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CuddlePlush are having a clearance sale, with some good prices on particularly cute plush companions: here are the bunnies, by way of example. You know you want to.

Many thanks to addedentry for pointing out the IFC's rather good website, including some downloadable Guy Maddin shorts, from the Saddest Music page. Note that the QuickTime versions, at least, are downloadable, not streamed, so folks on dialup can still enjoy the broadband (and quite reasonably compressed) versions. Sissy Boy Slap Party is a good introduction to the parts of the director's style, both in cinematography and surreal playfulness - and at a mere 10MB, only about a forty minute download on a 56k connection.

Here are some cheeky Apple banners at this year's developer conference, WWDC 2004, currently taking place in San Francisco. I'd say they should make the top right one available as a t-shirt. ^_^ Nice preliminary artwork, too, with the transitional edge to the fur. As for the keynote, no huge announcements, although the 30" display would look awfully nice here.. (except it requires a G5 and an nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL, given the 2560x1600 resolution. But I'd accept that if I had to. Oh, the card can apparently support two of the 30" displays)

Courtesy of huskyteer, an excellent example of the unique resources available to net.users: Dog Toy or Marital Aid?.

Here are some opinions on the Seattle screening of the new director's cut of Donnie Darko. (It's safe to skip over the first half of the page - not much is actually said in the first posting) As for what it's actually like: "Nearly all the DVD deleted scenes are present, as are some surprises – mainly the “philosophy of time travel” book transitions. There is also a big surprise I wont spoil here, but it eludes to something astronomically cool and once you figure it out… you begin to see how far off the original cut was from Kelly’s vision."

Quite a good weblog (am I the only one who really doesn't care for the common abbreviation thereof?) for indie music and videostuff: Scissorkick - includes a goodly number of example tracks.

Marge Simpson, on the basis for a marriage: "Oh, passion's for teens and immigrants." The same episode - My Big Fat Geek Wedding - now features amongst my favorites, including as it does the surreal vision of Seymour Skinner as Catwoman. ^_^

Courtesy of addedentry's NotCon report, biomapping - a project linking galvanic skin responses, indicating stress or suchlike, to GPS location data. The notion being that you can then map how people feel when they're in a given location..

As one might expect, there's a.. certain degree of polarisation in the IMDb ratings for Fahrenheit 9/11.

I ought to make mention of dinner at some point. ^_^ Fried rice. I'm not a great fan of using oils in cooking - it's far too easy to make shoe leather taste good in a cream sauce - so, the only oil was a little sunflower to sautée a few cloves of garlic and crushed sichuan pepper to begin with. Then, some yellow and green bell peppers, and a couple coarsely chopped onions, along with a good measure of chicken stock, some oyster sauce, and some sriracha. A couple minutes later, a variety of sliced up cured sausages, plenty of asafoetida, and a bit of chopped fresh basil. Finally, the rice, once the stock had reduced down to a couple tablespoons' worth, to avoid rendering the rice soggy.

Who posted this scene.org link? (130MB MPEG-1) It's nothing revolutionary, but it's an enjoyable example of good editing work to a competent techno track.
Arrrghhh! Surely it's not ethical to post a link to a page full of such cute bunny plushies without a serious health warning first. =;)

Ooh, and if they've put back the axed scenes into Donnie Darko, that should mean the Watership Down bits are back. Everyone knows they're the most important scenes. =;) It'll still have the same ending though; one of the first film endings in a long time to make me cry. =:o
Ahh, yes! I saw (some of) the deleted scenes for the first time recently, courtesy of akira114 - in many cases, I do hope they're restored, as they did help bring that little extra background. I've yet to listen to the commentary, though, which I understand to be quite illuminating.

I was astonished to hear its original theatrical run brought in all of $500,000, too! I'd known it hadn't made any big waves upon its release, but not to that extent. Apparently, the studio executives were genuinely surprised when the film turned out to be especially popular with the 16-30 demographic.. this surprise may not be surprising, upon reflection.

I'll be so pleased when I can finally be reunited with all my plush companions. ^_^ (Here, even if delivery weren't a concern, there's just no space, unless I put up a hammock for their benefit :) I should also see if my Brer Rabbit is still around, back in San Diego - around 4' tall, and an exact likeness of the animated version.
aww, no really cute kitties~

You successfully identified 10 out of 14 items.
You may be trusted with my dog.
I should perhaps admit to only having scored 9/14 on the first round; given that score, I felt it prudent not to push my luck further. ^_^;

The one with the translucent car caught me, I recall - even now, I can't actually remember what it actually was..

Of course, it can be surprisingly amusing to wander around a hardware store, and contemplate uses for items that their designers probably didn't originally envisage.
Of course, it can be surprisingly amusing to wander around a hardware store, and contemplate uses for items that their designers probably didn't originally envisage.
Have done this on... multiple occations. ^.^;; and not just in hardware stores either~ And it is amusing, especially with friends who understand pervertedness as a sign of "a bright and curious and easily amused mind" instead of mmm... plain pervertedness. Right. If that made any sense at all . . .