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Just a quick note to say the above game's currently 80% off on the Humble Store, leaving it at £1.99 or local equivalent - a veritable steal for such a lovingly crafted (and furry!) game. ^_^

The price reverts to normal at 5pm on Monday.
I watched a friend play almost all of this, yep!
Hee! So I'm not the only weirdo that really enjoys watching people play games? =:D Well, certain ones, where there's a real story involved. Or even Kerbal, for that matter. (I'd be tempted to buy it, but I know I've still got unplayed purchases from Humble Bundles.. and I've still barely even launched Elite: Dangerous)
Also it's mostly the work of a single person (save for the voice over and marketing), a real rareity in this day and age.

My only big issue with dust is that it's very short and very easy, even if it doesn't seem it at first.
Good grief.. ! Really? That's impressive.

I'm fine with it being easy, indeed. ^_^ I'm in it more for the story, characters, and their world.

Don't suppose there's been any word of some kind of sequel?
Yep, took the guy 4/5 years if not more to make as well, Microsoft did pitch in a lot of money and marketing though as a trade off it was a timed XBOX 360 exclusive. Since then though it's been a more successful game on the PC, since M$ has long since abandoned trying to make anything of XBLA in the last few years.

It's easiness though in a very bad way, that's what happens when you make an attack that is over powered and totally spamable. The story and art makes up for it, but it's a shame since if it had the challenge element to the combat it would be on par if not better than castlevaina symphony of the night.

No word on any kind of sequel, However I expect that it might happen if the guy can get the funding.
Oooh, I have that... One of the few games I've managed to get around to finishing in recent years. The soundtrack for it is pretty nice, too.