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The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

We need more sci-fi bunnies

Have some lovingly illustrated quotes from that masterwork of hackery, Fifty Shades of Grey. Ye gods and little fishes, such tortured, flaccid prose! “His voice is warm and husky like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel… or something.”, or how about “I feel the color in my cheeks rising again. I must be the color of The Communist Manifesto.”

If you're in need of audiophile pseudoscience, Wat HiFi collects quotes from various magazines and columns replete with technowankery. Behold: a world where different SSDs result in different audio characteristics, a $40 silver fuse, £59 USB cable, and a 3m £1,889 ethernet cable make sense, and demagnetising CDs and DVDs is advisable.

Films: as the local fleapit has sort-of-affordable Tuesday showings, I plumped for Jupiter Ascending, which I've been looking forward to for a while. And.. it delivered, in magnificent style. It's everything they promised: a sci-fi tale of epic scope, with inspiration from all corners, including (of course) the Matrix, the Fifth Element, and Dune, amongst many others. The visual design is outstanding throughout - even if you didn't have the audio on, it'd be a film that'd captivate me. But then we have characters I actually cared about, not least our core protagonist, leading an exceptionally unglamorous life as a house cleaner in Chicago, before she's targeted as being the reincarnation of a powerful family matriarch. There's even a spot of furriness involved, with one major character having some lupine influences (sadly, only extending to the eartips), some dino sorts reminiscent of the Kleggs, and the odd background character, like an elephantine pilot. It's one hell of a ride - and probably one I'll embark on again in the coming days. ^_^ (And I've put my pre-order in on iTunes!)

Word for the day: "fisc", originally the public treasury of ancient Rome, later any state treasury or exchequer. From this, we now have the rather more commonplace fiscal.

I imagine anyone remotely interested's already seen them, but just in case, here's a set of three brief shorts starring Equestria Girls versions of Crysalis (Queen of the Changelings, an official character) and Flufflepuff (who isn't =:). It helps a little to know them, but there isn't really any need for background, beyond knowing Crysalis is.. a touch intimidating, and Flufflepuff.. a bit less so. It's a few minutes of silly fun, with a quite beautiful ending. Parts one, two, three.

From the Whimsical Heels department come these quite wonderfully silly vanilla ice cream shoes and red velvet wedges, from Shoe Bakery. =:D

Here's quite a handy guide to C11, which added some rather useful features, including improved threading support, and anonymous unions.

There's another photo editor on the way for OS X: Affinity Photo. It's currently in open beta - sign up, and you can download it immediately. At first glance, I'm liking it - the UI's clearly native, so it feels like a Mac application, and seems to offer the details you'd hope for in a more pro-oriented photo editor, such as curves per channel. (As a side note, I'm impressed by the support: I posted a feature request for PSB support, as some of my panoramas can be quite large, but support for such files is virtually non-existent outside Photoshop itself. Six minutes later, a reply saying they'd looked into it, and think it should be possible, with a little tinkering!)

Could get interesting.. the EU Parliament has voted to resume the investigation into EU complicity with CIA torture. "The European Parliament’s committees on civil liberties, foreign affairs and human rights previously investigated the CIA’s programme in 2006, and they will now resume their inquiry with new details from the Senate’s report. Passing today’s resolution, MEPs said the summary “reveals new facts that reinforce allegations that a number of EU member states… were complicit in the CIA’s secret detention and extraordinary rendition programme, sometimes through corrupt means based on substantial amounts of money provided by the CIA in exchange for their cooperation”. Romania, Poland and Lithuania are widely known to have hosted CIA black sites, along with those in Afghanistan, Thailand and Guantánamo Bay."

Imagine you're an experienced graphic designer, and are more than a tiny bit cheesed off with people hoping you'll do work for them for free/the exposure. Welcome to 27b/6. =:D

Via schnee, one of the best fan crossovers I've seen: Lucky Luke and MLP:FiM. =:D

Here's the trailer for Clive, a Banjo-Kazooie inspired platformer now at alpha, on Steam Greenlight. Windows only for now, with OS X on the cards. Download the demo (first level, fully playable) here. It does work fine under Windows 7/Parallels 8/OS X 10.10.3b1 - though, do note the current version of the demo only supports movement by analogue game controller, with keyboard/mouse support coming later.

Here's a slightly unusual game: Dark Echo. It's somewhat akin to Papa Sangre, but you're not entirely reliant on sound alone - you do have some visual cues as well, to assist in avoiding the murderous creatures after you. And, have a look at the trailer for Alto's Adventure. Technically, it's an endless snowboarding runner - nothing extraordinarily original, you might think - but that demonstrates it's possible to execute a familiar concept beautifully.

So, it's official: Jon Stewart's leaving The Daily Show.

I doubt it'll be of direct interest to anyone reading, but still, I found the news of this tattoo removal cream quite fascinating. It works on the basis that tattoos are visible due to macrophages left at the site of the ink, having consumed it; the cream works by inducing other macrophages to consume those pigmented ones. Consequently, it'll be far simpler and cheaper than laser removal, or cover-up tattoos.

Financial institutions - always very, very dull, with websites never deviating from stock photos of people apparently in sheer delight of paying bills. Maybe there's an exception, as schnee discovered - although.. you might not want to stick around too long. I'm very much hoping this is an example of the Icelandic sense of humor, else, that their web designer is taken good care of. Behold: Vogabakki.

Here's rather a nice sort of robotic TF sequence I stumbled upon via /r/transformation, by ibenz009 on DA, "Like Clockwork": pages one, two, three, four.

Finally, how about a nice little competition? (UK residents only, closing Feb 28 2015) A week for two in Langkawi, flying in BA Club World, staying in the five star Andaman in a Deluxe Rainforest room. (The answer to the question is "Kuala Lumpur")
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