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A rather fun competition for the artists: transformation art, sponsored by Microsoft. Yes, really: "You get three panels to show us a three-stage progression into a radically different person or thing." Three winners will be flown, from anywhere in the world, to Brooklyn, Honolulu, or LA, to collaborate with one of three artists, as well as receiving a Surface Pro 3. Entries close on June 24 2014.

If you're in need of new ponymusic, one artist I've only just stumbled upon is OhPonyBoy, who seems to be in quite a groove. Four tracks I found particularly fun: The Stellae Key, part 1 is (perhaps) the opening to an animated storyline; Squirrelnies is a sort of abstract animated uptempo oddity; It's About Time is a nicely animated recounting of the emergence of Nightmare Moon; and whilst not really a music video as such, more a cool visualiser doing its stuff, the track's worth sharing regardless - Find My Place.

Hearth's Warming Con is a nascent MLP:FiM con in the Netherlands, currently raising funds to put it together in February 2015. Sort of tempting - it's been a while since I was in .nl, and that'd be a pretty good excuse. ^_^

And if you've been pondering backing Studio Killers, go for it! It's looking possible they'll succeed in their target, but it's going to be painfully tight. They've updated the rewards again, leaving me with no option but to bump up to the £65 level, giving the "Name in Lights" as well as the pre-stuffed USB drive.

Cthulhu's an interesting looking AU/VST plugin, mapping a keyboard into chords; it comes supplied with the chords from a large number of Bach's chorales, making for surprisingly highly effective use in electronica. The demonstration video shows it off far more effectively than I can merely describe it.

I must've missed it when the article first appeared (but, I am a bunny of very little brain), but here's a refreshingly non-sensationalist story about a theory for a modified Alcubierre Drive. In its original form, it's technically not impossible to make a drive that would permit interstellar travel in a matter of weeks, by essentially deforming space, rendering the space in front.. less so, whilst "expanding" the space behind it. It could work, hypothetically, but would require vast resources, on the order of planets. The trick here might be able to bring that down to more a matter of hundreds of kilos. It's a long way from being reality, needless to say - first, they'll be trying to demonstrate the basic effect in the lab, on a minute scale.

Here's a few minutes of utterly wonderful interplay between Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, in one of their stage productions of Bottom, wherein they slip in and out of character repeatedly. (And yes, the effort to propel "Noble England" to Number One appears to be working.. not quite there yet, but very close. And it's actually a genuinely good track! You can see the video over here, and buy it in all the usual places, either just the radio edit, or the full EP; eg iTunes. Be warned, it is something of an earworm)

As a result of their recent Kickstarter, I'll be making an appearance in one of the Scandinavia and the World animated shorts. ^_^;
technically not impossible

Those three words really say it all, don't they. :)

It's interesting, but I'm not holding my breath for the biweekly Alpha Centauri shuttle just yet.

As a result of their recent Kickstarter, I'll be making an appearance in one of the Scandinavia and the World animated shorts. ^_^;


If you're in need of new ponymusic, one artist I've only just stumbled upon is OhPonyBoy, who seems to be in quite a groove.

I'll have to check those out tonight!
Oh, very much so - first, they need to see if the underlying principle even works to some vanishingly tiny degree. Given the article's from 2012, I'll have to see if there's been any progress since. (Unfortunately, the story's recently gained a new head of steam, pushing the focus away from the very modest goals, and toward some renderings of spaceship designs intended to incorporate such a drive - nothing to do with the project, just someone inspired by it)

I was wary of committing to that pledge level, but after sending an enquiry to the guy, wondering if being a snowshoe hare would be any problem - given SatW isn't a furry strip as such - and receiving confirmation that'd be fine, I was irresistibly lured to such a unique opportunity. ^_^ Rather cool to see how oversubscribed the Kickstarter was! (Ah, if only I could say the same for Studio Killers' - but, it might yet happen. I'd obviously like to receive the goodies, but I'd also really like the opportunity to see them live somewhere. I wonder if they'd be up for a furcon.. given they're apparently London based, maybe Confuzzled?)

Reminds me, I need to check out what General Mumble's been up to lately - there've been a few tracks from them I've particularly enjoyed. Triply so any with music videos.
OK, I gave them a listen. :) Quite nice, and I'd actually heard (and seen) the first three before, probably on EqD.

Very nice to hear that a snowshoe hare wasn't a problem, too! It's hardly a given in a strip like SatW, after all, but yes, very nice to hear it worked out.

Hmm, furcons. It's a pity RBW folded, isn't it? That was smack in the middle of London IIRC; these days the London Furs might still be doing events. CFz, what with being in Birmingham, would still not be *too* far away, of course!

And General Mumble... been a while since I've added anything he did to my playlist, I think, but then again there's so much pony music and so little time. :)
Oh! Well, cool they're actually receiving recognition. ^_^ I'll have to try to keep up with the guy's work. I wonder if BandCamp's finally got a real payment processor, or if they're still winging it with PayPal.. =:P (Or do they have arrangements with CDbaby? I vaguely recall one of those sites did, so they could easily appear on iTunes et al)

Mm, I'd been wary - I didn't want to try forcing furriness onto SatW, but I'm loving the prospect of seeing Mepsu's take on bunnitude. =:D I sent a query to him, and wound up receiving official confirmation that wasn't a problem, so I could feel comfortable in bumping up my support to that level. (FSM knows, I've no interest in seeing my human appearance animated. Not that it's hideous, but - it's not really me, ne?)

Who knows? Maybe I'll even wind up at a ponycon somewhere. ^_^ But, I admit, I'd probably feel much more comfortable going out and about in properly furry form, whether pony or SL-based, and that's a significant undertaking. One which I will complete, in whatever timeframe is required. ^_^;
Last I checked, Bandcamp still used Paypal, though they may also take other payment processors — I'm not sure. Paypal seems like a bad choice for minor payments, anyway, given the large fixed cut they take out of payments in addition to the variable percentage. I don't think they integrate with CDBaby, but again, don't take my word for it. :)

A ponycon would be nice, too. There's BUCK and BronyScot in the UK, GalaCon in Germany, Brony Days in France (who also win a prize for having the best mascot ever, Madame Banane), Crystal Fair in Finland, Czequestria in the Czech Republic, Hearth's Warming Con in the Netherlands and Summer Wrap-Up Festival in Spain, at the very least, as far as European conventions go; quite a few to choose from already, and the list's bound to grow. Hmm, I wonder if EqD has a con directory.
I am a bunny of very little brain

This statement seems inconsistent with the rest of your vast LJ output :)