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Actual, frustratingly long entry coming soon. ^_^

Meanwhile, I was curious.. if it's not terminally embarrassing (or even if it is =:) - how did your parents explain How Babies Are Made to you?

In my case, it was my mother who explained that Dad had put a seed inside her. O.o;

Which.. well, no, didn't really explain very much. All I thought of was the racks of seeds in gardening shops, and even I knew that didn't quite seem right. It's not that I was shielded, though - a year or so later, I was reading a children's guide to it all, well illustrated. All seemed rather squishy and icky, so I didn't pay such matters any mind for several years. =:)
Figured it out on my own.

Mom tried explaining the biology to me around kindergarten or first grade. I stopped her and rattled it off myself. She wasn't surprised. I always bothered other adults by "knowing too much" for my age but Mom nurtured my curiosity.

Still don't understand why we have to tread on eggshells when discussing sex.

I mean it's just SEX.


I still remember squicking out a lady at the hair salon because I was asking my mom about the circulatory system.

"Isn't he a little young to know about blood and organs?"

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