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Just curious: what's your favorite cocktail(s)?

For me, I think it's got to be the Long Island Iced Tea. ^_^ There's just something about the complexity of flavor that results that leaves it so desirable.

The mix I'm using today:

Equal measures of:
- basic white rum (Morrison's, in this case)
- London gin (same)
- Curaçao (don't skimp here - Gabriel Boudier's is superb, from Waitrose)
- tequila (here, Aqua Riva reposado - you want a fairly up-front one, not something superbly mellow like Patrón Silver)
- vodka (in this case, Chase, but pretty much anything will do)

Add a shake of lemon juice, ice, and a good dash of cheap diet cola. Yum!
Long Island Iced Tea is definitely what got me started in the world of cocktails, but the problem is that as a cocktail, it contains so many spirits that you never get a handle on what each of them taste like.

As I've explored the 'simpler' cocktails that only have one spirit, I've come to know that there are flavors and subtleties in the inebriation that affect me differently.

Also - my sweet tooth is pretty much gone so I'm not interested in something where the sweetness covers up the flavor of the spirit(though I love a well-made Mai Tai)

So my journey into single-spirit cocktails started with things like Cosmos and Margaritas that I made at home and expanded into things like Bees Knees, Manhattans and others.

One flavor that I can't seem to get around is one from a drink I've 'made up'

1 shot - Templeton Rye
1 dash - Grade B maple syrup
5 dashs - black walnut bitters

Shake with ice and serve over rocks

This is a very good and solid drink with a smooth mouthfeel, a sweet entry and a complex finish thanks to the maple and rye.