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If you use Master of Malt for your whisky, rum, and other essentials, you may be pleased to know that DPD is an option for delivery, even though they often tend to use Parcelforce. In a response to a query on the matter, they replied that you can specify to use Interlink in your delivery instructions. Interlink now partner with DPD, offering the same one hour delivery window, confirmation by email and SMS, and even GPS tracking of the vehicle. =:D

I've long enjoyed Potato Otter's work, with this shiny kitty (NSFW) being a particular favorite. But, he hasn't been taking commissions in quite a while. At random, I thought I'd enquire anyway - and received a "yes". ^_^ Voilà!

Amongst my recent order with Master of Malt were two drams - a superb way of trying out spirits you might not be sure about, or can't afford as a full bottle. In this case, Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Cold-Distilled Absinthe - reviews seemed very warm, suggesting it was very well balanced, and that the anise side wasn't overly pronounced - a good thing for me, as I'm not especially attracted to anise fundamentally. Part of what contributes to its cost is that it's vacuum distilled at room temperature, resulting in a near azeotropic mix of 91.2% ABV. And.. yes. It's probably unlike any spirit you've tried, due to that, but also the exquisite infusions. It's extraordinarily dry, but the alcohol vanishes fairly quickly, leaving such an elegant bouquet! It's quite absurd.

Preceding that, however, was a Scotch, distilled by BenRiach in 1971, maturing for 42 years. At £470 for a bottle, not quite something I could pick up on a whim. =:) But as a 3cl dram? Much easier. =:D Was it worth it? Oh, fsck yes. I shan't even attempt to describe or critique - I'm useless at that on any level. But there were so many levels of flavor, so many dimensions sprouting out every which way.. just amazing.

And apparently (wish I'd known about it!) last night there was an AMA from Goldie Foxx of Studio Killers. Don't suppose anyone has £4k they can spare to turn me into a Studio Killers character? =:D
Not for a while. ^_^ The next expenditure of that scale will be something holiday related, so I can take Mum somewhere she hasn't seen before. But it is something I will consider, as and when finances permit - hardly a minor purchase, but it'd certainly last a while (then again.. =:), and the extraordinary complexity.. I'd certainly encourage you to order a dram yourself! They don't offer samples of every whisky, but quite a lot of them. (They do deliver worldwide - for Germany, their standard two-day service is a flat £10.66 for up to ten bottles, which doesn't compare that badly against than the £4.89 std/£6.95 next day within the UK)

If you do sometime place such an order, you might consider any of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's creations alongside - I'm very fond of his Navy-Strength Rumbullion, a spiced rum that's bordering on becoming a liqueur. Really quite delicious, and belies its potency. The standard Bathtub Gin is remarkably well refined, quite delicate, whilst its Navy Strength sibling is much more forceful, with the botanicals positively blossoming everywhere, whilst still remaining entirely sippable. And, of course, they have one or two Scotches. =:D
The rum sounds nice. I've never gotten into other spirits, but a "bordering on becoming a liqueur" sounds good. And "navy-strength"? I take it that's the rum equivalent of cask strength? :)

I'd certainly encourage you to order a dram yourself!

I'm tempted, but 32.16 EUR plus 13.36 EUR for shipping (their figures) is a lot to spend on a small sample. I'd be more than happy to try it if someone had a bottle open and offered me a taste, but I can't justify spending that much. I'm able to afford the occasional dram (and I'm glad I am), but I'm not rich.

Not that it isn't tempting, still. :)