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Just curious: what's your favorite cocktail(s)?

For me, I think it's got to be the Long Island Iced Tea. ^_^ There's just something about the complexity of flavor that results that leaves it so desirable.

The mix I'm using today:

Equal measures of:
- basic white rum (Morrison's, in this case)
- London gin (same)
- Curaçao (don't skimp here - Gabriel Boudier's is superb, from Waitrose)
- tequila (here, Aqua Riva reposado - you want a fairly up-front one, not something superbly mellow like Patrón Silver)
- vodka (in this case, Chase, but pretty much anything will do)

Add a shake of lemon juice, ice, and a good dash of cheap diet cola. Yum!
Finestkind! Thanks for that - I'll take a look, and make a selection.

The pricing may, in part, be due to the taxation involved, which can be quite significant on a cheap bottle of wine, per this wine calculator, though arguably less significant for a spirit, per this HMRC tariff list. At £23.80 per litre of alcohol, a 700ml bottle at 40% would attract 0.28 of that rate, so £6.66, plus 20% VAT.

I suspect I may be bringing one or two bottles back with me, when I next swing past the Bay. ^_^

(Oo! Just noticed - as far as LJ's concerned, this is apparently entry number 1000 in my journal!)
Thanks for explaining the sin tax syntax.

I figured it must be some sort of tariff that was bumping the price upwards.

I've been trying to come up with a excuse to get myself a Glenfarclas bottle distilled in 1972 - my birth year. It's $650 at a store near me and I have been visiting it once a week because I'm considering buying it.