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Actual, frustratingly long entry coming soon. ^_^

Meanwhile, I was curious.. if it's not terminally embarrassing (or even if it is =:) - how did your parents explain How Babies Are Made to you?

In my case, it was my mother who explained that Dad had put a seed inside her. O.o;

Which.. well, no, didn't really explain very much. All I thought of was the racks of seeds in gardening shops, and even I knew that didn't quite seem right. It's not that I was shielded, though - a year or so later, I was reading a children's guide to it all, well illustrated. All seemed rather squishy and icky, so I didn't pay such matters any mind for several years. =:)
Nothing.  No "The Talk" at all.  My brother got Everything you Wanted to Know About Sex but were Afraid to Ask out of the library — my mother confiscated it, apparently out of a belief that boys won't be boys if they don't find out how.
O.o; Wow. I suppose it's sort of touching, to see such innocent concern, but.. good grief, that's not a great decision. =:P

Not, of course, that that stops many a politician from behaving precisely the same way, just with awfully more authority.
My dad's method of instruction was to fill the nightstand at his bedside with porn, where he knew I would snoop and discover it. It wasn't just his 'stash', because the material in there changed constantly, almost like a lending library. And in it was every kind of kink you could think of. This was, however, back in the day when the vast majority of porn was 'dirty books', not pictures, so pretty much everything was left to the imagination, but then again, nothing seemed to be left to the imagination in the descriptions in these books! Some of the stories were quite memorable, too. I really wish I'd gotten a chance to save a few of them, but after he died, I could find only one. It's called 'The Loins of Amon'. It begins with Ancient Egyptian priests preparing a virgin for sexual initiation by a troupe of male baboons. *chuckle* Like I said, every kink imaginable! Except furry, that is. For that, I had the sumptuous illustrations in my mom's old English storybooks, the imagery of which turned me on vastly more powerfully than the stuff Dad made available to me...
HA! Oh, dear oh dear.. but, then, that did seem to leave the way open for however you might choose, ne? ^_^

I'll have to echo your regret on not being able to save a few of these! =:D By all means, scan that issue if you feel so inclined - could be a hoot just given the period, let alone that specific story.. ! (The roomie has a book of cover artwork of "Men's" pulp magazines - absolutely wonderful! So magnificently over the top, but still, so fantastically dramatic)

Ah, so you had clues about your furriness from fairly early on? I do feel it's quite innate. Even from early on, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the werewolves in classic flicks. How very appropriate that the book one teacher chose to read out to the class (a few pages a day) was Paul Gallico's Jennie, wherein a boy is knocked down, and awakes to find himself a cat, taken under the wing of another, Jennie, rather more experienced in the ways of being a cat. The teacher only got about half way through, before summer holidays began, so for years I had that dangling in my mind, before eventually happening upon a copy. Naturally, I bought it, and completed it straight away. ^_^
er.... um.. it's the stork... or Santa Claus... right...? :}
There was no explanation. I remember asking the question, there may have been a book sought from the library, but I really don't remember. At some point 'I just knew'!

Alas for a while after I didn't know what the term "make love" meant. So it's in hindsight I suffer embarrassment recalling while watching some program or other about native tribal people, one of them was talking about "making love". And I remarked something like "how silly, how can you make love?" There were exchanged smiles but no reply, which puzzled me further at the time! Oh dear.
When I was little, we read some Swedish kids' book on the matter that was en vogue at the time. That was the good part.

When I was a teen, I read a lot of youth magazines with their sex advice columns, and "the talk" with my parents consisted of one of them (I don't recall which) asking "you know about these things, don't you?" in the car quite literally one minute before we got to the supermarket, and me replying "yes". That part was... not quite so good.
Well, I can vaguely remember being at least 3 or 4 and asking my mom and dad this question, at which point they both looked very uneasy (for reasons I did not understand at the time) and went, "Ummm...umm...umm..." And then I ended up answering my own question by saying, "Wait, I know! It happens when a mommy and daddy want a baby and so they pray to God for a long time asking if he'll give them the kind they want, and if they pray hard enough, he does!" To which my parents' looks of unease quickly turned to relief and they said, "Why, yes, that's right, dear!"

...Many years later I learned how it really happens, of course. :)

I also had one of those "children's guides" when I was very young, too, but I think it focused more on human anatomy and was supposed to get me thinking about the idea of toilet training than anything else.
As a child, I was given the same talk as you with seeds only my Christian parents added the 'and God waters it to make it grow'.

The problem is that already in kindergarten, I had learned about 'putting the car in the garage' and similar childish euphemisms, and at that point I pretty much knew what my dad was talking about and thought his metaphor of using plants was stupid.

I think if my parents had their way, I'd remain seven years old the rest of my life.
Figured it out on my own.

Mom tried explaining the biology to me around kindergarten or first grade. I stopped her and rattled it off myself. She wasn't surprised. I always bothered other adults by "knowing too much" for my age but Mom nurtured my curiosity.

Still don't understand why we have to tread on eggshells when discussing sex.

I mean it's just SEX.


I still remember squicking out a lady at the hair salon because I was asking my mom about the circulatory system.

"Isn't he a little young to know about blood and organs?"

Edited at 2014-07-24 07:18 pm (UTC)
I grew up in a religious household, so it was just the fact of the place that we weren't to discuss it. I have an older brother, so I heard snippets from older boys trying to piece it together.

I had a general idea what sex was when I was 6, anyway. I was already a big fan of penises, though I hadn't had the opportunity to do anything about that.
I read books constantly, far above my age level. I knew long before they tried to tell me, and then it was just "Right, so it works like (x)?" and my incredibly alarmed parents going "uh yes but don't ever do it".

Oddly, they were unhappy when I announced I was pretty gay and unlikely to ever produce kids. Contradictions.
Nobody told me the birds and the bees story. I kinda had to figure it out myself. I discovered some Playboy magazines in the sauna we had installed but they were thrown out once it was discovered that I discovered them.

Didn't know what the words "male" and "female" meant until about grade 5 though I did figure out the differences between males and females around grade 5.
I can't remember.

When junior school did it, it didn't come as a surprise, but it did leave me thinking that the reason parents only had a few children was that the male cycle didn't coincide with the female one very often.
*grin* An understandable conclusion. ^_^ (And, of course, true in some regard with some species, like the giant and red pandas, both with quite brief seasons, and such expansive domains, though humanity's doing what it can to contract those ranges)
(Deleted comment)
Sad to see you go. I hope things fare well for you for a long time to come.
(Deleted comment)
I don't necessarily follow anyone here anywhere else. You're far from alone in that regard, in Twitter's case. Here, I read what people say, and reply as I can, if I have time. Twitter, I skim, and don't really mind if it vanishes.

I don't mean to upset you, but I am managing to do so with alarming efficiency, which is not what I've known of you in previous time, and is not anything I'm intending to accomplish. I'm really not trying to score points or disdain you in any way, yet you're perceiving my not following you there as a strong insult. Perhaps we regard Twitter rather differently?

All I can repeat is that LJ is my wittering home. I'll spend weeks honing an entry, down to ensuring the photos are (hopefully) adequate, and that the text has a reasonable chance of flowing well. It's where I can engage in conversation and discussion, to a much more sensible regard than a poxy 140 characters affords.

Whilst my presence (which sounds dreadfully grandiose) on Twitter is likely to diminish, as there's so much noise, and frankly, couldn't give a hoot if it shut down tomorrow, I'll be on LJ until Putin closes it down.
I don't necessarily follow anyone here anywhere else. You're far from alone in that regard, in Twitter's case.

You are following 363 accounts on Twitter, but only 106 on LJ.
And you expect me to believe that you somehow cannot possibly follow everyone you follow on LJ on Twitter?

The answer to that question is no. No, you cannot expect me to believe that.

I'm just going to accept the fact that for some reason you don't like me, and that I was mistaken that we were ever friends. Time to move on.