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Might someone who's on F*c*b**k be willing to try looking up either or both of James Clark and John Clark? They're likely to still be in Somerset, England. James might mention travel and photography. I'd love to get back in touch with them, but I'm having no luck so far, with their old sites still registered, but with no A or MX records associated, and no other likely matches seem to surface with any amount of searching. =:P (Though if they've more or less vacated the web, I doubt they'd be on that site, but it's worth a shot)
Indeed, but there's no way of knowing if that's still current. Theoretically, it should be, and I suppose not many people move around quite as much as I do. ^_^; I can certainly give it a try, though - it's an avenue, at least.
Technically it's required to maintain as current, unless they're letting everything expire out at the end of contract. My domain registration is anonymized, but it still forwards to me if someone tries.

Should be worth a shot. While I do have FB, I don't use it. Absolutely hate the interface with a never to be satisfied hatred. Did I mention that I hate it? Far too poor a signal to noise ratio.