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Egad. The UK's entry for Eurovision 2015 was recently revealed - and it's actually fun! Here's Still in Love With You, a bona fide electroswing track. =:D (And if you'd like to hear about the genesis of the track, you can watch an interview with the lead duo following the video over on iPlayer)

Here's the trailer for Thunderbirds Are Go. ^_^ Looks vaguely similar in production principle to the continuation of Captain Scarlet, keeping the original theme and tone, but executed with CG rather than marionettes, making possible scenes that would've been impractical in RL. Should be fun! (And who knows? Maybe ITV will someday release said Captain Scarlet on Blu-Ray or iTunes)

ARM and the BBC recently launched an educational initiative, wherein every child in year 7 in the UK will be given an ARM-based development board in September, with a suite of training materials and tutorials on offer, toward them creating their first Internet of Things device. Pretty cool!

Springtime is a marvellously positive time of year, with the foliage bouncing back into life, the birds swooping in flocks, and tiny adorable bunlets begin to emerge from the warrens. =:D

Some philosophical musings you might want to read, courtesy of poliphilo.

Courtesy of Stack Overflow, a rather entertaining thread on the best comments in source code, including:

#define TRUE FALSE
//Happy debugging suckers

// Replaces with spaces the braces in cases where braces in places cause stasis
$str = str_replace(array("\{","\}")," ",$str);

// drunk, fix later

* Always returns true.
public boolean isAvailable() {
return false;

.. and, of course..
long long ago; /* in a galaxy far far away */

Well, that was nicely timed.. I went to the BBC's site to check if there was any word on MasterChef's return, given it's usually a Spring thing, and saw the new series' first episode up on the iPlayer front page. =:D Always a delight to see such creativity and passion at work, amidst such a fabulous spirit of camaraderie.

I finally also finished off another remarkable BBC production, the two-parter "Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero", about the pivotal role Alfred Russel Wallace played in the discovery of the mechanism of evolution, entirely independently from Darwin, who'd made notes to that effect, but had left them deliberately unpublished, until eventually Wallace's own description, to him, of what was essentially evolution, prompted him to steal the spotlight. Highly recommended viewing - and, in true BBC style, it appears to only be (sort of) available on an out-of-print DVD from Australia. Muppets.

Meanwhile, Netflix are bringing back Inspector Gadget, in a new animated series; and, later this year, CBBC will present a a new series of Danger Mouse. =:D This time, the hero will be voiced by Alexander Armstrong, whom I hadn't realised was also the voice of Mister Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

How's this for an adorable anthro bunny, by Kyoht? Soon to be appearing on bottles of Mad Rabbit vodka, from Denver. ^_^ And a potato vodka, no less! I approve. (At least, judging by the superb nature of Chase potato vodka)

Ooo.. I's a published bunny! Seems the paper on our contour-based video codec finally saw publication in the SMPTE journal recently. =:D
To me, Don Adams was Inspector Gadget, years before he was Maxwell Smart (and it took me far longer than it should to make that connection). I wonder if whoever provides the voice talent will be doing an Adams impression, as Adams himself based Max's voice on William Powell in The Thin Man?
To me, Don Adams was Inspector Gadget, years before he was Maxwell Smart

.. !

I actually hadn't made the connection. ^_^; Good grief! I presume that casting was absolutely deliberate?

It's definitely going to be very interesting to see their take on the role. I'd imagine he's got to be keenly aware of just how beloved a series it was/is.. but, of course, the trick will be to come up with a voice that fits the role - for me, I don't know if trying to pull off an impersonation would really work, considering the difficulty everyone's had trying to match Mel Blanc.

Ahh! IMDb says he'll be voiced by Ivan Sherry, whose past roles have included "Internal Affairs Suit" in Orphan Black, "Le Roi des Thunes" in Assassin's Creed: Unity, and Derlock in Totally Spies. Oo, looking at the release info, it would appear Australia's already watching it.. !
Thank goodness it's not just me! And yes, I believe Gadget was heavily based on Smart.

I have not heard of Mr Sherry, but I'll give him a crack!
Yep, not a name that rang any bells with me - I've still yet to get around to Orphan Black (I just don't seem to watch much TV, though I'm very slowly going through Orange is the New Black, and Transparent looks like it'd be worth a try as well), and whilst I sort of enjoy the style of Totally Spies, the rather archetypical Valley Girl speech rather grates on me. =:/

Aha! It would seem Boomerang have some previews up on YouTube, including one with the good Inspector at the fore. Mmm.. I think I could enjoy this. ^_^
We got in to Orphan Black when they started promoting the second season, I was able to Video On Demand the first season, and we quite liked it. It must be driving that poor actress mad doing all those characters!
Congrats on being published! My 'first published' moment was back in the days of the TRS-80 Model 100, a magazine's first issue picked up a post that I made on CompuServe(?) about how to extend the battery life by hooking up a 6v lantern battery. It would run the computer for MONTHS! Since then I've had material in a few game supplements, sold many photos to Chess Life magazine including the cover of an issue of their kid's magazine School Mates, and sold many copies of my own card game. I tend to doubt I'll ever be published in a journal, but that's OK, my wife's been in several hundred astronomy papers from her data gathering.

Inspector Gadget without Don Adams? Dunno, his voice made it for me. It's like Clousseau without Peter Sellers.

I LOVED the Always Return True and the Long Long Ago!
Thanks. ^_^ It's come at the perfect moment, too, as it might be helpful as part of the documentation for the next gig, demonstrating my professionalism. *cough*

Oh, wow, the Model 100! Never got to see one in the flesh, unfortunately, but mobile computing always had appeal to me - I remember looking on those early Sharp handhelds, thinking they could be so much fun, but that display really confined their utility. Similarly, the Newbrain - display technologies just weren't on the side of such devices back then. =:/ As was, the first genuinely portable computer I owned was a PowerBook 5300c - Apple's first foray into mobile PowerPC use. Unfortunately, the PPC603e inside was rather crippled, lacking any L2, so whilst it was clocked at a perfectly reasonable 100MHz, the Wallstreet that followed a couple years later, at 266MHz, ran rings around it, sporting 1MB of backside L2.

I'll have to see if I can find some full episodes of the new Inspector Gadget - those clips are suggesting it could actually be quite good fun. ^_^ Mm, I've not seen the new Pink Panther flicks, and from what I've heard, it's probably best leaving things that way. *sigh* FSM, but Sellers was such a loss.. but then, you look at all of the Goons, and you realise just how much talent was in that lot, Spike especially. I can't say I really had childhood heroes as such, but I deeply enjoyed and admired his work from very early on. Which probably explains a lot. =:)

It's so frustrating when you discover a comment like the "always returns true", even if it was yourself, when it later turns out to be.. inaccurate. ^_^; Still, at least it's easily noticed there, and even in a more complex situation, it's likely the out of date documentation will shed light on a good part of what's going on.
Should I mention that I also have an Apple Newton in my closet? Bought it off Ebay 2008ish, before the iPad came out. I was looking for a replacement Palm Pilot, since they had at that point proverbially screwed the pooch and were making nothing but crap. I went through a Dell/WinCE PDA (garbage) and finally ended up buying an iPod Touch: it had adequate appointment, notes, and contact book systems. Followed by (between the wife and I) two iPhones with a possible third on the horizon and two iPads. The observatory she's at has a Red Hat server farm, so 95% of their workstations are Macs, she bought me my first Mac in 2008 and I haven't bought a PC since.

Of course, I make my living doing SQL Server/Access, so I have to live in the MS world.

The first laptop that I bought new was a Canon, IIRC, and the amazing thing about it was it had a built-in ink jet printer. At that time most places had a 30 day return policy, I took it on a business trip (TechEd, I think) and decided it wasn't really for me and took it back.

Right now I'm using a 2011ish MacBook Air but I'll probably be buying a used MacBook Pro next year, this 256 gig of disk and 4 gig of RAM is just too little, especially since I'd like to be running a Win 7 VM on it, and the 13" screen is too small for GUI development. Though it's great for travel. We still have the first MacBook that my wife bought for me, it's in semi-retirement but sees occasional use. Its replacement was a 15" MacBook Pro Core2 Duo that was damaged by the lightning strike/tree incident. The display is bad, so at the time I was using it as a desktop connected to a 23" monitor with an Apple BT keyboard/mouse. My wife is on her 4th MacBook? She had it during the tree incident, we still have the third but it was stepped on by a firefighter and the display glass broke (but the display is still OK) but it bent the case fractionally and you can't use the trackpad. And the keyboard and trackpad are on the same circuit, so you can't disable one without taking them both out of commission.
Dayum, that Kyoht bun! A ton of people will buy that just for the label! (I know I will!) Nice to see Kyoht arts again, too. That's a name from olden times!
Indeed! I think I'll request Master of Malt stock it, just for that reason. =:D I'm sure it'll be good - small distilleries and brewers tend to be brimming with pride in the quality of their work, and c'mon, how could I not want a bottle with that label? =:D

Kyoht does such great buns, too! Just, not that often. =:/ Still, I suppose we all have our own creative inspirations - hers tend to be rather more.. toothsome. ^_^;
Ooo.. I's a published bunny! Seems the paper on our contour-based video codec finally saw publication in the SMPTE journal recently. =:D


EDIT: "Purchase Access to this Article for 24 hours for US$20.00" Egads.

Edited at 2015-03-14 11:28 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on the publication!

In regard to Wallace, though, I don't think it's fair to say that Darwin chose to steal the spotlight. The Wallace-Darwin case of (effectively) simultaneous discovery is a fascinating one, particularly in that there wasn't any particular rivalry or one stealing credit from the other. Darwin did take forever to publish, and might have spent the rest of his life readying his evidence and his arguments if not for knowing Wallace was ready to publish, but he also had the stronger body of work.

Wallace, intriguingly, would later in life get tangled up with flat-Earthers, and he would try to debunk them in public surveying competitions which --- since long-distance surveying (to see whether the Earth was curving away from you) requires complex arithmetic operations particularly to account for atmospheric distortions --- never convinced a flat-Earther and left Wallace right yet frustrated.
Bunlet balanced that wired right between its ears! :D