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Just a couple brief notes, by way of initial impressions:

- a little surprisingly, if you're on the iOS dev program, you'll also be good for OS X Yosemite, as well as iOS 8. I'm pleased about that, as the whole seamless iOS/OS X integration is something I've long wished for.

- upgrading was almost uneventful, save for the initial launch of Mail leaving me with an immobile progress bar for updating. Force-quitting it and relaunching brought Mail up immediately, so I suppose that's just its idea of a prank. =:/

- the typography is, as you'll have seen from the keynote, unified with iOS. It's a little odd, but I think I'll warm to it fairly readily. The WiFi icon could do with being heavier, to distinguish it from inactive/activating.

- no big problems on the iPad or iPhone thus far. Had the Preferences quit on the iPad on first launch, but hey, early beta.

- launching Xcode for the first time requires a few extra components, requiring iTunes to quit, which it seemed unwilling to go along with. (See above)

- iOS 8 installed on the iPhone and iPad uneventfully. Odd that iTunes can apparently only handle updating one device at a time, though. =:/

- annoyingly, the default on the iPad requires immediate entry of one's passcode to unlock. Worth resetting that to something lenient, if you're in a setting where it won't be abused. The iPhone required re-enabling of use of touch ID for unlocking, with the existing print data untouched.

- no devices have yet exploded.

As for the rest of the keynote.. well, that was a thing. =:D Really liking the whole "continuity" thing, which has seemed so obvious for such a long time. A new lower-level graphics API? That'll be interesting to follow. And a new language? If it can indeed provide the performance gains advertised, and do away with some of the more common programming banes, that'd only be a good thing. True, it's yet another language, but then again, I'm not really impacted, being currently on the C++11 team, with a distinct leaning toward the lower level side of things. (My, how marvellously uncomplicated Intel's ISA is!)

- as Byzantine as LJ's coding is, it's apparently reversed tack with Yosemite. Where previously OmniWeb 6's preview/post buttons didn't do anything, and only mainline Safari worked, now OW6 works fine, and Safari's dead in the water. I can live with that. ^_^;
A question that's been bugging me and no one's been able to answer yet:

Is iCloud really mandatory for the camera roll now? I find it a bit disturbing if it is; I don't want to have to pay Apple every month to store my photo collection when I have a 64GB iPhone and a Mac with over a terabyte of local storage.
I haven't looked into that, but I'd be surprised if it were. The impression I got was it was just an option - if you want to store everything, you can. Personally, I'm not very interested in using iCloud for too much, given the poor conditions of privacy, let alone the volumes - I sort of like the concept, but when I can shoot 10GB in a day, I don't really need to be sending all of that anywhere, versus the one or two shots a week I feel merit sharing.

Why Apple doesn't just make it outright free, I don't know. Relieve people of the fuss of quotas - just let it all be stored. With, I would hope, some kind of genuine guarantee of privacy - though with the NSA (et al) merrily tapping into the pipes, that's not easy to offer.
Honestly Apple's recent iCloud announcement iCloud Drive was possibly the most laughable thing of the show. Since...

A) It was something that iCloud should have had from the start.

B) It had been something that Apple did before, but dropped it in favour of iCloud in it's current form.

C) Is something that Apple's rivals Google, Microsoft (which had free skydive with Windows 8), dropbox et all, have been doing and in some peoples view been doing better, since their much more universal systems compared to Apples *near* ecosystem only iCloud.

On the other hand nothing really that exciting from WWDC this year, though Yosemite is looking like a vast improvement on the hack job that Mavericks has been. Heres also hoping that it's also taken a leaf from windows 8 (but going to do it much better) with the more restrained visuals that not only look clearer but improve performance. That and the closer OSX/iOS integration sounds fantastic if it works as well as Apple claim.

Edited at 2014-06-03 09:55 am (UTC)
Since it does incorporate such a high number of obviously iterative changes to the OS, why not iterate the version number and call it OS 11 Yosemite? Why are they hanging on to the now-ancient X? Or is it really going to be called 'oh ess ten' forever?
Could be worse, they could always go back to calling it "System number-goes-here" of course...
Yeah, it would be, what, System 20 or 21 by now? ^^
I'd still buy a System 20 "Moof!" shirt. =:)
Not actually a new language
Um.. I'm not quite sure that this == this.. ?
Would you believe I actually just wrote my first iStuff app?

...on Unity. *grin*

And someone else did all the XCode wrangling. But it worked. So now I'm augmenting iReality.