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Bubbling from the oven

Please tell me about memorable food you've enjoyed. ^_^ Doesn't matter why - maybe it was an excellent chef, or the company you enjoyed, or maybe someone special to you made it. (If there's any need for a Friends Only entry on the theme, I'd be fine with that - just let me know here, or by email) For my part - well, there's got to be that evening in 2001, at Jameson's in Brisbane. The place, I believe, is gone, and the chef's moved on into Asia - and deservedly. We (myself and a friend of the host) had their tasting menu - the chef's inspiration was jointly the extraordinarily fresh seafood so easily found in Australia, and the Japanese sensibility toward simplicity in cooking. As they say in MasterChef - there's nowhere to hide when the dishes are that "simple".

And then there are family favorites - Dad's Coquilles Saint Jacques, and Mum's German apple cake. I shan't be able to enjoy his work again, but I'm going to have to plead with Mum to make that up for the Christmas feast. ^_^ (And maybe I'll try my paw at the scallops! Not a complicated dish, even if I don't have the shells we used to serve it in, back at our second place. Which is apparently still open, under a new guise, of course. Wish I had the money to reopen the first - gorgeous property, but it'd need management really driven to make a success of it, as it's not in any particularly special location - you'd need to be able to draw people in. As Dad did, so ably, during what was probably the happiest time of his life)

Just a reminder: if you're in the Bay, you might enjoy turning up at the Castro Theatre at 7.20pm on Friday, Dec 12, for a Midnites for Maniacs double bill presentation of Roger Rabbit (including the Tummy Trouble and Roller Coaster Rabbit shorts!) followed by Ed Wood. ^_^ (And on Friday, Jan 2 2015, it's a pairing of Snowpiercer and Runaway Train)

If you haven't been following it, I must recommend the recent BBC Two series, following Sue Perkins up the Mekong. You'll learn, even in measly hour long segments. Well, okay.. it feels short, when there's so much to see and understand.

Early hominid history may be about to undergo another evolution, with the intriguing discovery of a zig-zag etched shell in Indonesia, dating from around 430,000 years ago.

I see Qualcomm's working on a project that's positively calling out for a thoroughly furry logo: MARE: Multicore Asynchronous Runtime Environment. Or maybe that's part of Sweetie Bot's architecture..

Fun bit of tech snark, courtesy of the Macalope: Dead again: Unshipped products kill Apple every time, this time, the Amazon Echo.

Flickr recently introduced their "Wall Art" program, permitting folks to order their own work as prints of various styles and sizes, as well as any CC-licensed ones that don't forbid commercial use. (eg BY-NC-SA would not be available as Wall Art to anybody but you, whilst BY-SA would be available to everyone) Additionally, there's the Flickr Marketplace. If your request for inclusion is approved by the curation team, then your work would be available, with you receiving 51% of net sales.

Wow, so the Yosemite beta 14C68m wasn't much fun. =:P I wound up reverting to the latest public release, as it played havoc with the rendering of several apps I use routinely, notably Aperture, Vienna (for RSS), GraphicConverter (for viewing just about any image format, and sports a good slideshow function), and Preview (for PDFs and routine images). The upside was getting to finally see Saturday's shots properly. ^_^ I'd looked at them on the iPad, but that's some way from being under full control of their RAW processing within Aperture. Even after the fact, it still brings me such pleasure to look upon their daily lives. Is it odd that even a couple years later, I can point out precisely where in a given field each of my selected shots was taken? ^_^;

And it's looking another beautifully sunny day today! So, I'm heading back down again - the combination of so much bunnitude is difficult enough to resist, but last time, I finally tried the pizza van (a classic Citroen!) outside the station - and ye gods, but that was good stuff! Not far off the Real Italian Pizza Company. And to see the cheese still bubbling away as it's lifted away out of the wood-fired oven and deposited in the box.. so by the time I ate it in the Evening Star, all of about fifty seconds' walk away, it was still quite fresh. =:9 Lively buns, great pizza, and a nigh endless selection of beer - really not a bad way to spend a Saturday. ^_^

This article collects what's been reported, outlining exactly how the NSA and GCHQ go about tapping internet cables. "Recently disclosed documents show that the NSA's fourth-largest cable tapping program, codenamed INCENSER, pulls its data from just one single source: a submarine fiber optic cable linking Asia with Europe. Until now, it was only known that INCENSER was a sub-program of WINDSTOP and that it collected some 14 billion pieces of internet data a month. The latest revelations now say that these data are collected with the help of the British company Cable & Wireless (codenamed GERONTIC, now part of Vodafone) at a location in Cornwall in the UK, codenamed NIGELLA. For the first time, this gives us a view on the whole interception chain, from the parent program all the way down to the physical interception facility. Here we will piece together what is known about these different stages and programs from recent and earlier publications."

If you're up for a particularly well produced graphical adventure on the go, how about Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath? It came out the other day quite by surprise. You'll probably want a more recent iThing for best results, though the prefs do claim to be able to adjust resolution, shadows, and suchlike.

Here's an interesting chart, showing the usage of different common emoticons, split across male and female users. Often, the rates are similar, but sometimes, wildly different!

Here's one of the spiffiest Tube maps you'll have ever seen, laid out geographically (rather than the standard stylised look), including dates of opening and closing for the various lines and stations. (PDF and PNG versions can be downloaded here)

I hadn't even realised this was available, let alone free - bunnie's Hacking the Xbox, a trove of deeply geeky exploration of hardware hacking.

Do you know of anywhere (online or otherwise) with a very broad range of films available to buy? I'd love to pick up a copy of one of my favorite terrible films, "Armageddon: the Final Challenge", but not only does it barely register on any search engine (the Corn Pone Flicks review does it justice, though =:), but I can't seem to find anywhere it's available. And it's old enough that it's very unlikely to've seen a DVD release, so even if it can be found, it's likely to be NTSC VHS - so then the problem would be how to digitise it. ^_^;

A fun animated music video, demonstrating the difficulties of being Cupid: Raji Rabbit - Take Me Away. ^_^ And, Несчастный Случай — Робот Виталий - on the benefits of drinking antifreeze, if you're a robot.

Random engineering news: a new (Chinese owned, of course) container ship's set a record for largest engine ever constructed, at 17.2m tall, with a power output of around 56.8MW (ca. 76,170 hp).

Here's one particularly striking tale from /u/TalesFromTechSupport: part 1, part 2, wherein the techie figure helps out in an acrimonious divorce. Egad.

Finally saw Interstellar the other day, which lived up to expectations entirely. It's so rare to see genuine science fiction on the big screen, not merely Evil Alien Invaders™. I admit, I twigged the twist as soon as one line referring to time was spoken, but that didn't spoil the wonder when matters became clear. (Must be something about Nolan's films.. wound up leaving by an emergency exit after Inception, and after this) Please, Hollywood, more like this! Ah, to see A Fire Upon the Deep on the big screen.. or for fantasy, how about Spellsinger? With contemporary CGI, most or all of the furs could be digital, though I admit, I'd love to see at least some use of painstakingly designed prostheses, so you'd know they actually really did exist. ^_^
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