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I'll sort it out, but for now, if you want to email me, use me at lapinity.com, rather than ringtail.com. As noted below, the current OS X beta's apparently bonked Google POP accounts, of which my usual is one. I'll still get it at the usual, but only on the iPad, for now. =:/

BTW, I'd be particularly interested to hear on reactions to Sister Claire. ^_^
peeep! Not really sure what to say about her... it's a cute drawing... so how could she be mistress of all evil? .. *eeep!* :D
Eep? Indeed, that would seem rather a stretch - of course, it could be merely a matter of perspective, as with the way Pan's been twisted in Christian mythos.
*nodnods!* That's why I was a bit shocked that she would start off the video by introducing herself that way... but otherwise seems nicenice :D
Umm.. ? Video?

I'm confused. Well, moreso than usual. ^_^;

Edited at 2015-02-09 02:37 am (UTC)
ooo! *ear scritches*... I went to check out her stuff, and she had videos to her livestreams, so I went to check those out, ...so *eeep!*... that's wot I wuz referring to... :D

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT404vcc1Jg .. *wingpats ya and earscritches some more*
I've been reading SC pretty much since day 1, I don't remember how I got turned on to it. It's very interesting, but I'm having a little trouble sometimes and have to shift mental gears since she's running two storylines right now. It's very good stuff.

My breakfast routine is to fire up my iMac, open up a new browser window, and load 50 some pages. Two are straight tech (Wired & Slashdot), a couple are computer security (Krebs & Heise.de), a small handful are game design, the rest are web comics plus my LJ friend's page. Unless I'm overloading my system, they're all done by the time that I finish making my breakfast and it times things well: when I'm done it's time for shower/shave/leave for work.
Wow! I'd almost got the impression I was about the second person to know of it. =:) IMHO, it really deserves to be far more widely known - the writing so fully manages to paint this atmosphere of gentle other-worldliness, whilst still feeling like somewhere that could have existed in our world as well, and perhaps still can. It's discoveries like Sister Claire that make me so pleased to keep Project Wonderful's ads whitelisted - they're usually at least interesting, even if the strip or game doesn't quite appeal to me. So, so much better than nonsense like Google AdWords, where the amusement value is more about the occasionally hilarious lack of context.

Hoo, that's quite a haul of comics! Are those mostly daily ones, then? I have an OmniWeb workspace for the dailies (currently: Sinfest, Precocious, Skin Horse, Heavenly Nostrils, Lio, Scary Go Round, Speed Bump, Non Sequitur, SMBC, and Doonesbury. I dropped Dilbert a few weeks ago, when they lost the "simple" page, without all the clutter of the rest of the site, as well as Over the Hedge, which also felt like it'd run its course)

Sitting inside Vienna, my RSS reader, there's a fair few more: SatW, Gunnerkrigg Court, Interesting Times, Happle Tea, OGLAF, Transchizophrenic, Inhuman Relations (if you like Pogo, this'll definitely appeal), Curtailed, Weesh, Whubble, Housepets, Altermeta, The Abominable Charles Christopher, GamerCat, Furthia High, Nemu Nemu, and DMFA. Then there are a few sitting in there sort of "just in case", awaiting a possible return from hiatus, such as Kukuburi, One Swoop Fell, and Jump Leads.

It's indeed a pleasant way to start the day. ^_^ (The news pages, I'll admit, I check a bit later on, once I'm caffeinated and in a better frame of mind to withstand them)
oooo.. very cool to see your listings for regular webcomix reading! *scritches ya bunneh ears*