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I've had a few jobs now, and one thing continues to puzzle me - why do so many folk conceal their salaries? Even when employed at the same company, so there's no risk of poaching, that holds true, and this puzzles me. Could someone explain?

A couple weeks ago, /u/xRabbitfluffx offered a couple free portrait slots, and I was lucky enough to be chosen. And.. wow. I'm absolutely delighted. ^_^

The Muppet Show might be heading back to TV. =:D

Does anyone else maintain an ad-free Flickr Pro account? I'm a little confused (which is not unusual), as I just saw a transaction for Flickr come through - what looked like a two year payment, as is indeed currently selected, but paid to me. Don't places like Flickr tend to take money from people? The next payment is due in December, but I notice that old card expired this month - but still, I'm not sure why they'd wind up giving me money.

Yay! Only one week to go until the complete (save for Vivian Stanshall) Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band play again. =:D They're not very serious. And damned talented. What's not to love? ^_^ (If the name isn't familiar, their legacy may be, responsible for the track which another band later used as their name, Death Cab for Cutie; a well-known arrangement of the Monster Mash; and The Urban Spaceman, amongst quite a lot else)

Watched "Seven Psychopaths" the other night.. egad, now there's a cheery little flick. ^_^; IMDb's algorithms certainly got it right with their "also liked" headlining "In Bruges". I'm not quite sure what to make of it, actually.. it was well written, with some interestingly complex characters, particularly Christopher Walken's, but the sheer bleakness prevented me from being able to immerse myself in it. (I was, needless to say, very apprehensive when one character appeared, holding an adorable white rabbit, fearing for the worst. The buns, thankfully, were all safe throughout) I think I'm pleased I've seen it, but I doubt I'd be able to watch it again. Admittedly, that aversion holds true even with Breaking Bad - I've seen a couple episodes, and I'll certainly acknowledge it's excellent TV, but.. oh, so desperately bleak. (And bear in mind, I admire Chris Morris' work, even including Four Lions =:)

lupestripe really needs to see this series of SoftBank ads that hangkat found. (Hint: the star is a very cute white pup)

You've seen computers touted as being small - Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, and more. Those, by comparison, are positively gargantuan versus the University of Michigan's Michigan Micro Mote. Here it is on the edge of a coin. =:D And it is indeed a genuinely fully-fledged computing device, with solar cells able to power the device off even indoor lighting, and a radio for communications. As you might expect, such a small device has commensurately tiny power consumption: the 1x1mm solar cell produces 20nW of power, with the device's idle consumption reduced to 2nA (ie 0.002µW). The processors themselves? Cortex M0! Yes, ARM again. Yay!

Dinner on Sunday turned out well. ^_^ It was a collaboration between the roomie and I - he bought the beef joint, I landed a few heavily marked down vegetables (at the right time, 10% of usual price. And I do mean of, not off =:), and I sort of kicked it off with marinading the joint. I played it by ear, basically wanting something peppery, potent enough to make a good marinade, without being in the foreground. I wound up tossing together lots of water, a bit of oyster sauce, plenty of Berbere mix, a few teaspoons of Dijon mustard, some basil leaves, plenty of grindings of Tellicherry black papper, a little fish sauce, a pinch of asafoetida, a little ras el hanout, and a bit of crushed garlic. Not a simple mix, but one that I intended to head concertedly in a peppery direcion, with loads of body to back it up, especially against that robust meat.

It proved.. good. =:9 I actually wound up simmering it for a little while, with the meat in, to ensure the flavors would circulate, given we only had a few hours until dinner, then popping it into the oven to finish off, along with some parsnips and potatoes. Meanwhile, the vegetable assortment was sequenced - cauliflower first, then Brussels, then tenderstem broccoli. The gravy? Well, I hadn't actually originally intended it, but the marinade was tasty, so I simply thickened it with rice flour, nothing more.

Here's rather a nice prize bundle: NI Komplete 10 plus a Kontrol S49 controller. Open worldwide, except "Americas" (would they mean literally all of North, Central, and South America?). Fun tie-breaker.. "If you could have control over anything, what would it be and why?" Or.. how about a 17-day tour of Vietnam and Cambodia, flying business class on a 787?

Programmer humor. Probably just as well they cut away before demonstrating a destructor. =:)

So, we watched Skyfall - the roomie's second time, and my first. Quite a lot better than I'd feared, actually, with a good deal more ambiguity of moral purpose than I'd have expected of a Bond film. As exciting a production as ever, of course. And I was, for once, delighted to see a solidly capable woman do rather more than survive, in the form of Eve. (Though, a little sorry to see even Bond can't escape tropes like visualising where a device is being "hacked" from.. what? Arg! Computers aren't exotic toys now! Can't we have a touch more realism even now? But then, there was the Tube train whose lights remained firmly illuminated even after departing the tracks, with nary a flicker.. *cough* I know these aren't major issues within the plot, but can't we be rid of these unnecessary bumps in the plot? Realism can even pay off, though such seems to be held with some disdain in Hollywood - consider the swordfight at the clifftops in The Princess Bride. They didn't need to genuinely choreograph the scene, but they did, and wound up with a portrayal whose verisimilitude affords a certain authenticity elsewhere, even when we know it's all a grand tale)

All a bit weird. ^_^; I recently rediscovered Swords & Sausages, and from there, Nine to Nine, and thus its origin, College Catastrophe, which began around 2000 - but, the artist later reworked many of the earlier strips. So, I'm currently looking at a strip from 2011 10 30, which apparently originally debuted on 2002 05 19. And despite having been active on LJ since 2003, I had no idea they were even around! Bah.

Just before the guest - a mutual University friend of myself and the roomie - arrived, I dashed out to indulge in some rabbiteering. And.. caught this moment. ^_^

Friday afternoon saw a very special surprise. Some time ago, I backed the Scandinavia and the World Kickstarter - and I now have the SatW version of me to share. =:D (Even better, I'll be animated later on, in the dance and Royal Ball!)

It does feel rather immodest to promote these depictions of myself, but.. they so resonate with me. ^_^
Programmer humor. Probably just as well they cut away before demonstrating a destructor. =:)

Red-black trees! :P

Friday afternoon saw a very special surprise. Some time ago, I backed the Scandinavia and the World Kickstarter - and I now have the SatW version of me to share. =:D (Even better, I'll be animated later on, in the dance and Royal Ball!)

Cute, indeed!
Is that the AJ episode grrm writes? ^_^;

They did a wonderful job with visualising me in their style. ^_^ I doubt I could've asked for anything better. To know I'll even be part of one of the animations, too.. !

I'm also, of course, very pleased he was fine with furries. Not that I should've anticipated anything less, I suppose, especially in light of that strip a while back. I wonder if any other furs sponsored at that level? We shall see. ^_^
Yeah, the author seems to be fairly inclusive and open-minded. Always nice, that.
So frilly!

If I ever find my Prince (or maybe Princess?), I strongly suspect my wedding gown will make Cinderella's look simple. ^_^
In some states, including California I believe, it is an offense to discuss your salary where a co-worker might overhear you.  Doing so is valids grounds for dismissal and forfeit of unemployment insurance.  This law helps employers maximize their profit by paying different people different amounts for the same work.  If you're willing to take less, why should they pay you more just because they're paying someone else more for the same work?  That would only bother you if you found out about it, so therefore it needs to be a crime for anyone to tell you.

New Jersey is similar.  An old boss of mine once told me (years after the company fired him) that he was ashamed to have paid me so little and I should demand a big raise from his successor — which I got.
That's interesting, I wonder if it'll change since the lawsuits against Apple/Google/Facebook/et al against poaching employees to keep wages lower.

I've worked in government most of my career and salaries are available to FOIA request, obviously sans SSN. A few years ago someone slipped the local paper a spreadsheet of salaries for the city employees, including mine, it was kinda amusing at the uproar that it caused.

In my current position I found out that I'm probably the highest or second highest IT non-manager salary by probably 30-50%, and I just started my sixth month. I could have gotten more when they hired me, but the rate they offered was a good $5 more an hour than what I was expecting. It also blew several minds when I didn't mention salary in my interview (it wasn't listed in the ad that I responded to), I've always thought that was a second interview subject: little did I know they don't do two interviews.
Really? Wow. I'm going to have to research that - sounds like a fairly risible piece of legislation that'd have difficulty withstanding a constitutional challenge. Of course, that'd first require someone with the pockets required to fund such action. =:/

Thankfully, if this nascent gig does indeed work out, I'll be receiving quite a bit more than the last one, and indeed, even against previous Bay engagements, though I did deliberately keep the request on the relatively modest side, given the visa application's costing them a good few thousand in itself. (And as a neat bonus, if I'm lucky in the visa lottery, I'll be renting a room from a very cool fur I met at my last City gig, who was then landlord for the then-boss. So I won't have any troubles with absentee landlord or anything like that, and importantly, I know I'll be able to come back to a peaceful place)
That is an awesome cartoon on programming, and an equally awesome bunny pic!
I had great fun going through all of College Catastrophe over the course of a day or so. ^_^ It's continued now in a post-graduation sequel, Nine to Nine.

Now I'm wondering, of course, which bunny pic. =:) Though I know I'm delighted with both. ^_^ On the rabbiteering front, April's been absolutely wonderful, with the weather brightening up markedly, and the buns much more given to being out and about. Even just random walks are so much more of a thing now, with much brighter, warmer weather, and so much longer days - indeed, I thought I'd walk to one of my favorite haunts for dinner, taking a very pleasant 1h45 or so through woods and open fields. Really not a bad start to an evening of rather nommy food and a good selection of beer and cider. It's been almost a year since I last visited, so it's rather good to be back. (And indeed, at the table I always seem to get, being ideal for one. It's a gorgeous old place - old enough to've greeted the Norman invaders)
*looks at a box of candy*
....and despite the 'name' of the site, his page is rather uplifting! http://www.sadanduseless.com/2015/04/animals-licking-windows/#YzSZjYrpKODR1Zqf.01 ... even a bunny in there :D
I will admit, I get a bit frowny with sites like that, where they don't at least credit or link to the originals. (And then there are the wretched bots on Twitter that rake in thousands in ad revenue simply by scraping Reddit and sometimes even other bots, reposting clearly professional work)

Some wonderful moments there, nonetheless. And the bun remains dignified. ^_^
Well said! *ear pats* ... Indeed, someone had just sent me the link minutes before I read this entry of yours, and it was fresh on my mind... :D
ooo- all this time I thought you were a guy! But youre a girl~ lucky you with the free commission, it turned out very nice ^-^

Oh I enjoy James Bond movies a lot :p Skyfall was pretty good. Lately I've been watching a lot of older movies.. well.. theyre maybe not -that- old. india jones, alien and currently the taken movies. Oh Liam Neeson, your voice makes love to my ears.

I see you make a lot of pictures of bunnies, it made me wonder, do you have some as pets too?
Ooh those are great ads, thanks for highlighting (:
I absolutely had to include those. ^_^

Have there been any good furry ads on British TV lately, do you know? Pretty much all my fairly minimal TV watching is either via iPlayer (yay BBC!) or Usenet, so I only ever see TV ads when visiting Mum.