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There's apparently a London Paramount Entertainment Resort on its way, anticipated for 2020, and they appear to have many IP agreements in place, including with BBC Worldwide. The site's on the Swanscombe peninsula, between Dartford and Gravesend, so rail access would seem fairly straightforward.

I'm finally getting around to Orange is the New Black - it's been just long enough since it debuted that the roomie's fine with rewatching it, this time, with company. I'm enjoying it a lot, needless to say - the creator's style is all over it, even if it's difficult to pin down quite how (beyond the incidental pot connection =:). And it sounds like I ought to see what I make of Orphan Black and Utopia, too..

Favorite track of the moment: Adachigahara's Theme, from ShockOne's EP. It featured on one of DragonBoy's mixes (was it rigelkitty who brought that to my attention? Someone evidently did =:), and whilst it's all a fiercely solid mix, that track really caught my attention. Ah, imagine a world without the likes of Shazam.. =:)

I was, of course, very pleased to see the White House commencing steps to finally restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. I dare say it'll still be a battle to get that pathetic embargo banished into history's bin, but nonetheless, a highly welcome new beginning.

"Knox, former frontman of the Vibrators, is opening up a Rock ‘n’ Roll Shop in the heart of Camden, 96 Parkway, right next to the Dublin Castle. Donate CDs, DVDs and Instruments or buy CDs, DVDs and Instruments. Proceeds go to local food banks and other charities."

Compo of the week (open worldwide, with some random exclusions) - a veritable pile of photographic wonder, including your choice of a Nikon D750 or Canon 7D Mk.II, camera-equipped quadcopter, microphones, tripod, bags, and more.

I can't be certain, but the reply to my enquiry with them hints that I'm not amongst the winners of the photography competition I've mentioned. *sigh* I would, of course, love to be proven wrong, but, if so, I'll just continue regardless. I don't document these wonderful buns' lives for fame or money (though I wouldn't refuse either, providing I don't need to go in front of a camera =:), but will do so simply both out of the innate joy therein, and in sharing these moments. Rabbits are so often overlooked, yet lead quite complex social lives, let alone their extraordinary agility and precision timing. One contest I have my eye on is conducted by the Mammal Society - though, with last year's winning subject being a hare, I'm not sure if that mightn't work against me. ^_^; But.. I stand by Momentary. I feel it's worth attention. ^_^

Interesting to see the D90 reach such a good price point - MPB have a few in stock at the moment, from £169. Even now, for a body released in August 2008, it remains in quite strong demand, with just cause - the sensor remains competitively sensitive (the D7100 does yield better results, with double the pixel count, but if you're not needing to crop much, 12MP is plenty for quite decent print sizes), and unlike the more recent low-end models, it includes some worthwhile additions, such as two control wheels rather than one, making for nimble independent adjustment of (say) aperture and shutter speed, an internal flash commander, and an internal focus motor, suitable for driving older AF lenses without their own focus motors. Definitely a camera you can grow into, and at that kind of price, well worth considering! Of course, then there's the tiny matter of lenses.. not necessarily eye-watering, unless you're hankering after wildlife photography, in which case they start at Ouch, and wind up at Faint. That said, even if I had carte blanche, I'm actually quite comfortable with the Nikkor 300mm f/4D + TC14E. It doesn't have the sheer reach of the insane Sigmonster or Nikon's superlative 800mm f/5.6 (which comes with its own dedicated 1.25 TC, if you so choose, for 1000mm f/8), but it is very sharp, even on the D7100's high resolution sensor, and importantly, is light enough to be comfortably handheld for a couple hours of bunspotting.

And this is what it's all about. Insane costs in equipment, let alone travel.. but it's worth every bit of it, at least to me. ^_^

(Isn't it fascinating how universal the need for a good yawn is? Is this just a mammal thing - do reptiles and birds yawn? Wow.. Wikipedia suggests they do! I wonder if any culture has a god responsible for yawning..)

Bah. I should've taken a photo of it.. but, tonight's pizza worked out rather well. =:9 I began with a bought ham, spinach, and ricotta pizza on a thin base, then added.. let's see. Some chopped up onion, some halved small cherry tomatoes, a little ras el hanout, some fresh basil, some rosemary, a little lemon myrtle, and some cheap ham. Then, midway through cooking, some defrosted cheap (small, but ideal for this kind of cooking) prawns, with the water mostly smooshed out of them. All worked out really nicely balanced, with enough herbiness to be satisfying, and just enough meat, similarly, without going into overload, and entirely lacking in greasiness.

Every time I manage to get down to the old bunspot, I'm reminded of just how much fun it is to photograph down there, with a population that's almost always out and about, and about four different good vantage points along the length of the field. Here's one of them wondering just what am I doing..

(Deleted comment)
I really ought to note this kind of thing down - it sort of feels like a loose end, not remembering where I encountered some short or mix. =:/

I'm going to have to check out his work more routinely, definitely. Rather wish he were on LJ, but no matter. ^_^

And this has actually managed to remind me to listen to your latest release. ^_^; Conveniently, I even had the headphones already on, having just listened to said ShockOne track. Loving the intro already..
Phenomenal Yan Snap! :D

BTW, have you tried any of the build-your-own pizza places (which I reviewed a few days ago).. ? :9 ... Thanks for another batch of snazzy links!
Hmm! Nope, can't say I've actually encountered any such joints hereabouts. Certainly could be interesting, especially locally, where the offerings are mostly very humdrum - Domino's, Pizza Hut, and loads of generic pizza joints emulating them. *sigh* Frustratingly, there was/is(?) a newcomer that offered an engagingly thin base (I adore Italian style =:) for a delivery outfit, and some novel toppings - we opted for the lamb curry. *giggle* Believe it or not, it worked. =:D (Although the lamb looked very chicken-like =:) But they only seem to open sporadically, and weren't open when I passed by them on Saturday, around 5pm, so I'm concerned they've gone under already. Which wouldn't be hugely surprising, as it took a lot of searching to find their site, and they've not delivered any menus hereabouts.

Still, there are a couple decent restaurant chains with good pizzas: Zizzi, and Pizza Express. Trouble is, if I'm going out to eat, I usually want somewhere I can kick back for a few hours, and both are very much in the "get 'em in, get 'em out" chain restaurant flow, with no ambience to lure you into staying longer.
Is this just a mammal thing - do reptiles and birds yawn?

Not sure about birds, but I'd definitely seen lizards and dragons yawn.
You've seen dragons yawn? Wow. =:D

And lo, YouTube indeed has footage of yawning crocodiles. Think I'll stick with concentrating on rabbits. ^_^
"Dragons" as in Komodo dragons etc., not dragon-dragons. :) Still, they're quite impressive when they do it! (Not that they aren't at other times.)

And that's quite neat!

I too would like to see a dragon yawn :)
We consider Orphan Black to be pretty awesome. IIRC, the third season starts up in March or so over here.
It does sound like a rather nifty premise. ^_^

Ahh, it's a BBC production! Not a huge surprise - I watch a few shows from any broadcasters, but as far as the UK goes, the ones that grab my attention are overwhelmingly BBC-based: MasterChef (and its variants), Doctor Who, The World's Greatest Markets (surprisingly engaging - an old hand from Smithfields gets sent to three prominent markets around the world, in New York, Mexico City, and Delhi, with the challenge of making a success as a newbie there), Secrets of Quantum Physics, The Mekong River with Sue Perkins, QI, The London Markets (a few years old now, but still, a fascinating look into the changing microsocieties within the major markets, their history, and their futures), Later with Jools Holland (music galore, and always just because the acts are good and interesting, not because they've got some new tour or album to promote).. though the other broadcasters do occasionally turn out something that appeals, like The Hotel Inspector, and the incomparable, original Kitchen Nightmares, recently capped by four new episodes around Europe, "Costa del Nightmares".
I have yet to even watch one episode of Orange Is The New Black.