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patch_bunny would like everyone to know that MFT3K ep.4 is now out. Enjoy "Eliminators"! ^_^

Food recommendations of the week: Morrison's "pork, crackling, and apple" crisps, a seasonal special. Not an overly loud flavor, nicely balanced. Yummy. ^_^

I recently stumbled upon a particularly fun webcomic, Rasvaar, which started in 2006, and apparently wrapped up in 2014. It's got a playful sense of humor, and some very fun characters. It begins with a fox who sort of semi-accidentally winds up either running away from home, or embarking on a roadtrip, to escape a family he knows won't accept him being gay. It's lacking the angst you might expect of such a start, though - it's more of a comedy than an earnest slice-of-life.

New Year? A relatively peaceful entrance here, actually. (I'll try harder next year =:) The roomie/landlord/old Uni friend and I simply enjoyed a lengthy array of cider, beer, and wine, with Jools Holland's Hootenannay kicking in around midnight, with so many great acts - it's a genuine celebration of music, with everyone there simply because they're damned good, not because they have a new tour/book/album to promote. And of course, there were the London fireworks, as spectacular as could be expected, rounded off with a mini concert by Queen, now fronted by Adam Lambert, who actually does a pretty good job of it. Nobody can be Freddie, of course, but I saw a good part of that attitude and spirit. No question, I'd enjoy seeing them live, in person.

On the topic of aviation incidents, here's one set of data from a close call, showing the entry into a stall, and mercifully, recovery from it - with not a lot of height at play, as the craft was close to landing. More details can be found in the incident summary over here.

Here was quite an amusing little moment from a rabbiteering run last week. ^_^ I'd spotted a squirrel not too far off, who wasn't hurrying away, but rather, taking their time gradually travelling along the branch, eventually meeting another. After exchanging squirrelly greetings, the first then basically continued walking along the branch, right over them. So, they did just what you'd expect - nudged themselves forward a bit, poking out from underneath. ^_^;

I wonder if the Adam Lambert material will be released as a CD. I have the Paul Rodgers one, it's pretty good.

Back in September I picked up the last Queen material that Freddy worked on, literally while he was dying. He would come in, lay down vocals, and go home. It's called Made In Heaven, and it's quite good and quite heart-rending. While we were in Phoenix over Thanksgiving, I picked up his solo albums, The Great Pretender, Mr. Bad Guy, and Solo. He also did an operatic album with Montserrat Caballé called Barcelona, quite good but very different. It was a quasi-commission for the Barcelona Olympics, unfortunately he died some seven weeks before the Games began.

I remember listening to their stuff back in the mid/late '70s as it was coming out, it had such amazing story-telling, and you just can't beat Freddy's voice. There was a recent Rolling Stone article on Queen and the final days of Freddy (which is how I learned about Made In Heaven) and for whatever reason I pulled up the Wikipedia entry on Freddy: the dude had a FOUR OCTAVE vocal range! Just crazy. And so sad.

Still, while I do like their later stuff, I prefer their pre-synth days. I think it had better story-telling.
Meant to ask: did John Deacon return on the drums, or did they bring in someone else? My understanding is that he's been pretty reclusive since Freddy passed.
Indeed, 'twas he! I'm now wondering if that's a bit of an exception he made, or if that's actually more the norm for the current lineup..
Oh, finestkind! They've made the show available officially!
Ohh, Barcelona! Ye gods and little fishes, I remember that debuting. ^_^; Such a magnificent piece of pop-pomp! Brilliant. And really, who else could even come close to pulling something like that off, than the two of them? Such a perfect pairing. I wonder how the idea came to be.. might you know?

I hadn't even heard of Made in Heaven. I'll have to take a look. *sigh* Dammit, he left way too bloody soon.

Yep! I could be mistaken, but I recall he held some kind of world record for vocal range. Easy to believe, given Bohemian Rhapsody and other tracks of that time. It's hardly surprising that "We Will Rock You" winds up splitting the vocals across two people, even aside from the storyline. (I wonder if it's possible to train a tonal ear.. I don't have a bad singing voice, but I can't hold a tune at all, any more than I can hold an assumed accent. If I try, I just go exploring the isles =:)

I ought to listen to their early works again - it's been a long time, really. My brother sort of wound up inadvertantly introducing me to Queen, with his collection, but as I recall, that only started with A Night at the Opera. (Wow, how much he got me into, looking back.. I otter return the favor sometime. I'll see if I can find out where he's leaning these days - Studio Killers (eg Eros & Apollo) might be a bit too electro for his tastes, but I'd be thoroughly tickled if not =:)

On the more recent front (versus early Queen), I was bowled over by Amon Tobin's ISAM tour, and dug the hell out of his previous Foley Room album. The stage show they put on for ISAM was quite something else, with extensive use of projections onto constantly shifting 3D backdrops, though TBH, I think I wound up preferring the music of Foley Room.