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Date: 2014-12-25 17:52 Security: public
I hope everyone who's enjoying Yule, Christmas, or local winter festival is having a good time of it, with family, friends, or even a significant other. ^_^

Here, I mounted a rare adventure - as I only ever cook for myself, usually, I'm unfamiliar with putting on a roast. Still, it worked out very nicely - a (too =:) huge turkey crown went in first, followed later on by Maris Piper potatoes in goose fat, then parsnips with a touch of salted caramel, accompanied by some carrots, brussels, and as the small oven was at capacity, the chipolatas in smoked bacon went into sis' oven upstairs. ^_^ (She joined us for it all, needless to say)

Having just enjoyed some sticky toffee pudding, it is clearly now time to do very little beyond ensuring I remember to switch over to BBC1 at 1815, for the good Doctor, and present a few more goodies from the laptop, happily feeding the TV, currently with Studio Killers' live performance earlier this year.
.....and wishing you a very nice 2015 too!
*hug* Thanks! With luck, it'll start off with landing some amazingly fun new gig. ^_^ Once that's accomplished, lots more becomes possible - including, if I can possibly manage it, planning a good little voyage for Mum. I know I'd enjoy seeing Singapore again, and I think she'd get a lot out of it, not least enjoying the fabulous variety of street food. =:9 And there, you're looking at 5* hotels for around $80/night. (The Equatorial, in Kuala Lumpur, a bit north in Malaysia, was a mighty 220RM/night in 2001, which worked out to $55. For a place with five top-notch in-house restaurants.. at the Chinese one, I enjoyed Peking Duck - with the waiter carefully preparing each roll for me, using nothing but tongs, perfectly (seemingly!) effortlessly)
Merry yule to you, too!
Sounds like it's been going pretty well for you too. ^_^ Has there been any good Scotch in evidence? ^_^ (None here, this year - but once the money's coming in again, I'd love to pick up a good bottle again. Though I might just split that between a few other lovely bottles, like the good Professor's Rumbullion, Bathtub Gin, and Absinthe. I'm not huge on aniseed, but that absinthe was something quite special, weighing in at 91.2%, making for a very odd flavor profile indeed. As ever, very well distilled, so it remains perfectly smooth even approaching ethanol/water's azeotropic balance)
None so far — no gifts of a drinkable nature, and the bar of the restaurant we went to last night didn't have anything I wasn't familiar with. But I've got some packages from friends left to open when said friends are around again, and I have a hunch that there might be some malt in there somewhere. ^^

91.2% ABV? That's a lot indeed; the highest you'll commonly see in stores around these parts is 80%. (Specialist liquor stores may be different.) At that point I'd probably be concerned that the sheer amount of alcohol's drowning out other flavors, though I'd of course have to give it a try and see for myself! ;)
Sounds very nice :D