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Here, have a very short poem, Wolf Break, by huskyteer. ^_^

Some jobs might, at first blush, not seem so striking - but, this account brings the author's role into beautiful relief: I'm an art museum night guard.

It's only a lab prototype for now, but here's a potential revolution in lenses in the making. Rather than the way we've always fiddled with light, using the surfaces of lenses to refract light at various angles to bring it to a focal point, and use other lenses to correct for the different angle of refraction at different wavelengths, making for potentially quite heavy assemblies, this.. well, probably easiest if you just read it. =:D But, we could, possibly, be looking at a single, flat metasurface able to both bring the light to focus and for many wavelengths. It's very cunning stuff indeed, with profound implications throughout optical industries. (And yay, my submission thereof on HN hit the top ten on the front page, too =:)

You need to check out rigelkitty's latest set: February 2015 [That's Cold Mix], "a very choice, extra-long batch of the best funky breaks and the like that I've come across recently." Seriously fun. =:D

I love beer. Always have. ^_^ Here's one I tried after last week's rabbiteering (unfortunately, not much to show for it - several times, brief chases broke out, only for them to dive immediately out of view, plus a few moments missed through lousy focus), from a Danish outfit, To Øl (Danish for "two beers"): BrewBerry No.3. (For beerhounds: one of the brewers founded Mikkeller) It's an awkward one to describe, and I'm not much good at that to begin with, but it's sort of like an Imperial IPA, as if brewed by Belgians, with a hop nature that's positively warmly floral, not sharp. Really quite unusual. Even at its unfortunate price, I'd recommend it to any beer explorer.

Here's an interestingly simple to use iOS formant analyser over on GitHub. (Also available pre-built from the App Store) Tip: to build it, ensure you open the xcworkspace file, rather than the xcproject - this will avoid the linker griping about not being able to find a particular CocoaPods library. I'll want to compare the results against Praat, though.

Some furs I know are sort of into aviation.. here's rather a good article combining photography with the stories of some of the notable figures in the field's development.

Cocktail du jour: a variant on Long Island Iced Tea. ^_^ A double of Heston Earl Grey & Lemon gin, a single of Whitley Neill gin, a third of Curaçao, and a single of Aqua Riva, topped up with equal parts of diet cola and Fever Tree elderflower tonic water, and a good bit of ice. The first gin is quite floral, relatively mellow, whilst the latter is much spicier - that's really the key to this. You could probably substitute something like Bombay Sapphire comfortably for the latter, but the former's rather much its own thing. The tequila needs to be something similar - very smooth, but still pronouncedly tequila, rather than, say, the fantastic lightness of Patrón Silver.

Or, a slightly simpler variant: equal measures of said Heston gin, Whitley Neill, and Plymouth Gin, topped up with Fever Tree elderflower tonic water. It's a veritable symphony! All I wanted was to see how the three might play with each other. They're all gin, but all of such different natures.

(I may try tossing the Jenever into a future concoction.. that's quite a different character still, especially with this bottle having been open for about a year)

Surely there's someone else watching The Fixer? ^_^; Still, I have to say, ep.5 with Balloonin Marvellous was one of the more spectacular episodes, in a very good way. It opened with a struggling party/events company, with the owner's designs and arrangements.. rather haphazard, complicated, and a touch on the chintzy side. But with a boost in confidence achieved - ye gods, what a transformation! Designs that a high-end event can be proud of, whatever the setting.

Poll #2000594 It's bathtime!

How long do you want your bathtime to be?

As brief as possible
Nothing more than an hour
That's the evening sorted



Will your bath be foamy?

No, just water
Of course!
Seems like we agree 100% on proper bathtimes! (Though I think there is some wiggle room between "at most an hour" and "the entire evening".)

Some furs I know are sort of into aviation.. here's rather a good article combining photography with the stories of some of the notable figures in the field's development.

Reading that article you'd think that there's never been pilots (or planes) of any concern outside the USA/Canada — still, neat.
Mm, I wanted to keep the options simple. ^_^ I'm very much one for baths where under two hours feels a bit consciously hurried. I can do it, but without any external influences, and a good boiler, I'll be in for three hours or more. ^_^ And it's always been that way. =:/

And a bath has to be bubbly, yes. ^_^ I do wish I could find more of Radox's apple variety, but it seems to've vanished. Still, I have eight other varieties to choose from on any given night, so I'll manage. =:)

True, American articles can fall prey to that - but, I suppose ethnocentrism's difficult to avoid, especially where it's almost encouraged. I found the Star Trek: Enterprise titles almost unwatchable for that factor, sadly, entirely dismissing Soviet contributions to the field (And then there's Werner von Braun..). let alone anything European.
Oh yeah, bubbles are a must. :) Three hours would probably be too much for me; I prefer not having to get out after an hour (unless I want to), but I'd probably pull the plug after at most two, no pun intended. :)

And aye, it's hard to avoid. I tend to notice it a lot because I also tend to look for it; it's hard to miss in places like Wikipedia, and once you've started noticing it there, you'll notice it everywhere. It can be quite subtle, too: going back to the Wikipedia example, it's not just what articles do and don't exist on e.g. places and people in the anglophone world and outside, or how long, detailed, well-written or up-to-date these articles are, it's also things that aren't immediately obvious, such as how important people feel articles' subjects are, e.g. for the assessment of notability for deletion discussions: the further removed from an editor's own personal experience a certain something is, the less important they will feel it is (all other factors being equal). None of this is a conscious bias, much less a deliberate one, but that only makes it all the harder to deal with.

Anyhow — going back to the article, I'm not chastising the authors for writing about what they know and what they're familiar with (and what will be of interest to an audience that is no doubt largely composed of US-Americans). I just wish they'd make it a little more explicit that they're only really writing about the USA; inserting a single word into the title ("Capturing a Generation of American Aviation Geniuses and Their Incredible Flying Machines") would neatly have solved the problem by doing away with all claims of generality, and avoided any perception of undue weight being given to one particular nation.

Then again this, too, is something that US-Americans can fall prey to, and sadly often do — I'll just point to the "World Series" in baseball. :P
I found the entirety of Enterprise unwatchable. Canon breaking fanfic that somehow got greenlit for airtime. Gene must be spinning in his grave.