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Just curious: what's your favorite cocktail(s)?

For me, I think it's got to be the Long Island Iced Tea. ^_^ There's just something about the complexity of flavor that results that leaves it so desirable.

The mix I'm using today:

Equal measures of:
- basic white rum (Morrison's, in this case)
- London gin (same)
- Curaçao (don't skimp here - Gabriel Boudier's is superb, from Waitrose)
- tequila (here, Aqua Riva reposado - you want a fairly up-front one, not something superbly mellow like Patrón Silver)
- vodka (in this case, Chase, but pretty much anything will do)

Add a shake of lemon juice, ice, and a good dash of cheap diet cola. Yum!
When I used to be doing a lot of traveling for work, I asked a bartender once to give me something "sweet, a little fruity, and not too strong." His response, predictably, was "hey Andrea, some guy at the bar wants to see you!"

But whatever he made for me that night was really good, in any case.

I'm sort of a lightweight, so I hardly ever drink, but weirdly long islands are pretty much my favorite... since I got hooked on the "add your own cola" mix they sold while I was in CA in the late 90s. I got kind of hooked on the not-quite-right flavor, and now I like the real things. :P