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Studio Killers have a Kickstarter running! Only a fortnight long, though, and it's quite ambitious, with a £50k target, to permit them to play live gigs. =:D (Kicktraq) It's also worth noting the updates - they've revised the rewards, so higher tiers do indeed receive all the digital goodies of lower levels.

And, they also have a new EP out, "Grand Finale", which you can find at all the usual venues, eg iTunes. ^_^ And if you're somehow unfamiliar with their work, here are their two music videos so far: Eros & Apollo and Ode to the Bouncer.

The other night, I had the tremendous privilege of enjoying most of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - which may ring no bells with many of you, but will with some, I know. ^_^ I shan't critique the show - suffice to say, they're much less sensible than you might expect - but I wanted to note one of the CDs they were selling, a spread of the 1920s jazz originals they went on to add their distinctive style to. One in particular caught my eye, "Masculine Women and Feminine Men", by the Savoy Havana Band, released on February 26 1926. "This track wins our vote for the most rock and roll lyric of the 1920s. Almost pre-empting the gender bender glam rock of the 1970s, this nugget features the lines 'Girls were girls and boys were boys when I was a tot, now we don't know who is who or even what's what. Knickers and trousers baggy and wide, nobody knows who's walking inside, those masculine women and feminine men.'"

The UK apparently now has its first pinball museum, located in Ramsgate. =:D Don't suppose anyone knows of some machines in London? There must be some lurking there somewhere.

I noticed TashiroYu's produced a guide to making your own fursuit, starting on that page, and proceeding for another twenty or so pages - just keep navigating "newer" for subsequent pages. It'll be a handy refresher for me, as it's been way too long since I last attempted a 'suit - and then, it was (as with Red) a foam carved head, whereas I feel that wouldn't be quite appropriate for bringing my SL self into RL, as that's better for larger, more toony heads.
Their site says they have six tables. I'm surprised pinball is so hard to come by over there. I didn't realize how lucky I was. It's awfully common here for a bar to have one or two tables and the one near my house, where my league meets, has expanded its collection over the last six months from four to eight.
Ah! Sadly, from all I can see, pinball's virtually non-existent in the UK at the moment. It certainly wasn't always thus. I will, nonetheless, see if I can have a word with the owners of a couple good local pubs, to see if they might be amenable to the idea of giving a good home to a table, or maybe even more than one. It'd be so much fun to see them really being used, and reawakening the possibilities in people's consciousness. ^_^

At least emulations now are pretty damned good. Not the same as a real table, certainly, but the iPad options are rather good. Some concepts genuinely withstand the test of time, ne?

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