plus a vaudeville band, two rock groups, a brass band and a theatre troupe ALL UNDER ONE ROOF! This is as big a celebration as it gets and tickets are strictly limited - secure your place now."

I don't follow the show, but still, this VHS intro for Game of Thrones is fun.

Did you know the US has a National Raisin Reserve? "American raisins, once seized, are sent to various warehouses across California, where they are stored until they are sold off to foreign nations, fed to cattle or schoolchildren, or disposed of in any other way to get them off the market that year." (My italics)

A tidbit of UK cellphone news: from 1 July 2015, 0800 and 0808 numbers will be free for all, whether from a mobile or landline. This is already the case for some tariffs, including GiffGaff, but many others face 10-20p/min or more.

Crossover marvel - Firefly/Doctor Who, "The Time Job". =:D

Here are a few more shots (NSFW) of Evil Bambi (SFW, if black latex deer don't attract attention), as I linked to some time back; apparently, made by Obsidian Design.

A mildly amusing Reddit thread, on latterday "uphill both ways" sentiments. =:)

huskyteer might want to check out Wings Remastered on iOS, a new incarnation of a classic Amiga WW1 arcade flight sim.

There may, I hope, be a story behind this wonderful "But.. they may see us!" photograph, in what may be Moscow. ^_^

MLP this season seems to be on a steady upswing. ^_^ Castle Sweet Castle was an entirely serviceable episode (and, I suppose, the moral of ensuring that help or gifts are indeed for the recipient, not the giver, does bear repeating), whilst Bloom & Gloom went head-on into examining some very basic fears about friendship, surprisingly well. But, for me, the star of the season so far must be Tanks for the Memories, one of the best Rainbow Dash eps, including a particularly good number to boot. (Perhaps needless to say, I didn't recognise the Game of Thrones reference until EqD pointed it out =:)

Tasty Sandwich™: some baguette, filled with a few thin strips of aged Gouda, three thick slices of Sainsbury's garlic sausage, a light spreading of Seriously Strong cheddar spread, and a modest spreading of bacon jam. =:9 Hm. Maybe it's just as well I don't have a significant other. ^_^
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