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I noticed something of a surge of favoriting (?) of Momentary coming in from 500px peeps, and was wondering why, given that photo's been up on the site for a while now. And then I noticed the latest 500px newsletter: Perfect Timing: 21 Split-Second Moments Captured on Camera. And.. there I am, in some fairly spectacular company. ^_^;

It is confirmed by William Shatner: Friendship is Magic. ^_^ (And his nomination for Best Pony? Perhaps not too surprisingly, the most modest of them all, Rainbow Dash =:)

And music video for the week: Only Pony, by OhPonyBoy. Really enjoying the track by itself, but the video seals the deal. (No knowledge of ponies required - it stands by itself as a nifty bit of animation)

Ludo took it upon themselves to draw a whole slew of critters - absolutely beautifully - and entirely free. I'm absolutely bowled over by just how gorgeous their style is - I'd've been delighted with this as a paid commission, let alone done purely for the fun of it.

w00t! The first OS X beta of Elite: Dangerous debuts on Tuesday. Now I can show the world how much my flying sucks. =:D

If you need a dash of surreality, try this Soyuzmultfilm short, Fru-89. I'm not sure the technology exists to adequately summarise it. ^_^

Quote of the week comes from proud dandy Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen: "My beard makes up for the fact that, quite appallingly, I was born without a big foxy tail to play with."

It's merely an idea that's been tossed out there, with no official backing as yet, but still, it's an intriguing idea: how about free movement between Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand? I'd be all for it - but then, I'm strongly in favor of freedom of movement for people in general.

Hint for UK peeps wanting to read magazines or books digitally, listen to audiobooks, or study languages: check your county's libraries website. Chances are, they'll offer access to a broad selection of titles via apps like Zinio and OverDrive. You'll need your library card's info in order to log in.

If you're in need of a good 3D modeling/rendering application, and aren't won over by Blender's UI, how about clara.io? Entirely free, and is entirely server-side, rendering in your browser courtesy of WebGL.

An iOS game I'd like to point out: Breath of Light. It's got quite an Auditorium feel to it, but crafted exceptionally elegantly, in something of a Zen garden style - even the flow is quite beautifully crafted, complemented by a soundtrack that I'd call "ambient", but that suggests meandering chords that never end. =:) The trailer'll give you a good idea if it's something that'll appeal to you. And on the temporarily free front, Oquonie is a very odd, beautifully illustrated isometric puzzler - grab it now!

For the aviationists: an interactive 3D panorama of a Spitfire cockpit, with everything labelled, explaining its function. Rather nifty! To balance that, how about this posting by someone who's apparently a rising star of food and health quackery, The Food Babe. It opens with (try to wear soft gloves to cushion the facepalming): "A few facts about what airplanes do to your body - When your body is in the air, at a seriously high altitude, your body under goes some serious pressure. Just think about it – Airplanes thrive in places we don’t. You are traveling in a pressurized cabin, and when your body is pressurized, it gets really compressed! Compression leads to all sorts of issues. First off your body’s digestive organs start to shrink, taxing your ability to digest large quantities of food." Though perhaps the article's apex is reached with "The air that is pumped in isn't pure oxygen either, it's mixed with nitrogen, sometimes almost at 50%." But hey, she's the one flying first class to Japan.. ^_^; To her marginal credit, that entry was later pulled, but there is, needless to say, much more where that came from.

Here's my furry pic for the day: Fox and Rabbit, by Miririn (source, over on Pixiv). Entirely SFW.

What Ridley Scott doodled on his copy of the screenplay for The Martian. =:D

Not long now until The Clangers returns to TV, after a little absence - here they demonstrate eclipse watching. ^_^ (Bah! May be geolocked. Apparently, this FB link is good internationally)

Of course, the weather put paid to any eclipse viewing. =:P Still, I suppose it wouldn't've been total here anyway - through the uniform cloud layer, it wasn't especially obvious that daylight was even being affected.

timberwoof might appreciate this beer label huskyteer spotted on a recent trip to Brussels. ^_^

I see LJ have reworked Scrapbook's photo hosting. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'd be interested to hear reactions from anyone who has. (As is, I mostly host my entries' images on Imgur, other than my photography, usually over on Flickr. One thing I'd like in any other option is filename preservation, which is eternally frustrating on Imgur)

An infographic showing global migration patterns and numbers, by global region. Move over a particular region, and then only flows to and from there will be shown, alongside numbers of people in and out. Nicely done!

Potentially quite handy: Print Friendly converts a given URL into a simplified layout, removing the usual extraneous crud surrounding many webpages. It's also usable as a bookmarklet, reformatting the page you're currently viewing.

Do you have any particular net.radio streams worth recommending? One I'm finding to be quite good fun, on the aforementioned theme, is a French production, ABC Dance Radio, which isn't the usual tedious dancefloor anthems, but more.. sort of dance-y electronica. The stream's over here.

I was interested to realise there's now a "home" edition of Matlab, where the crucial point of difference is simply the license, being strictly for personal use, not commercial or academic. Where the "full" version is £1,600, the home edition is a rather more palatable £102, with additional toolboxes available for £30 each. That said, I think I'd still be cautious of using Matlab in a production development environment - it's a terrifically powerful tool for prototyping, but it's not then particularly translatable into deployable code.

The local buns continue to thrive, I'm delighted to report. ^_^ There are currently about three spots along my rabbiteering circuit where I spend time, and the one in a bit of a dip between two fields, along a footpath, is perhaps the one with the most potential, photographically, with good light, a complete lack of obstructions, and even that angle works in my favor, making it that bit easier (though still a challenge, as ever) to acquire good focus, with vertical movement translating to less of a range of distance. The buns there remain as nervous as ever, but it's simply a matter of approaching from behind the tree cover slowly - they'll usually be fine with that. With two tinybuns amongst the six or so I'm seeing there now, perhaps there'll be a wonderful binky or two to be had sometime. ^_^ (I can also report that rabbit sex is.. less magical than depicted anthropomorphically. When consent's finally been granted to the male, it amounts to a couple seconds of.. well, rapid vibration, and then it's done)
And.. there I am, in some fairly spectacular company. ^_^;

Congrats! And your photo's every bit as spectacular as said company.

I'd've been delighted with this as a paid commission, let alone done purely for the fun of it.

That's the picture to the right? Pretty cool, yes. And for free? Wow.

For the aviationists: an interactive 3D panorama of a Spitfire cockpit, with everything labelled, explaining its function. Rather nifty!

I know someone who'll love that. :)
^_^; Thanks. I'd really love to make it as a wildlife photographer. I know it's not an easy (or even likely) route, but conveying wildlife (with a slight emphasis on one species =:) in ways I hope convey something of their nature and environment brings me quite a great deal of satisfaction. And frustration. =:)

That's the one! And ye gods and little fishes, they were really steaming through the requests! Must've been twenty or so done in perhaps two days. =:D

That pano really is quite a superb piece of work. Just the panorama itself's cool enough, but taking the time to annotate pretty much every single control and meter, so you can actually begin to understand the beast - that's very cool indeed. Maybe I'll try something similar, as and when I can reattempt the couple epic panoramas I tried in the Bay last time, labelling the various towns in view, and any specific spots, like the Sutro Tower and Embarcadero. Ooh, reminds me, I need to try finishing off that Bath cityscape sometime - a little extra work on the component images, and then overlaying a blended title panel in the lower left. I'd pretty much have to at least try selling it to the Council - at that resolution, they'd be able to print it out at something like 20' long and still be at 300dpi. =:D

Of course, that only makes me want to reshoot it with the current setup - with the D7100's sensor offering effectively a 1.4x TC at no optical cost, over the D90, and the TC14E as well, I'd be able to turn out twice the size along each axis. It would be entirely pointless. You see the necessity? =:)
when I can reattempt the couple epic panoramas I tried in the Bay last time, labelling the various towns in view, and any specific spots, like the Sutro Tower and Embarcadero.

That would be very cool as well. And I'm sure quite many folks would love it, both because it's nifty on a technical level and because a lot of techies are from the Bay to begin with.

I'd pretty much have to at least try selling it to the Council - at that resolution, they'd be able to print it out at something like 20' long and still be at 300dpi. =:D

Give them one for free in exchange for telling everyone that it's yours and where they can buy one for themselves. :)

Wait, 20' or 20"?

It would be entirely pointless. You see the necessity? =:)

Indeed — "challenge accepted". :)
It's a fun technical challenge, indeed. It's a field that has some odd appeal to me, and one I'd very much like to experiment more with, such as combining separate stitches taken with the 300mm, and with a wide angle, like the 10-20mm. The point of the latter would be to capture areas like the sky, which are necessarily impossible to simply stitch together, as there aren't any features for the software to glom onto. But by the same token, there'd be no need to capture those areas at such high resolution. ^_^

And I'll have to lay my paws on a tripod, too. The old one came to a mysterious end, with a leg broken off the head - no big loss, as it was just a $20 cheapie from Amazon. The problem comes in selecting one - I'd really prefer one that could fit into the camera bag diagonally, but that means four leg segments rather than three, and probably a lower maximum weight. Not that the weight's a hugely important aspect - I don't see myself owning a Sigmonster any time soon, as ridiculously fun a lens as it was to shoot with. =:)

20 feet, yes. It's something like 70,000 pixels wide. ^_^ Oh, actually, maybe a bit wider: 86501 × 26400. Though that was the first processing, using a trial version of PTGui - I've since obtained AutoPano Giga, so for one thing, there isn't that watermarking any longer.
Mmm, I've never looked at the tripod market, so I can't help you there I'm afraid.

20 actual feet, then? Wow, that's big. :) Still, not so big as to be unusual. The main post office in Den Haag has a version of Escher's Metamorphose II that's 58m times 1,60m (IIRC), for instance. Maybe your local post office will have one of your prints adorning it some day. :)
Rabbit seems so happy and fox seems so upset...! I wonder why... gosh!

That PrintFriendly could be a life-changing good thing for zillions pf people!

*wing HUGS!*
p.s. ... congrats on the perfect-timing bunny page!
Thanks. ^_^ It's really quite something, seeing my work in amongst all those other amazing shots. Next step: to see if I can get people to part with money, in exchange for prints. ^_^ I must get around to setting up the pricing of the various options - I'm wanting to offer a modest spread of options, from simply the prints themselves, leaving the framing and mounting to the purchaser, to nicely pre-mounted offerings, perhaps in a traditional frame, or bonded to plexiglass for a borderless look, all ready to take out of the box and straight onto the wall.
It's an oddly intriguing scene. ^_^ Of course, I find myself in the bun's place - I'm guessing the fox is just.. preoccupied, and not really all that interested in the bun's musings and chatter. ^_^;

PF is rather handy - and it works on iOS, too! Not the site (well, that too), but the JavaScript bookmarklet!
in some fairly spectacular company

And quite rightly so. It's a spectacular photo! =:D

Matlab! Now there's a blast from the past. It's probably nearly 20 years since I used that (at uni, unsurprisingly). ISTR that it was the first Windows version, which Wikipedia tells me was 4.2c. From what I can remember, even back then it was stupidly overpowered for anything I was ever likely to do with it.
Hee! Thanks. ^_^ Reminds me, I ought to try contacting the syndication editor that was interested in representing it last year - with one thing and another, I never got around to signing. With Easter around the corner, perhaps this would be a good time. ^_^

Indeed, Matlab's fairly overwhelming in its capabilities - it's very high level stuff, with piles of library functions available. We used it in the prototyping of some of the vector video project, initially, but when the coworker who was handling that side of things was dropped from the project, I was left in the rather panicked position of trying to work out how to take that code over and turn it into deployable code - which is when I realised just how awkward a proposal going from Matlab to C would be, or even encapsulating the Matlab code as some kind of standalone entity.

'Course, the FOSS Octave has probably been causing them some discomfort, too, though I doubt any Universities have dropped Matlab in favor of Octave. (Hmm. I wonder if my copy of Matlab still runs.. that was one of the many nice bonuses to come out of the project. ^_^ Hm! Seems to be missing. Maybe I can dig it up from an archive, but then again, on the development front, I've plenty else I can keep myself busy with, like improving on the dynamic arrays on the vector video codebase)
I love the style of the first image there. :)
And also I came across another one of I-think-your photos somewhere else... I figured you were just distributing them around or something. :)
They really did a beautiful job. ^_^ I'll have to give them a tip when money's in evidence once more, or maybe simply commission them for a full piece, as and when they're accepting.
You put a lot of time in these posts, I think.I enjoy reading these <3 It's really cool you give out so many mentions to other people in your posts. That way other people can connect with each other. It's almost like a tiny community post!

Edited at 2015-03-31 01:11 pm (UTC)
Hee! It's true - even once I've got an entry more or less ready, I can spend hours more on selecting images and photos to accompany it, then reordering things to flow better, maybe dropping the odd bit if it's no longer valid, or maybe even has been debunked (though I do try not to pass on rumors, unless they're entertaining =:).. it's a bit like the way cropping on a photo can be occasionally quite a time-consuming process, finding the framing that works just so.

Which has, unfortunately, left me now and then leaving an entry for a bit too long, so I eventually post some epic. ^_^;

I do like to give nods to other friends, definitely. ^_^ The community feel of LJ's what's kept me here, even aside from the niceties like real threading, per-comment icons (and potentially lots of them! I'm on my second extension bundle =:), and per-entry arbitrary security (I generally post in public, but there are some I'll tuck behind a friends-only filter, like employment related matters).
Apparently Ludo was already an existing artist, so this guy cleared his page and is now under -lofi.
Oh, nice catch! I've updated the entry accordingly.