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Just curious: what's your favorite cocktail(s)?

For me, I think it's got to be the Long Island Iced Tea. ^_^ There's just something about the complexity of flavor that results that leaves it so desirable.

The mix I'm using today:

Equal measures of:
- basic white rum (Morrison's, in this case)
- London gin (same)
- Curaçao (don't skimp here - Gabriel Boudier's is superb, from Waitrose)
- tequila (here, Aqua Riva reposado - you want a fairly up-front one, not something superbly mellow like Patrón Silver)
- vodka (in this case, Chase, but pretty much anything will do)

Add a shake of lemon juice, ice, and a good dash of cheap diet cola. Yum!
Ahh, nice choice! I'm quite fond of long, fruity cocktails - the fruitiness affords an interesting dimension, separate to whatever spirits may be involved. Smoothies can be so gorgeously corrupted. =:9

~adjusts halo~
I bet they can! :) But it'd be easy to go over the top there, with the fruity taste masking the alcohol, and the sweetness making you drink more. OTOH, that may be exactly the intended effect, depending on the circumstances. :)
*grin* There is that. =:) Indeed, it's so easy to make something like a strawberry/banana smoothie into something quite potent, without it seeming so. For me, though, there's got to be fair warning - maybe tequila, say, to provide that.. "stopgap"? An anchoring point, so you can feel yourself drift away gradually. =:)

It's all got to be mellow, though. Unless I'm at something like a gig, with no choice in drinks, I so enjoy being able to just chill to the ambience, and enjoy the food and drink through the evening. I'm very much a proponent of Mediterranean dining, and beyond - arrive at some point in the evening, and don't leave until the place is closing. ^_^ It's all to be enjoyed, and really, there's no hurry. ^_^