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Actual, frustratingly long entry coming soon. ^_^

Meanwhile, I was curious.. if it's not terminally embarrassing (or even if it is =:) - how did your parents explain How Babies Are Made to you?

In my case, it was my mother who explained that Dad had put a seed inside her. O.o;

Which.. well, no, didn't really explain very much. All I thought of was the racks of seeds in gardening shops, and even I knew that didn't quite seem right. It's not that I was shielded, though - a year or so later, I was reading a children's guide to it all, well illustrated. All seemed rather squishy and icky, so I didn't pay such matters any mind for several years. =:)
When I was little, we read some Swedish kids' book on the matter that was en vogue at the time. That was the good part.

When I was a teen, I read a lot of youth magazines with their sex advice columns, and "the talk" with my parents consisted of one of them (I don't recall which) asking "you know about these things, don't you?" in the car quite literally one minute before we got to the supermarket, and me replying "yes". That part was... not quite so good.