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Actual, frustratingly long entry coming soon. ^_^

Meanwhile, I was curious.. if it's not terminally embarrassing (or even if it is =:) - how did your parents explain How Babies Are Made to you?

In my case, it was my mother who explained that Dad had put a seed inside her. O.o;

Which.. well, no, didn't really explain very much. All I thought of was the racks of seeds in gardening shops, and even I knew that didn't quite seem right. It's not that I was shielded, though - a year or so later, I was reading a children's guide to it all, well illustrated. All seemed rather squishy and icky, so I didn't pay such matters any mind for several years. =:)
My dad's method of instruction was to fill the nightstand at his bedside with porn, where he knew I would snoop and discover it. It wasn't just his 'stash', because the material in there changed constantly, almost like a lending library. And in it was every kind of kink you could think of. This was, however, back in the day when the vast majority of porn was 'dirty books', not pictures, so pretty much everything was left to the imagination, but then again, nothing seemed to be left to the imagination in the descriptions in these books! Some of the stories were quite memorable, too. I really wish I'd gotten a chance to save a few of them, but after he died, I could find only one. It's called 'The Loins of Amon'. It begins with Ancient Egyptian priests preparing a virgin for sexual initiation by a troupe of male baboons. *chuckle* Like I said, every kink imaginable! Except furry, that is. For that, I had the sumptuous illustrations in my mom's old English storybooks, the imagery of which turned me on vastly more powerfully than the stuff Dad made available to me...
HA! Oh, dear oh dear.. but, then, that did seem to leave the way open for however you might choose, ne? ^_^

I'll have to echo your regret on not being able to save a few of these! =:D By all means, scan that issue if you feel so inclined - could be a hoot just given the period, let alone that specific story.. ! (The roomie has a book of cover artwork of "Men's" pulp magazines - absolutely wonderful! So magnificently over the top, but still, so fantastically dramatic)

Ah, so you had clues about your furriness from fairly early on? I do feel it's quite innate. Even from early on, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the werewolves in classic flicks. How very appropriate that the book one teacher chose to read out to the class (a few pages a day) was Paul Gallico's Jennie, wherein a boy is knocked down, and awakes to find himself a cat, taken under the wing of another, Jennie, rather more experienced in the ways of being a cat. The teacher only got about half way through, before summer holidays began, so for years I had that dangling in my mind, before eventually happening upon a copy. Naturally, I bought it, and completed it straight away. ^_^